March 18th, 2019

Welcome to our weekly newsletter! This week we showcase some market shakers and recently optioned comic content. For those of you new to the newsletter, each week our clever CovrPrice crew look over the major movements and news of the week and report what we find.

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Tuesday, 3/12/19

SHAKER: THE CROW #1 (1989) sold a CGC 9.8 for the highest sale (of late) for $2,150. Not many 9.8’s show up to the market. The last 9.8 sale was back in 2017 for $1,499.99. If you’re a fan of The Crow, you probably have felt the sting of so many false starts for a new film over the past decade. In fact, it was this time last year when Sony announced a film with Jason Mamoa that eventually fell apart. The Crow has a big enough fan base that content WILL eventually happen. But where and when is the big question. Regardless, fans continue to buy his first appearance (Caliber Presents #1, 1989) and the first issue for his solo series.  (Find on eBay)

SHAKER: RED SHE-HULK #59 1:50 Luke Ross Variant has been a hard-to-find variant for a while now. In fact, most of the variants in this Red She-Hulk run are all quite valuable. Fans took to the character even before her potential return tease in Immortal Hulk last week. That heat helped push a raw sale for this variant to its highest ever at $215. The Greg Horn variant for Red She-Hulk #58 still holds the highest value ($350 raw, $600 for a 9.8), but this Ross variant for #59 is a big contender.  (Find on eBay)

SHAKER: FOUR COLOR #17 Walt Disney’s Dumbo the Flying Elephant (1941) sold a raw copy for $750. You know the comic market is healthy when even DUMBO’s next film is driving sales for one of his earliest appearances in comics. Granted, this IS a golden age comic that VERY rarely comes up for sale. With the new film approaching, you may want to consider looking for the first appearance of Aladdin in comics.  (Find on eBay)

Wednesday, 3/13/19

SHAKER: RICK & MORTY #1 (Oni, 2015) sold a NM+ raw copy for $475. (update: a CGC 9.8 just sold for $1K on 3/18/19!) Whether you love or hate Rick & Morty, this is one of the most valuable non-variant modern books. This was a moderately priced book ($40) for a few years after it was released… until it appeared on COMIC BOOK MEN, Season 6, Episode 11, February 26, 2017. (watch the clip: here) Literally, the next day after that aired, Rick & Morty #1 jumped to a $150 book and kept climbing while also sending the variants to insane levels. The 1:50 Roiland variant became one of the most valuable modern books overall. What’s strange and notable about this $475 sale is that prices tend to dip during Rick & Morty “off” seasons. So, for this book to have it’s highest raw sale ever, now, is pretty telling of the current fandom this comic has. (Find on eBay)

Thursday,  3/14/19

SHAKER: FANTASTIC FOUR #2 (1961) sold a raw copy for the highest price to date for $1,595. This issue features the first appearance of “The Skrulls”. Granted, you’re not going to find Fantastic Four #2 sitting at your LCS’s back issue bin. BUT, it could be on the wall or in the glass case. Most raw prices have hovered in the $500 range, with higher condition copies selling for close to $1K. However, with the Skrulls taking a central role in MCU’s CAPTAIN MARVEL and expected to play large roles in the future MCU films, collectors are looking to invest in this issue.  (Find on eBay) (Find on MCS)

SHAKER: THE NEW MUTANTS #98 Mark Jeweler Variant (1991) sold a raw copy today for $959.99. If you’re wondering if you can look at a cover and spot a Mark Jeweler variant, you can’t. Mark Jeweler variants are simply Jewelry advertisements (sold by Mark Jeweler) placed in the centerfold of comics. These specific books were sold on and near U.S. Military bases to advertise rings, watches, etc to soldiers. It is thought that these were included in specific titles from 1972 to 1986. While there’s no difference in the cover, these inserts were thick and often printed in various colors (most notably blue). Looking at the top of the book, these inserts are obvious. They’re also heavier than standard comics. While not exceptionally rare, Mark Jeweler variants are rarer than the standard version and therefore have become quite collectible, sought after, and often command significant premiums. (Find on eBay)

