How does COVR PRICE determine the value of a comic?

A collectable like a comic book is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. Sure, an expert might have an opinion about a comic’s value, but the truest way to figure out what you should buy or sell a comic for is by seeing what others have actually paid for it. At Covr Price we only show real sales data, collected across a number of trusted online marketplaces. We then match this data to Raw (i.e. comics that have not been professionally graded) or Graded comics in our database. The result is an easy-to-use price guide, updated daily, with real sales data.

For a detailed explanation about how comics are graded, check out our article: Grading Comics 101.

How Does COVR PRICE Calculate the Value of My Collection?
When you add a comic to your collection in COVR PRICE, you are prompted to tell us if the comic is Raw (i.e. uncertified) or Graded. If you indicate that the comic is Graded you will be prompted to identify the grading company and the assigned grade. Providing this information allows us to more accurately match the condition of your comic with the closest sale data we’ve gathered. That’s why it’s important to always identify the condition of the comics in your collection. To calculate your collection’s value we simply add up all the estimated values in your collection.

Sometimes comics do not have an established sales record. That is, COVR PRICE can’t find any official sales data. When this happens, the system will give that comic a value of $0. We’d rather set lowered expectations than unrealistic ones. Of course, once COVR PRICE identifies an official sale, your comic’s value will be updated accordingly.

Can COVR PRICE Tell Me the Value of an Autographed Comic?

Whether it’s a fan seeking the signature of their favorite comic creator or a speculator seeking a way to increase the value of his/her investment, collectors often have their comics autographed. Similar to Raw (i.e. ungraded) comics, it’s difficult to determine the authenticity of a signature (unless officially verified by a 3rd party grading company). In many cases, unverified signatures can decrease a comic’s value. Because of this uncertainty, COVR PRICE does NOT include the value of signed comics in our price guide at this time. However, it should be noted that, when verified, comic’s signed by key contributors are often worth more than their unsigned counterparts.

What Does It Mean if I Find a HOT Comic?

Since COVR PRICE collects sales data daily, we’re able to quickly identify trends when a comic goes up (or down) in value. Our algorithms determine the daily percentage of increased value, orders the comics by rank, and assigns the “HOT COMIC” icon to the top 25% of that daily list. In other words, a HOT comic today might not be so tomorrow. We’ve added these icons so you can quickly scan your collection to see if you own anything that’s significantly trending up.

What do the KEY and RARE icons mean?

To help collectors quickly assess the value of comics in their collection, COVR PRICE identifies attributes that might make a specific comic either Key or Rare.


“Key Comics” are ones that typically have key character appearances, a low print run, and/or have been proven to always be in demand. There can be a lot of debate on a character’s first appearance or if a comic is in fact “key.” Even though our key comics have been agreed upon by our team of comic-loving geeks, you should always use our indicators as a reference point to do further research.

“Rare Comics” are comics that have been proven to be hard to find either due to low print runs or lack of availability across marketplaces. Because of this, many “rare” comics won’t have an estimated sales value in COVR PRICE (since we only show real sales data for comics that have sold). Keep an eye out for rare comics, they’re usually a good find.

I Think I Found a Mistake, How Do I Tell the COVR PRICE Team?

Despite our best efforts, we sometimes make a mistake (hey we’re only human). If you feel there’s a mistake in the value or general information shown for a comic, you can let us know by selecting the “SOMETHING MISSING” option on the comic’s information page shown throughout the website. When selected, you’ll be taken to this page, where you’ll be prompted to give us more information. From there, the COVR PRICE team will research the matter and make corrections as needed.

Also, thanks for taking the effort in letting us know. We see COVR PRICE as your comic community and take great pride in providing you with accurate and helpful information.


At its core, COVR PRICE is a daily-updated collection management tool linked directly to a price guide based on real sales data for comics that have actually sold. Either look up the estimated sales value for your comic via our Price Guides or simply add a comic to your COVR PRICE collection and we’ll help you keep track of everything. Just “set it and forget it.” We’ll keep you in-the-loop with email notifications when comics in your collection start trending up in value.

Beyond that, COVR PRICE helps you to quickly find the comics you’re looking to buy in our Marketplace of trusted online retailers. We provide Resources for collectors to level up their comic skills, and we keep you in the loop with weekly New Release lists. Basically, COVR PRICE is a one-stop shop for all your comic needs.


COVR PRICE (pronounced: “cover price”) is made up of a collection of like-minded comic fans and speculators who’ve been working across the tech and entertainment space for 10+ years. Because we love comics so much we created COVR PRICE to better support the comic community with fair and accurate price valuations based only on real sales data. Over the years we got fed up searching for accurate values for the comics we love. Whether you’re flipping comics or are just curious what your collection would sell for, we wanted to make it easy.

COVR PRICE does all the hard work of monitoring your entire collection for you everyday. For more information, check out the About Us section.

How is COVR PRICE Different From Competitors?

COVR PRICE bases our valuations on REAL sales data, not speculation. Instead of relying on a limited group of experts or applying a simple percentage increase across comics of different conditions, we only report what that comic actually sold for. Leveraging a number of major online comic marketplaces, we gather over 100,000 price points monthly. So if you really want to know what your comics are worth, you’re in the right spot.

When it comes to getting the most out of your collection, COVR PRICE can’t be beat. After adding comics to the MY COLLECTION section, you are able to quickly view all the hot / key / rare comics you own and sort your entire collection by comics with the highest estimated values, highest trend increases, and recent sales date (to name a few). COVR PRICE does all the heavy lifting so you can just sit back and enjoy your collection.

Beyond that, your collection is something you take pride in. You shouldn’t be forced to use dated websites that feel like a chore to use. At COVR PRICE we take pride in celebrating comic art and designs by creating a user interface that isn’t just easy to use, but (hopefully) fun to look at. Using modern design styles and showcasing wanted information at just the right time, our goal is to offer you a web experience you love coming back to.

Finally, we’re just getting started. We just love comics and everything about them. We’re in the process of developing new features that will continue to make your comic-collecting life that much easier.


Why Should I Upgrade to COVR PRICE UNLIMITED?

Our goal at COVR PRICE is to create a comic tool for ALL comic book fans. The free version (COVR PRICE BASIC) should be enough for most novice collectors interested in checking the value of a few comics each day. Though limited, it allows anyone to create a collection, grants access to the price guide, provides key comic information, and much more.

However, if you want to add an unlimited number of comics to your collection, track the value of your collection, have full access to the Hot / Key / Rare / Variant lists, or look up the values for as many comics as you like, then COVR PRICE UNLIMITED is the best option for you. At our competitive monthly price (and annual payment option), COVR PRICE UNLIMITED gives you the most bang for your buck.

How Do I Upgrade or Cancel My Subscription?

Whoa… wait…. Did you say cancel? Sad face. To either cancel or upgrade your subscription simply visit the Account Status section on your profile page.

I’ve Got More Questions How Can I Contact You?

Whether you have an idea of how to make COVR PRICE even better or simply want to chat comics we’d love to hear from you. Visit our About Us page to contact us.

What’s Coming next?

To be honest, we’re just getting started. We’re constantly looking at ways to improve our data and your experience. Because we want COVR PRICE to be your one-stop shop for all your comic needs, we’re constantly looking at new ways for you to import, explore, and share your collection, all the while providing you with fast and accurate sales data. We love the comic community and are committed to make it better.