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Publisher: Archie
Title: World of Archie Double Digest
Page Count: 164
Genre: Humor
Era: Modern
Cover Price: 3.99 USD
Cover Date: February 2012
UPC: 76281646850301511
Country: United States
Machine Master uses his lifelike robots to steal from the museum, but Archie and Betty have trouble turning him in.; After testing one of Dilton's inventions, Archie and Mr. Weatherbee switch bodies. To make matters worse, Archie has a date with Veronica and Mr. Weatherbee has to give a speech for the Superintendent.; Josie and Alexandra compete against each other in a photography contest, and Alexandra has the clear advantage because of her state-of-the-art thousand-dollar camera, while Josie only has an old-fashioned square box camera.; Josie, Melody and Pepper all take up the new fad of walking around barefoot, shocking the hidebound Albert. Finally Mr. Tuttle orders them to cease this kind of exposure, so they go back to the more modest fashion of wearing shoes with miniskirts.; Everyone thinks Svenson is going crazy when the mention of a number puts him in fits of excitement. It turns out that Svenson seems to have won the lottery, but Mr. Weatherbee points out that Svenson was looking at the wrong numbers.; Betty is imitating the movements of a cat for a new exercise program and both Veronica and Reggie just think it's too funny.; Lester tries to con some safari members in the jungle.; Car Man chases the villain the Blue Bolt and must pass the Blue Bolt's traps.; Fred buys Archie a share of a company -- one that Mr. Lodge owns. Archie's very proud of his new title of "shareholder" but comes to regret the responsibilities when Mr. Lodge relies on Archie's vote to break a shareholder tie.; In art class, Archie must decide between sketching Betty or Veronica.; Archie and Jughead imagine themselves in a slapstick silent comedy set in the halls of Riverdale.; Declaring that his money and power give him the ability to get anything he wants, Alex grabs Melody and tries to get her all to himself, but her beauty attracts other men from all around. So Alex pays the other boys to get away from Melody and brings her to his home, where Josie and Pepper try to save their friend from that cad's clutches.; Larry tries to sell a boat to Archie. When they take it to the school pool to test it out, the canoe gets locked in and the boys get locked out.; Mr. and Mrs. Andrews sit and talk about Archie's "Terrible Twos".; Archie makes his friends dig through the snow for his wallet, but then Archie's parents tell Archie he left his wallet at home.; Jughead persuades the gang to switch from skiing to sledding because sledding is safer. Jughead then sells the gang sleds and uses the money to buy something he's always wanted-skiis.; Archie and Jughead get an appreciation for Miss Beazly's job when they have detention with her.; Dilton reads about Archie's ancestors.; Archie tells the readers of how he bowls with the gang.; Mr. Weatherbee tries to ignore the temptations of food.; Svenson tells us what it's like to be a janitor.; The students want more choices at lunch, but the choice Ms. Beazly gives them isn't what they had in mind.; When Captain Sprocket puts rocket fuel in his car, it causes the car to drive straight up.; After hearing how Miss Grundy makes boring topics interesting, Mr. Weatherbee employs her to make the budget interesting.; Archie tries to call Veronica.; Jughead tells Archie he might become an exchange student.; Reggie gets great seats for Archie's play-behind a post.; Archie finds an item in the store with no price tag so he can talk to the cashier.; Archie knows the importance of being neat-yet his room is very messy.