Friday,  3/15/19

SHAKER: VENOM: LETHAL PROTECTOR #1 BLACK ERROR VARIANT (Marvel, 1993) just sneaked by with the largest raw sale ever at $1,514 (previous height was $1,503 in Dec. 2018). This error happens all the time, but most never make it out of the printer. Somehow, several of these did. These foil variants require several processes and printing layers to create the foil effect. Often, ink will run out during these processes and cause copies to miss some of these final layers. This obviously happened to multiple issues that didn’t get that final red foil layer and thereby creating one of the most desired comic “variants”, even if they didn’t intend for it to be one. (Find on eBay)

Saturday,  3/16/19

MOVERS/ ONES TO WATCH: We have a tendency to focus on these big, expensive and hard to find books. We think they’re interesting to watch and usually make for a good story. But, per your feedback, we’ve been asked to also cover books that are both affordable and have long-term potential (see, we do read your comments). So, based on books that have hit (or are hitting) our movers and hot lists, here are some affordable books to pay attention to.

  • BLACKBIRD #1 (Image, 2018) might just be one of the most gorgeous books on the shelf as well as a great read. With this being Jen Bartel’s first co-created book and first full issue, her star is rising. With in-demand Marvel variants, Jen is obtaining a larger fanbase month after month. This neon pink cover stands out on the shelf and commands attention. While sales have slowed since it’s initial release, there have been little upticks that suggest the market is moving up on this. It’s VERY affordable with copies selling for as low as $2. Even signed copies are only selling for $10. Don’t forget about the Local Comic Shop Day Foil variant that’s limited to 500 copies. It’s simply stunning when you see it in person. (Find on eBay) (Find on MCS)

  • SKYWARD #1 (Image, 2018) is one of our favorite books on the shelf. It sells steadily and currently goes for $10 and can get $70 to $100 for a CGC 9.8. This is in development at Sony Pictures. Writer Joe Henderson wrapped LUCIFER for Netflix a few months ago, which means more time to focus on writing the script for this feature. So, if you haven’t grabbed a copy, pick one up while they’re cheap. It’s a great read, steady climber and has content coming. (Find on eBay)

  • MS. MARVEL #1 (Marvel, 2014) is Kamala Kahn’s first solo series. Lately, collectors focus heavily on her first appearances in Captain Marvel #14 and  #17 (2nd print). Many have not noticed that her solo series is at one of the lowest price points it has ever been. At one point, this was a $100 book. Currently, it sells for $30 and CGC 9.8’s at $130. This specific issue pops up on our HOT list frequently. Feige and Brie Larson have hinted to Kamala appearing in the MCU eventually. When fans realize that Captain Marvel #17 2nd print is too pricey, they’ll turn to this book. (Find on eBay) (Find on MCS)

Saturday,  3/30/19

SHAKER: FOUR COLOR (DONALD DUCK) #62 (Dell, 1945) is not a particularly easy comic to find, let alone in a decent grade. 74 years for any book doesn’t promise perfection. Today, a CGC 7.5 sold for $1,680, though raw copies often sell for around $130. It’s always worth considering grading any book like this in decent shape. Even CGC 2.5 still sell for $350. Disney books are always pretty safe bets. I have a feeling that this “Disney” company is going to make it. (Find on eBay)

SHAKER/ ONE TO HUNT: SPIDER-WOMAN #3 1:25 Forbes Variant (Marvel, 2015) is not a variant that comes up often. There isn’t much to this particular issue other than an awesome cover. Sometimes, some variants gain value JUST because there aren’t any other copies listed. This is absolutely the case for this variant. Currently, there are no copies listed and the last sale was for $65. Paying attention to books can create an opportunity to find a book and then be the only one to have it listed for sale. This 1:25 variant shouldn’t be considered rare. Check your comic stores and see if it’s sitting in the back issues. The market is currently yours. Keep in mind, that high prices USUALLY draw out copies from collections. However, that hasn’t happened for this specific book yet.  (Find on eBay)

