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Publisher: Seven Seas Entertainment
Title: Young Miss Holmes Casebook
Page Count: 388
Genre: Detective-mystery, Historical, Mystery
Era: Modern
Cover Price: 16.99 USD; 18.99 CAD
Cover Date: November 2012
UPC: 978193593494351699
ISBN: 978-1-935934-94-3
Country: United States
Discovering that the local sheriff is in league with the Klan, young Annmarie takes the law into her own hands. Back in the present, after reading of John Openshaw's death, Sherlock Holmes sets about insuring that the killer is arrested once he reaches the United States.; The history of the Baskerville curse is related by Dr. Mortimer. Dr. Watson meets Henry Baskerville. And Christie plans a trip to Dartmoor.; Holmes and Christie compare information and solve the mystery of the hound. As such, they are in time to rescue Henry Baskerville from the hound, with the aid of Annmarie and Nora.; Christie, along with Annmarie, Grace, Nora and Detective Dexter, lie in wait outside of the house Christie has deduced will be the vandal's next target.; Overview of Nora's previous life before becoming a maid in the Hope household.; While visiting the Hope Manor, Sherlock Holmes is visited by a man seeking his advice. Overhearing the particulars of the case, Annmarie suddenly goes into hysterics.; Christie suspects a relationship between Henry Baskerville and Beryl Stapleton. And Nora chances upon a man on the moor being torn to pieces by a giant dog.; The discovery that the giant hound had mauled escaped convict Morris Seldon and not Henry Baskerville leads Christie and Dr. Watson to investigate the area of the moor. There they make a startling discovery.; Christie and Grace Dunbar surprise Dr. Watson at Baskerville Hall. They also encounter Jack and Beryl Stapleton.; After hearing from Nora about a strange case of vandalism and the murder that resulted, Christie insists on visiting the crime scene. From there, she begins her own investigation of the crime.; Christie accepts an invitation from Inspector Gregson to use the records room at Scotland Yard for her research. There she learns of the incident at Baskerville Hall.; Christie tries to deduce the meaning of the sobbing she heard during the night. And a strange man is intercepting the reports Dr. Watson is mailing to Holmes in London.; Reluctantly Annmarie relates her family history in Georgia in the United States, and how her parents were murdered by members of the Ku Klux Klan.; Christie learns more about the case from Inspector Gregson. Meanwhile Holmes and Watson have interviewed Dr. Mortimer about the case and Watson travels to Dartmoor to gather more information.; Christie's investigations leads her to conclude she has solved the mystery.