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Publisher: Archie
Title: World of Archie Double Digest
Page Count: 164
Genre: Adventure, Humor, Teen
Era: Modern
Cover Price: 3.99 USD
Cover Date: April 2012
UPC: ?
Country: United States
Alex enters Melody in a beauty contest, to her distress: her parents have threatened to disown her if she clutters up the house with one more trophy. Josie and Pepper try to disguise Melody's beauty so she can't win, but no matter what they disguise her as, her sex appeal shows through.; Archie tries to interview Dandy Carlo, a fashion designer the girls love. But Dandy is being forced to sell his designs against his will. Archie then disguises himself as Dandy to lead the villains away.; Reggie charges people money to watch the trouble Archie and Jughead get into while painting a building.; Mr. Lodge has a charity ball game for the March of Dimes and the gang signs up to play in it.; The school holds a charity wrestling match to raise money for new gym equipment. The match is slated to feature The Mighty Wizard wrestling Moose. But when Moose shows up late, who is fighting The Mighty Wizard?; When the students start complaining about school, Miss Grundy starts a suggestion box.; Mr. Weatherbee hires an actor to dress like him and take his place at an assembly. However, the students and faculty get confused between the two Weatherbees.; Martians abduct Lester to find out what weapons frighten the people of Earth. However, Lester thinks that each weapon is cool.; Lester and Chester take the same debutante on a date and give the date twists based on their personalities.; Archie is chosen to test out an Internet school.; Dr. Jerkyll's son tries to change the way his face looks and ends up with no face at all.; The Andrews family is amazed to see a great transformation in Jughead -- he's dressed neatly and he likes girls!; Veronica takes up the art of reading palms.; After Reggie pulls a prank on him, Archie gets revenge with the help of his new organization ARPA (Anti-Reggie Protective Association).; Archie is angered by the drinks that Betty and Veronica serve him.; Josie's father makes her work on the garden. Alex comes along and hires people to do the work for her.; When Pepper claims that girls are more limber than boys, Sock, Albert and Alex all try to prove her wrong.; When Mr. Lodge finds out that Mr. Andrews owns the last piece of land needed for the Lodge Towers, Mr. Lodge tries to be nice to Archie.; Archie and his parents discuss the current teen slang.; Archie and Jughead tell Betty of Mr. Andrews and his attempts at growing tomatoes.; Reggie keeps pulling tricks on Archie, saying he'll believe anything, but Archie finally gets him back.; The gang tests out Dilton's new invention.; Archie and Jughead ask Reggie for money.; Mr. Andrews has to decide between television and exercising.