Our Philosophy on How to Determine What a Comic Book is Worth. 

A collectible, like a comic book, is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. Sure, an expert might have an opinion about a comic’s value, but the truest way to figure out what you should buy or sell a comic for is by seeing what others have recently paid for it. 

At COVRPRICE we only include real sales for our price tables, collected across a number of trusted online marketplaces. Typically, we bring in about 10,000 sales per day, filter them down to a specific comic, and then determine the condition. As part of the process, we determine if the comic is professionally graded (i.e. “Slabbed”) or not professionally graded (i.e. “Raw”). The result is an easy-to-use price guide, updated multiple times per day.

For a detailed explanation of how comics are graded, check out our article: Grading Comics 101.


How Does COVRPRICE Assign Grades To Raw and Slabbed Comics?

When you look at your comic collection, it’s probably safe to say you have many more raw comics than you do slabbed. However, despite this, most of the valuation websites out there only focus on slabbed (i.e. professionally graded) comics. Why is that? The quick answer is that it’s a lot easier. The tricky part is accurately determining a grade for a raw (i.e. not professionally graded) comic. At COVRPRICE we do both.

To describe how our price tables work, it’s important to first start with how the standard comic book grading system works. Based on a 25-point scale, most of the industry uses the following scale: 

(Please note that we’ve added our own 0.3 category to indicate “coverless” comics on our price tables)

  • 10.0 Gem Mint (GM)
  • 9.9 Mint (M)
  • 9.8 Near Mint / Mint (NM/MT)
  • 9.6 Near Mint +(NM+)
  • 9.4 Near Mint(NM)
  • 9.2 Near Mint -(NM-)
  • 9.0 Very Fine/Near Mint (VF/NM)
  • 8.5 Very Fine +(VF+)
  • 8.0 Very Fine (VF)
  • 7.5 Very Fine – (VF-)
  • 7.0 Fine/Very Fine (FN/VF)
  • 6.5 Fine + (FN+)
  • 6.0 Fine (FN)
  • 5.5 Fine – (FN-)
  • 5.0 Very Good/ Fine (VG/FN)
  • 4.5 Very Good + (VG+)
  • 4.0 Very Good (VG)
  • 3.5 Very Good – (VG-)
  • 3.0 Good/Very Good (GD/VG)
  • 2.5 Good + (GD+)
  • 2.0 Good (GD)
  • 1.8 Good – (GD-)
  • 1.5 Fair/Good (FR)
  • 1.0 Fair (FR)
  • 0.5 Poor (PR)
  • 0.3 Coverless (CL)

This scale is used by all the major grading companies so if you send your comic in to get graded, you can expect it to come back with one of these grades. (for more information on how a grade is determined, read our Grading Comics 101 article). 

At COVRPRICE we apply this grading scale to our slabbed price tables. However, when it comes to raw comics we combine this scale into seven “grade buckets.” Why don’t we just use the same scale? Well, raw grading is based on an individual’s subjective assessment of their comic (not a grading company with multiple graders inspecting a single book). This subjectivity introduces more chances for error. Because we can’t grade every comic book ourselves (we don’t have teleportation technology just yet), the bucketing system allows for a degree of variance while still providing our members with an accurate assessment of what their raw comics are worth. The COVRPRICE grade buckets for raw comics break down as follows:

  • Bucket 1 Near Mint +  
    • 9.6 – 9.8 – 9.9 – 10.0  
  • Bucket 2  Near Mint   
    • 9.0 – 9.2 – 9.4
  • Bucket 3  Very Fine
    • 7.0 – 7.5 – 8.0 – 8.5
  • Bucket 4  Fine
    •  5.0 – 5.5 – 6.0 – 6.5
  • Bucket 5  Very Good 
    • 3.0 – 3.5 – 4.0 – 4.5
  • Bucket 6  Good
    • 1.5 – 1.8 – 2.0 – 2.5
  • Bucket 7  Poor / Fair
    • 0.3 – 0.5 – 1.0
  • No Grade Info Bucket
    • This bucket holds sales for raw comics that COVRPRICE is unable to determine an accurate grade for. Instead of throwing this data out, we provide it so you can dive in to explore additional sales. 
    • (NOTE: if none of the raw sales we capture have grade info, then the FMV for that raw comic will be based on the most recent sales of comics in this bucket. Our price guide is updated multiple times per day so if a graded raw sale comes in, the price guide will quickly assign the FMV to that raw bucket.)

