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Publisher: Archie
Title: World of Archie Double Digest
Page Count: 164
Genre: Humor, Teen
Era: Modern
Cover Price: 3.99 USD
Cover Date: February 2012
UPC: 76281646850301411
Country: United States
When Mr. Lodge's vast collection of baseball memorabilia disappears, it is up to Archie to crack the case.; Josie and Albert go for a ride on a country road, right into a series of electronic traps set by Alex and Alexandra in their quest to get Josie and Albert for themselves.; Albert writes a hypnotic new tune that compels anyone who hears it to tell the truth.; After watching a movie starring a dog, the boys try to get Hot Dog in a movie.; Archie claims that he is so good at snowboarding, he doesn't need an instructor.; While in history class, Archie daydreams of being Abraham Lincoln as a kid.; When Albert's attempt to grow a beard produces nothing but stubble, he goes out and buys a ready-made goatee.; Veronica gets into a snowball fight with the boys.; The gang imagines themselves in outer space.; Fred Andrews recalls his memories of Pop Tate's from when he was a teenager.; Jughead's bird calls cause chaos in the school.; Mr. Weatherbee tries to convince Archie to stop spending all his free time talking to girls.; Archie doesn't want the guys playing sports because they might get injured and miss an upcoming gig, so they decide to join the cheerleading squad, thinking it will be safe and simple.; The girls are becoming exasperated with the short attention spans of the boys.; Betty and Veronica discuss how unrealistic a teen humor comic is. They then run into the characters.; Archie saves a baby's life using the techniques he learned in a CPR course.; Jess Who's name causes confusion for Archie and Jughead.; Pop Tate gets fed up with all of the slush on his floor.; Reggie daydreams of girls in bikinis in school.; Mr. Lodge thinks Archie won't make it because of a blizzard.; Mr. Lodge should have loaned Archie his car.