About Us

Our Philosophy

A comic book fan comes in all shapes, sizes, genders, colors and interests. Why shouldn’t your comic book site do so as well? We believe in providing the ideal space for the comic book industry. Why waste your time hopping from site to site to get the comic information that you’re looking for? As information becomes more sought and collected, it was important to us to gather it all in the nice and tidy place we call COVR PRICE. Need to know what the value is on your newest acquisition? Do you want to know what your entire collection is worth? Interested in diving in deeper what your favorite writer or artist has previously done? Whatever you’re looking for, we have you COVRed. (we also like bad puns)

Who is COVR Price?

At COVR PRICE, we love comics just as much as you do. Since we were children, comic books and the characters that live in them, have been in our blood. We have spent countless hours daydreaming about the day our latent abilities would finally manifest. When a new comic book movie or TV show comes out, for better or for worse, we’re immediately there to support it. Whether you’re a fanboy, a fangirl, a speculator, a collector, a seller or even new to comics, we know it’s in your blood as well. Once you dive into a story that you connect with, or feel the joy of finding the one book missing in your collection or even the excitement of seeing the value skyrocket for that variant you just bought, that begins a comic fever that is impossible to ignore. We get it. In our own lives, we felt frustrated searching multiple sites for the information COVR PRICE provides to you today. We started COVR PRICE for those very reasons. We recognized the need to gather us all in one place while also providing every tool possible to give you the most robust, connected, informative and smart site for your specific comic interest. It was our goal to see this site come to fruition. And here we are. Thank you for joining our collective comic community. Buckle in, we’re just starting.

Join Our Team

Do you live and breathe comic books? We do, and we’re looking to assemble like-minded individuals that can bring talent and support to our continuous growth. We need superheroes and heroines to swoop in and take charge in our fast-moving company. It doesn’t take x-ray vision to see what we have available. Just check our listed positions and let us know if you’re up for the job!

Contact Us

Unlike Professor X, we can’t read your mind. Please just contact us here: [email protected]