You may be wondering, “Why does Bucket 1 (NM+) include 9.9 and 10.0 conditions? Don’t these greatly skew the FMV for that bucket?”. The simple answer is that 10.0 and 9.9s rarely exist for raw comics. Most sellers would never list their comic as a 10.0 or 9.9 because it’s a sure-fire way to have the buyer complain after they purchase it. That said, the vast majority of sales in this bucket are 9.6 and 9.8. (NOTE: if you want to drill down and see the actual sales information for each comic, read the section below)


Do You Show Sales Information For Individual Comics?
Yes, to see the actual sales information associated with each comic in our price table simply click on the “See Sales Details” button located at the top of each price table. When selected, you’ll see the date, price, and grade of each comic.


How does CP determine the Fair Market Value (FMV)?

COVRPRICE assigns an FMV for both slabbed and raw comics based on the grade (for slabbed comics) or grade bucket (for raw comics) they are assigned to. For both raw and slabbed comics, our FMVs are based on a “weighted moving average” of the most recent sales for that comic. Since we want to know what a comic is worth right now, our approach takes the most recent known sales, applies a weight to each, and then takes an average. This approach allows us to quickly catch and highlight any market changes. 

Because there are 26 grades, including our 0.3 grade, (for slabbed comics) and 7 buckets (for raw comics), how do we assign a single FMV to let our members know what their comic is worth? To do this we take the “most common” grade a comic has and makes that the universal FMV for that comic. At COVRPRICE, “most common” simply means the grade that has the most sales in our price table. 

A quick note on our values:

The vast majority of our effort goes into ensuring the quality and accuracy of our sales data. Our goal is to save our members precious time in researching every comic in their collection by doing the heavy lifting for them. That said, we do make mistakes. When dealing with 10K+ sales per day we rely on our algorithms and content managers to ensure the validity of our FMVs. Therefore it’s important not to use COVRPRICE’s FMVs (or any competing price guides for that matter) as the gospel truth. Use common sense and good judgment before buying or selling a comic. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. 


How Do We Assign FMV to Comics in your Collection?

When you add a comic to your COVRPRICE collection you are prompted to enter a condition/grade for your comic. When a condition/grade is added, we report (in the Collection Section) the FMV for your comic at that specific grade (for slabbed comics) or grade bucket (for raw comics). So, if you state that your Slabbed comic is a 9.6, that comic will have the Slabbed FMV of 9.6 whereas if you state your Raw comic is a 9.6, that raw comic will have a Raw FMV of Near Mint +.  

If you choose not to add any condition/grade information about the comic you’re adding to your COVRPRICE collection, then our system will assume your comic is RAW and assign it to the “most common” raw bucket and give it that FMV.


Why Are Some of the Price Tables Missing Rows?

You may notice that our price tables change depending on the comic you’re looking at. Some comics have more extensive price tables than others. The reason for this is that COVRPRICE only shows rows (for slabbed comics) or grade buckets (for raw comics) when we have sales data available. If there’s no data, we don’t show an empty field. 


How Does COVRPRICE Calculate the Value of My Collection?

When you add a comic to your collection in COVRPRICE, you are prompted to tell us if the comic is Raw (i.e. not graded) or Slabbed (i.e., professionally graded) and to assign a condition/grade. Providing this information allows us to more accurately match the condition of your comic with the closest sale data we’ve gathered. That’s why it’s important to always identify the condition/grade of the comics in your COVRPRICE collection. To calculate your collection’s value we simply add up the FMVs for each comic in your collection.

Sometimes we can’t find any sales records for a particular comic. When this happens, the COVRPRICE will give that comic a value of $0. We’d rather set lowered expectations than unrealistic ones. Of course, once COVRPRICE identifies an official sale, your comic’s value will be updated accordingly.


Can COVRPRICE Tell Me the Value of an Autographed Comic?

