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Publisher: Fantagraphics
Title: Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse
Page Count: 284
Genre: Adventure, Anthropomorphic-funny Animals, Aviation, Detective-mystery, Horror-suspense, Humor
Era: Modern
Cover Price: 29.99 USD
Cover Date: September 2011
UPC: 9781606994955
ISBN: 978-1-60699-495-5
Country: United States
Seeking to fulfill the mission left open by a ship captain reportedly lost at sea, Mickey recruits a motley crew and sails for a remote island in search of buried treasure.; After Mickey and the gang raise funds to keep an orphanage open, the funds are stolen by Pete and Shyster. Horace is framed for the crime, sending Mickey on a perilous journey in order to retrieve the funds and clear Horace.; Mickey tries to make a broken down equine into a champion race horse.; Mickey is recruited by the U.S. Post Office as an air mail pilot, replacing pilots who have disappeared mysteriously while on their routes.; Mickey and Horace are lured to a sinister mansion by three unscrupulous scientists seeking to test their new hypnotic ray.; Goofy inherits a private detective agency from a deceased relative. He and Mickey decide to investigate why local citizens are being robbed of their hair and their red flannel underwear.; Mickey, Minnie and Horace investigate the possibility that Professor Ecks has returned to his mind control experiments.; With Minnie and Horace under his control, Professor Ecks promises vengeance against Mickey for prior defeats.; Mickey must outwit the local dogcatcher in order to rescue Pluto from the pound.