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Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment
Title: Warlord of Mars
Page Count: 36
Genre: Fantasy, Mature, Science Fiction
Era: Modern
Cover Price: 3.99 USD
Cover Date: February 2012
UPC: 72513018404701711
Country: United States
Zat Arras, power hungry regent of Helium, tries to put John on trial for his recent adventures in the Iss. John forcibly resists and Arras is compelled to delay the trial for a year. A wounded Sola returns to Helium with word that Dejah Thoris has been captured by the Black Pirates and taken to the palace of Issus. Arras breaks his word and captures John in the dead of night but his friends show up to free him. John and his companions prepare to mount a rescue of Dejah but have to do so in secret as Arras is watching their every move.