Whether it’s a fan seeking the signature of their favorite comic creator or a speculator seeking a way to increase the value of his/her investment, collectors sometimes have their comics autographed. It’s often difficult to determine the authenticity of a signature (unless officially verified by a 3rd party grading company). In many cases, unverified signatures can decrease a comic’s value. Because of this uncertainty, COVRPRICE does NOT include an estimated value of signed comics in our price guide at this time. (Note: it should be noted that, when verified, comics signed by key contributors can often increase their worth more than their unsigned counterparts.)


What Does It Mean if I Find a HOT Comic?

Since COVRPRICE collects sales data daily, we’re able to quickly identify trends when a comic goes up (or down) in value. Our algorithms determine the daily percentage of increased value, orders the comics by rank, and assigns the “HOT COMIC” icon to the top 25% of that daily list. In other words, a HOT comic today might not be so tomorrow. We’ve added these icons so you can quickly scan your collection to see if you own anything that’s significantly trending up.


What do the KEY and RARE icons mean?

To help collectors quickly assess the value of comics in their collection, COVRPRICE identifies attributes that might make a specific comic either Key or Rare.


“Key Comics” are ones that typically have key character appearances, a low print run, and/or have been proven to always be in demand. There can be a lot of debate on a character’s first appearance or if a comic is in fact “key.” Even though our key comics have been agreed upon by our team of comic-loving geeks, you should always use our indicators as a reference point to do further research.

“Rare Comics” are comics that have been proven to be hard to find either due to low print runs or lack of availability across marketplaces. Because of this, many “rare” comics won’t have an estimated sales value in COVRPRICE (since we only show real sales data for comics that have sold). Keep an eye out for rare comics, they’re usually a good find.

I Think I Found a Mistake, How Do I Tell the COVR PRICE Team?

Despite our best efforts, we sometimes make a mistake (hey we’re only human). If you feel there’s a mistake in the value or general information shown for a comic, you can let us know by selecting the “SOMETHING MISSING” option located on the Comic Detail page associated with each comic throughout the website. When selected, you’ll be taken to this page, where you’ll be prompted to give us more information. From there, the COVRPRICE team will research the matter and make corrections as needed.

Also, thanks for taking the effort in letting us know. We see COVRPRICE as your comic community and take great pride in providing you with accurate and helpful information.



Launched in 2018, COVRPRICE is a comic book price guide and collection management system all rolled into one. To use COVRPRICE, simply type in the title of the comic you’re looking for, add the issue number, and we’ll show you information about that comic as well as a price table with raw and slabbed comic values based only on real-world comic book sales (no speculation here). 

As a collection management tool, COVRPRICE does all the hard work of keeping track of your entire collection, letting you know what everything is worth, updated with new sales information multiple times per day.

Beyond that, COVRPRICE lets you search across trusted online marketplaces for comics you’re looking to buy, find weekly New Releases, and explore dynamic lists of comic trends (e.g. Hot List, Daily Shakers/Movers, etc). Our team of comic experts and fanatics write weekly comic reports outlining some of the most interesting comic trends so you’re always in the loop. 

Basically, COVRPRICE is your one-stop shop for all your comic needs.


Co-found by life-long friends and comic geeks, John Sulaitis and Matt DeVoe, COVRPRICE (pronounced: “cover price”) is made up of a collection of like-minded comic fans and speculators who’ve been working across the tech and entertainment industries for over 12+ years. Tired of spending countless hours researching what our comics were worth, tracking when to buy and sell, and trying to stay up-to-date with the latest comic news, we decided to build a comic resource for collectors and speculators alike. 

Was it easy? No, not even a little bit. There are a lot of comics out there and to keep an up-to-date (and ever-growing) catalog of comics is an unending job. We founded COVRPRICE in 2016 and took 2 years just to build our database and design our website. After countless hours, depleted savings accounts, and confused looks from our families and friends, COVRPRICE was launched in July 2018. 

Since then COVRPRICE has grown… a lot. Many in the comic community believed in what we were doing and became members, comic book influencers began reaching out asking to use our data and Comic Reports on their channels, and most importantly, we attracted some of the most amazing (and fanatical) comic book fans to our team. 

Today, COVRPRICE is bigger than it’s ever been. We continue to re-invest in our service, listen to our members, and build new exciting features. We’re 100% committed to making COVRPRICE the best comic book resource available and want to sincerely thank our members for their support and trust. We’re just getting started!

