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Publisher: Archie
Title: World of Archie Double Digest
Page Count: 164
Genre: Fantasy, Horror-suspense, Humor, Teen
Era: Modern
Cover Price: 3.99 USD
Cover Date: October 2012
UPC: 76281646850302211
Country: United States
Archie and the girls are nearly scared out of an old house by spooky moaning, but it turns out to be coming from a boy who fled there from his cruel peanut tycoon uncle, John-Boy.; Archie and Jughead ask Dilton if lucky charms are the reason he gets good grades.; Reggie retraces his steps to find his lost cellphone-but when you cause trouble the way Reggie does, retracing your steps can be painful.; Sock is disappointed that Pepper is so unemotional towards him. Pepper says she's got to be herself -- until she starts to think that Sock is going for Melody instead. Then she ditches her glasses and tries to become the passionate woman Sock wants.; Over Alex's objections, his father repurposes the Hunt Club Ball as a hippie party.; Archie manages to ruin a portrait of Mr. Lodge.; Miss Grundy thinks her authority is being eroded when no one will let her see what Betty has been writing in class.; Jughead becomes the school reporter on girls' sports.; Archie and Chuck discuss the future of technology with Grandpa Andrews.; Miss Beazly tries to get the kids to listen to her.; Mr. Weatherbee sneezes everytime he says Archie's name and thinks he's developed an allergy to Archie.; When Mrs. Andrews gets sick, Archie does chores and finds a ton of money.; When Mr. Weatherbee's Citation gets a flat tire, he can't carry it to the gas station because of his bad back, so Archie offers to do it for him.; Three honor students see Melody writing malapropisms on the town walls and strike up a conversation with her. Josie and Pepper fear that Melody will be unable to stop these "super-brains" from taking advantage of her.; Archie claims that he has a new system for getting ready in the morning. But does it work?; A look into how Pop Tate spends the day when school is in session.; Despite his cold, Coach Kleats is determined to help the football team practice for the championship.; Mr. Lodge finds his source of inspiration for his paintings-his anger with Archie.; Archie and Jughead use a pogo stick and roller skates they have found on junk pick-up day.; To boost sales, the school newspaper holds a contest to see who the most popular girl in school is.; Archie tries to find out why Jughead has been leaving an hour early for school.; When Archie and Jughead make a documentary about Riverdale High, Reggie decides to dub in some sound effects.; Igor tells the story of how he cloned the only girl in the village of Shreckenheim.; The story of Tut-Tut, a mummy who can't scare anybody.; The girls are so wiped out from their basketball game that they sleep in the gym.; Mr. Weatherbee orders his lunch based on how it tastes.; Mr. Lodge gives Veronica unmoney so she can buy some unlipstick.; A man takes a picture in a Count Dracula cutout.; Archie begins a rewards program to help him study for math.; Veronica's credit card is stolen, but the thief manages to spend less than Veronica.; Information on the month's Archie Comics, with special attention given to Archie #637, the Love Showdown graphic novel, and Life With Archie #23.