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Publisher: Hachette Book Group USA
Title: Yotsuba&!
Page Count: 224
Genre: Domestic, Manga
Era: Modern
Cover Price: 11.99 USD; 12.99 CAD
Cover Date: October 2011
UPC: 9780316190336
ISBN: 978-0-316-19033-6
Country: United States
Ena and Yotsuba visit Miura at her house. While in her bedroom, Yotsuba recognizes some boxes piled in a corner as Miura's robot friend, Danbo (which she believes is real). Then Ena and Miura have to explain what happened to Danbo.; Yotsuba tries to make pancakes.; Yotsuba accidentally breaks a dish while playing in the house, then lies to cover it up. So Koiwai devises a very drastic means to try to cure Yotsuba of the lying habit.; Yotsuba spends the day playing, first by herself, then in the park with Koiwai and Ena.; Koiwai and Jumbo go shopping for a digital camera, leaving Yotsuba and Fuuka to explore every inch of the electronics store.; Koiwai and Jumbo continue shopping. Yotsuba continues getting into things.; Jumbo stops by to babysit Yotsuba while Koiwai runs an errand.