How is COVRPRICE Different From Competitors?

COVRPRICE bases our valuations on REAL sales data, not speculation. Instead of relying on a limited group of experts or applying a simple percentage increase across different grading conditions, we only report what that comic actually sold for. Leveraging several major online comic marketplaces, we gather around 300,000 price points per month. So if you really want to know what your comics are worth, you’re in the right spot.

When it comes to getting the most out of your collection, COVRPRICE can’t be beaten. After adding comics to the MY COLLECTION section, you can quickly view all the hot/key/rare comics you own and sort your entire collection by comics with the highest estimated values, highest trend increases, and recent sales date (to name a few). COVRPRICE does all the heavy lifting so you can just sit back and just enjoy your collection.

Beyond that, your collection is something you take pride in. You shouldn’t be forced to use dated websites that feel like a chore to use. At COVRPRICE we celebrate comic art and designs by creating a user interface (UI) that isn’t just easy to use, but also fun to look at. Using modern design styles and showcasing wanted information at just the right time, our goal is to offer you a web experience you love coming back to.

Finally, we’re just getting started. We just love comics and everything about them. We’re constantly in the process of developing new features and refining our pricing mechanisms that will continue to make your comic-collecting life that much easier.


Why Should I Upgrade to COVRPRICE UNLIMITED?

Our goal at COVRPRICE is to create a comic tool for ALL comic book fans. The free version (COVRPRICE BASIC) should be enough for most novice collectors interested in checking the value of a few comics each day. Though limited, it allows anyone to create a collection, grants access to the price guide, provides key comic information, and much more.

However, if you want to add an unlimited number of comics to your collection, track the entire value of your collection, have full access to the Hot / Key / Rare / Variant lists, or look up the values for as many comics as you like, then COVRPRICE UNLIMITED is the best option for you. At our competitive monthly price (and annual payment option), COVRPRICE UNLIMITED gives you the most bang for your buck.

To see what our memberships cost, click here.

How Do I Upgrade or Cancel My Subscription?

Whoa… wait…. Did you say cancel? Sad face. To either cancel or upgrade your subscription simply visit the Account Status section in the Profile section of our website.

Click here to view our membership options and learn more about signing up.

 I’ve Got More Questions How Can I Contact You?

Whether you have an idea of how to make COVRPRICE even better or simply want to chat comics we’d love to hear from you. Please email us at [email protected] and someone from our team will respond as soon as possible. 

What’s Coming Next?

To be honest, we’re just getting started. We’re constantly looking at ways to improve our data and your experience. Because we want COVRPRICE to be your one-stop shop for all your comic needs, we’re constantly looking at new ways for you to import, explore, and share your collection, all the while providing you with fast and accurate sales data. We love the comic community and are committed to making it better.


Planned Updates:

  • July 2022 (COMPLETED)
    • Page load time update: This update will vastly reduce the page load time throughout the My Collection section. In particular, you’ll notice that it takes a fraction of the time to upload your collection stats.
    • Price Table Update – Raw Price Buckets: This HUGE update will redefine COVRPRICE’s existing way of assigning FMVs to raw comics. Moving forward we will group (or “bucket”) raw comics into 7 condition groups and assign a specific FMV based on its grade. This more accurate raw value will be assigned to all the raw comics in your collection and across the COVRPRICE website, making us the most accurate price guide in the industry.
  • September 2022
    • We will be partnering with Collectorz.com (AKA: CLZ) to be even more accessible to our members. Members actively signed up in COVRPRICE’s UNLIMITED membership tier, will be able to access our FMV and general sales data across CLZ’s platforms. That’s right, you’ll be able to see what a comic and your collection are worth via CLZ. We’re excited to bring COVRPRICE to CLZ’s members!
  • October – December 2022
    • We will be improving the gathering and accuracy of our sales data. Our goal is to always provide the most accurate data possible and our team of developers is exploring innovative ways to do just that.
  • November 2022 – January 2023
    • New Features and Site Updates: We are spending the rest of the year vastly improving different parts of the COVRPRICE.com website. You’ll be seeing monthly updates throughout this time that make using our service easier and a lot more fun!