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Publisher: Archie
Title: World of Archie Double Digest
Page Count: 164
Genre: Humor, Teen
Era: Modern
Cover Price: 3.99 USD
Cover Date: December 2011
UPC: 76281646850301311
Country: United States
Jughead, Dilton and Rosiland are competing in a robotic basketball league.; Alex is held up by two thugs, but he doesn't have any money on him. Embarrassed at the thought of a Cabot not having money, he insists that the thieves come back to his house so they can steal something.; After Josie foils Alexandra's latest attempt to kidnap Albert, Alex gives her and Albert a car which he and Alexandra can control by remote, and gets the two of them trapped on the Cabots' island.; Archie and Jughead take Mr. Weatherbee to supper at the mall.; Svenson relates to the reader why he doesn't go to the movies because he gets all his entertainment watching the kids at school.; Pipsqueak is determined to go on a horse ride.; Pipsqueak has girl troubles.; Because Neil is always trying to please people, Archie believes he stole a hundred dollars to help out the school paper.; Archie buys what he thinks is one of Betty's pies at the school bake sale, then tries to return it when he finds out it isn't Betty's.; The school has a sock hop where girls dance with the owner of whichever pair of shoes they grab. Melody tries to arrange for Sock to have unusual shoes so he and Pepper will be able to dance together.; When Jughead hides his smelly sandwich in Veronica's coat everyone thinks Veronica smells horrible.; Archie and Dilton try out Dilton's newest invention, a motorized snowboard.; Veronica's "maxi-sweater" outfit causes trouble with all the guys.; Archie helps Mr. Lodge create a company basketball team.; Archie messes up the school paper when he accidentally swaps Betty and Dilton's columns.; Coach Clayton believes Archie stole a hundred bucks from the school's trophy money.; Professor Flutesnoot is using Ms. Beazly's cooking for energy experiments.; Mr. Weatherbee asks Archie to help shovel the snow outside the school.; Mr. Weatherbee thinks Archie and Jughead are spray painting graphitti around the school.; Archie's friends wonder why he's standing on the street corner during a snowstorm.; Reggie asks Beth for a date but is confused by her response.; Mr. Weatherbee can't sleep.; Archie bemoans Veronica's allowance getting cut. Moose dances a horse trot with Midge. Dilton has a date with Bearnice, who will never forget their date, no matter how hard she tries.; Archie and Jughead have their times messed up, Helen should have brought an umbrella and Reggie has more fun not dancing.; Pipsqueak's dog has a visitor.; Archie tells his dad to sell the junk in the basement on ebay.; Professor Flutesnoot has some pencils for Mr. Weatherbee.; Archie can't help looking at the other girls while on a date with Betty.; Jughead drinks all the punch.; Reggie thinks nobody can beat him at pinball.