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Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment
Title: Warlord of Mars
Page Count: 36
Genre: Fantasy, Mature, Science Fiction
Era: Modern
Cover Price: 3.99 USD
Cover Date: August 2012
UPC: 72513018404702311
Country: United States
John and Thuvan traverse the carrion caves and make it through to the land of the yellow men of the north. They immediately rescue a lone traveler from an ambush and he agrees to help them. They are taken to the domed city of Okar where the Jeddik of Marentina disguises John as a yellow man so he can continue his pursuit of Shang. John and Thuvan join a hunting party heading to the city of Kadabra and witness the effects of a giant magnetic tower protecting the city that causes all airships to crash. The hunters see through John's disguise and he and Thuvan are captured.