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Publisher: IDW
Title: X-9: Secret Agent Corrigan
Page Count: 296
Genre: Adventure, Spy
Era: Modern
Cover Price: 49.99 USD
Cover Date: July 2010
UPC: 978160010697254999
ISBN: 978-1600106972
Country: United States
Millicent Murkley threatens to talk to the F.B.I. unless The Leader arranges to break her out of prison. Her go-between helps fake her death and when she is revived outside of prison she hides out temporarily in her reluctant daughter's farmhouse. But Corrigan discovers the deception.; When evidence in separate incidents ties fugitives Cole and Burke to the Republic of Solera, Corrigan assumes the identify of Burke to investigate. In Solera, Corrigan discovers that, instead of a refuge for fugitives, it is actually a slave labor camp for mining gold run by Adrienne Widdoe. She uses the money conned out of guys on the run to finance the operation and forces them to work in her mines with the aide of Drumm, the local police captain. Widdoe's rejections of Drumm's affections leads to an opening for Corrigan to escape and break up the operation.; Trusted key personnel are suddenly wrecking their own projects. Phil and Wilda visit an exclusive vacation resort where a scientist had spent a week prior to committing the most recent case of sabotage. While there, Phil recognizes Ernst Lazlo, a famous biochemist, checking in. When Lazlo disappears, Phil discovers the brainwashing system used by Mrs. Murkley and her sons that is the cause of the string of sabotage cases.; Clegg Trask controls the small town of Eagle Bend, which is used as a quiet place for big-time syndicate get-togethers. Retired F.B.I. agent Dan Page runs a newspaper there and telegrams Phil that he needs help. When Phil arrives, he discovers Dan has been critically injured in a car accident and his newspaper office has been burned down. Phil gets no cooperation until he meets Trask's neglected girlfriend Debbie. Together, they get the town to rise up and stop Trask's operation.; Princess Sophia is about to be crowned Queen of Alpsberg, but doesn't know who to trust in her politically unstable country. She requests Phil's services via the State Department since he had recovered a stolen tiara during a previous visit to the U.S. Phil helps stop a plot to have the Princess replaced in the coronation by an actress with an uncanny resemblance to the Princess.; Susan's husband is kidnapped to force her to wear a recording device at an important missile conference.; Bradley and Vivian intend to smuggle guns to a warlike tribe in Jhahran, using Vivian's role as an assistant to an archeologist as cover for the shipments. But Corrigan arrives and breaks up the gunrunning scheme.; Corrigan tracks down a leak of top-secret documents until it leads to the head of the spy ring, Ilsa Flint, who smuggles the documents out of the country between the canvas layers of paintings from her art gallery.; A submarine is kidnapping technicians and stealing materials necessary to build a long-range missile. After releasing a cover story that Corrigan is a top missile man, Phil is placed on a cruise ship as bait for the submarine. As hoped, he is kidnapped by the submarine crew and taken to the secret missile base. A homing device in Phil's cigarette case leads the Navy to base.; Marina, a scientist on an important project, tires of the security precautions for her and decides to go into town to enjoy the freedom of American life that she envied before defecting. This accidentally allows her to miss a kidnap attempt by Magnus' gang, but they eventually find her and nab her at a carnival. Corrigan and Daley discover her whereabouts in time to save her.; In poor health, deported ex-syndicate boss Joe Falcon decides to cooperate with the F.B.I. so his daughter, Cheryl, can return to the U.S. He dies of a heart attack before Corrigan can arrive, but leaves a key to Cheryl for a deposit box with his records. Corrigan and Cheryl head to Switzerland to get the key, but two syndicate men learn of the key and try to stop them.; Madame Lei intends to use Phil in order to prove that she is worthy of heading the American spy network. She temporarily captures him, but Phil foils her plans to exchange him for a captured agent.