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Publisher: Gladstone
Title: Weird Science
Page Count: 68
Genre: Science Fiction
Era: Copper
Cover Price: 2.00 USD; 2.50 CAD
Cover Date: November 1990
UPC: 07148601413311
Country: United States
There seem to be a lot of plane crashes lately, and George has a theory as to why. Each crash is preceded by a UFO sighting. He believes aliens are grounding humanity in preparation for an invasion. George is absolutely right, too! But, the aliens know about George's research, and they REALLY don't want this information getting out.; When a spaceship leaves Earth and passes through a space anomaly, they are thrown one million years into the past. They land on a strange tenth planet, where they capture some ape-men. Passing through the warp again, they return to their own time, where a female ape becomes ill. She can't survive for long outside her own time, so the decision is made to return the apes to their original time and place. After all, our own survival may depend on it; what if they are fated to give birth to the human race?; Lon and Enid are on their honeymoon, piloting a spaceship to visit a few of Earth's distant colonies. They chance upon an unknown planet and decide to explore, but after a short time, Lon realizes that Enid's heart can't stand another takeoff, stranding her on the planet for good. Enid encourages Lon to go to Earth alone and bring back supplies for comfortable living. But, his ship is damaged and it takes him six years to make the trip. When he returns, he finds a monster nearby and kills it. But, Enid tells him that the planet had changed her biology; the monster was actually their son!; With an election coming up, a hand-puppet on a children's show, Allie the alligator, announces his candidacy for President. It starts as a joke, but so many people end up voting for it as a protest that Allie ends up winning! During congressional hearings on the matter, the puppeteer testifies while still wearing the puppet, and he's asked not to pursue the matter. But, the puppeteer protests that Allie isn't a puppet, but an alien that has grafted itself to his arm. When the puppet begins speaking on its own, there's not much doubt about it.; A killer is on the loose, stealing his victims' heads. A detective finds out that several more identical murders took place in another city recently, too. In an unrelated story, a scientist announces that he has developed a new supercomputer (can you see where this is going?). At least, it seems like an unrelated story until the detective overhears a conversation about wiring batteries in series to increase overall power generation. Something clicks in his head, and the detective visits the scientist and encounters a roomful of heads, all wired in series. Of course, he ends up joining them.; Humanity has been wiped out by an atomic war, leaving human-shaped outlines on walls. Pets starve, and buildings are slowly crumbling away. But, the machines continue to function, serving nonexistent masters, giving the whole scene a strange kind of normalcy.; Helen and Seymour want to get married, but they just can't afford it. One day, Seymour receives a visit from his distant descendant, who's on a time travel vacation. Together, they hatch a plan to murder Seymour's ancestor's rich husband (got that?) before he can divorce his wife, sending a sizable inheritance down through the years to Seymour. Great plan, but it turns out the rich husband was Helen's ancestor, giving birth to her line when he remarried. When he gets killed instead of remarrying, Helen ceases to exist.; Earth has discovered atomic power, but we end up annihilating ourselves. Aliens were on their way to help us out, but they arrive too late. While examining the remains of our culture, they chance upon a comic book. They are fascinated by the story, which contains a story, which contains a story, and so on. Then they get to the last page, and there they are, looking at a comic, looking at a comic, looking at a comic, etc.