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Publisher: Archie
Title: World of Archie Double Digest
Page Count: 164
Genre: Adventure, Humor, Medical, Science Fiction, Teen
Era: Modern
Cover Price: 3.99 USD
Cover Date: September 2011
UPC: 07189646850211
Country: United States
Dr. Masters parachutes in to help the victims of a plane crash, but finds himself dealing with a crazed murderer.; Alex pays to have Albert taken out of commission so he can make a date with Josie. To get revenge, Albert gets Alexandra to sabotage Alex's car. But when she realizes that all she's done is help Albert's chances with Josie, Alexandra takes Josie out into the desert to find Alex and make her keep the date.; Archie believes Betty has the blues after he breaks a date with her because her hair style keeps changing.; Sally tells Dr. Masters' about the rivalry between her uncle, a construction foreman and the man he works for. Later, David and Sally are called to the construction site where both men have been injured in an accident, and one needs a transfusion from the other.; After recalling his days playing football at University, Mr. Weatherbee tries to relive his youth vicariously by training Archie to become Riverdale High's star football player. But Weatherbee's training doesn't make Archie a better player, just very tired.; Melody is offended when a boy doesn't make a pass at her, until she realizes that he can't see her without his glasses. She strikes up a potential relationship with him, but some big thugs try to push the bespectacled weakling out of the way.; Reggie thinks Jughead is trying to scare him so he's trying to catch Jughead in the act.; Miss Beazly meets a man on an internet dating service.; Miss Grundy asks her class to explain what Autumn means to each of them.; Archie dreams that he and his friends are space explorers.; Archie spends time in the big city with his cousin and meets his strange neighbors.; A ghost is haunting Riverdale High.; Archie, Reggie and Veronica all build custom "art cars" for a contest.; Archie takes care of the Lodges' parrot.; Mr. Weatherbee wants to teach the kids to conserve energy and his computer says Jughead would be the perfect model student.; Archie sweeps Betty off her feet, which leads to Jughead demonstrating it to Veronica and then poor Moose being sent to detention for helping Dilton.; The gang learn who is behind the spirits haunting Riverdale.; Coach Kleats is interviewed to celebrate his 25th year of coaching at Riverdale.; Jughead teaches exercises that require no actual work.; Svenson warns the principal about a storm brewing.; Archie throws a cheap Halloween party.; Jughead helps Moose with his history homework by using football terms.; Miss Grundy asks Moose to define "recreation".