HOT: AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #301 is a book that pops up in our HOT list frequently. It’s pricing is erratic yet consistently (and slowly) increasing month after month. Raw copies of this issue are often overlooked thanks to the heat of #300, featuring the first full appearance of Venom. Yet, looking closely at high-grade raws (or even pressable copies) could be worth your time. Due to the all-white cover, this classic is very hard to find in high grades and therefore command significant premiums, with CGC 9.8 sales ranging from $1,200 to $1,900.  (Find on eBay) (Find on MCS)

HOT: ULTIMATE FALLOUT #4 Newsstand Edition (Marvel, 2011) had its highest sale ever today at $700 for a CGC 9.6. This newsstand edition is incredibly difficult to find. We’ve only reported 9 sales for this. This price actually seems somewhat conservative. For you comic history buffs, “newsstands” were quite common for a long time. In the late ’70s, most comics were newsstand editions. Specifically, because they were… well, sold at newsstands. This of course extended to grocery stores, books stores, etc. As dedicated comic shops opened, the ’80s saw almost an even split of newsstands vs. direct editions. In the ’90s, with now plenty of comic shops controlling the market, direct market copies quickly became the majority. Newsstands/ Grocery stores stopped carrying comics at this point (with some exceptions). By the mid-2000s, print media was dying. Along with that also went books stores (Amazon probably played the bigger hand in their downfall). By the end of the 2000s, it’s safe to say that newsstand comics were mostly purchased at remaining bookstores with a super tiny percentage of the print run. In June 2014, Marvel had its last newsstand with (what’s thought to be) Superior Spider-Man #9. In August 2017, DC ended its newsstand distribution. They were the last publisher to do so. So, with all that said, ULTIMATE FALLOUT was in that sweet spot where Newsstand print runs were dwindling down to an almost non-existent small percentage. We’ve reported 1,620 sales of the standard cover and (like we mentioned above) only 9 of those have been newsstands. Check those barcodes! It should clearly say “NEWSSTAND” (see the below picture). (Find on eBay)

Sunday,  3/18/19

SHAKER/ HOTUNBEATABLE SQUIRREL GIRL #42 Variant is one of the hottest variants of the week (price wise). The 1:25 Marcos Martin Variant is impossible to find. Including pre-sales, we’ve only tracked 12 sales so far. While it’s not moving in numbers, it’s definitely moving in price. Not many stores order many copies of Squirrel Girl and it hit over $100 over the weekend. Even with several listed, they all seem to be moving briskly in various auctions. This one was definitely a surprise winner. (Find on eBay)

SHAKER: SPAWN #222 Kudranski Variant is a unicorn of variants. Various sources point to there being 400 copies… yet it seems to be significantly rarer as copies don’t pop up often. Spawn fans are some of the most loyal collectors and will pay premiums for his hardest to find variants. This just may be the king of Spawn variants (heck, one of the highest valued variants overall) as it sold a raw copy for $1,799. We could honestly spend an entire newsletter on valuable Spawn books. (Find on eBay)

SHAKER/ HOTTHE UNTAMED: A SINNER’S PRAYER #1 is the first appearance of Niobe from Stranger Comics’ world of Asunda. A leaked press release of HBO picking up the entire world of Asunda (including Niobe) circulated across the comic book communities. This early news sent values of Niobe’s first appearance skyrocketing with one raw VF+ sale of the standard cover for The Untamed selling for $450. While that sale is an outlier, it’s interesting to see how fast collectors are blowing these books up. The 1:10 variant is selling for $150 raw and $450 for a CGC 9.8. There’s also a super rare CBSI connecting variant to Niobe: She is Life #1. However, no single copies have come to market. Niobe: She is Life #1 is also getting noticed, but not nearly as fast. That issue has multiple variants which make overwhelmed collectors focus mostly on The Untamed #1. The most notable variant for Niobe is the Hoknes Virgin Variant for Niobe: She is Life #1 (limited to 100 copies). This one was selling for $150 long before the news hit. No copies have yet come to market since the news leaked. That will be a very interesting book to watch when one gets listed.

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