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Publisher: DC
Title: Titans: Beast World Tour - Metropolis
Page Count: 48
Era: Modern
Cover Price: 6.99
Cover Date: December 2023
UPC: 76194138286900121
Country: United States
Written by Nicole Maines, Joshua Williamson, Zipporah Smith, and Dan Jurgens As the ramifications of the Titans' battle with Starro reverberate across the globe, Metropolis is hit with an unexpected surge of electricity from...is that--? No. It can't be. Livewire? BUT SHE'S A--A--okay you're going to have to read this one to believe it. Meanwhile, Supergirl and Dreamer take on the terror of the Flamebird, Power Girl is no longer, and amid the chaos a threat continues to grow on the horizon. All signs point to a major new shift in the world of Superman in Beast World Tour: Metropolis!