March 25th, 2019

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Tuesday, 3/19/19

HOT / NEWS / MOVER: AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #654 (Marvel, 2011) Various websites reported rumors of an Agent Venom TV Show in development at Sony Pictures. Whether or not that’s true, Agent Venom has always had high value simply due to fan popularity. Amazing Spider-Man #654 is the first appearance of Flash Thompson as Venom. The first print sells for $28 raw and $249.99 in 9.8. The 2nd print is the priciest at $170 raw and recently (on 2/19) went for $1,020 for a 9.8. The first print also is a connecting cover to Amazing Spider-Man #654.1 which sells for $25 raw and $100 in a 9.8. Amazing Spider-Man #574 is another great pickup, which is a dedicated story about how Flash Thompson was injured while serving in the Army during the Iraq war, resulting in a double amputation of his legs (and therefore eventually leading him to the Venom symbiote). (Find on eBay) (Find on MCS)

Wednesday, 3/20/19

SHAKER: BLACK CAT MYSTERY #50 (Harvey, 1954) We’ve highlighted golden age pre-code horror books before. However, this is one of the “kings” of pre-code books. Collectors love the graphic, over-the-top art that you just don’t see anymore (thanks comics code!). A raw copy sold for a huge $3,250. For comparison, that’s about the going price for a CGC 4.0. In 2/19, a CGC 8.0 sold for $10,800. Pre-code Horror are seeing some of the largest surges in values right now. (Find on eBay)

HOT / NEWS / SHAKER: DANGER GIRL. Multiple sites are reporting that Director, Jeff Wadlow, will direct the “Danger Girl” comic book adaptation for Constantin Film. The books to look for are from DANGER GIRL Preview, which includes the entire teams first appearance (including Abby Chase). There is a standard cover that sells for $20, an American Entertainment variant that sells for $25, and a Gold Foil American Entertainment variant that sells for $100. There’s no clear indication on how many copies there are of each. There are 37 Golds in the CGC census, 79 of the non-gold variant, and 33 of the standard cover. There’s also a San Diego Preview book as well. However, that was released in August of 1998, whereas the Preview books mentioned above are dated December 1997. There are also many great Danger Girl variants. Especially the #2 “Smoking Gun” variants, which are exceptionally rare. The Ruby version may legitimately be one of the hardest to find variants. We’ve reported only 5 sales for that variant, the highest being a CGC 9.8 at $6K in March 2018. If that ever resells, it would easily be in the running for the most expensive modern variant. While hunting, keep in mind that IDW reprinted these variants with the same logo treatment and can easily be confused for the original series, which will clearly state CLIFFHANGER in the top left corner.  (Find on eBay)

Thursday, 3/21/19

SHAKER: SPAWN #189 B&W Variant (Image, 2009) We’ve mentioned before that Spawn variants are highly sought after. Well, another rare one sold today at $975 for a CGC 9.6, which is a huge jump from the last CGC 9.6 sale from 9/18 for $575. The last 9.8 that sold was 8/18 for $1,700. (Find on eBay) (Find on MCS)

Friday, 3/22/19

MOVER: DARK RED #1 (Aftershock, 2019) Dark Red is the hot new book this week. The variant made it to our Top 10, the standard print hit our runner-ups list, and the C2E2 exclusives are some of the hottest variants coming out of that convention. All the covers are up for this title and many are enjoying the book. We’ll see how it does over the next several weeks. Right now, there’s a three-way tie for the rarest. The Gunderson C2E2 virgin at 100 copies, the Kincaid C2E2 virgin at 100 copies, and the Maer Bloody virgin variant at 100 copies. The Maer bloody virgin is already the clear winner price-wise as it’s selling for $250 on its own. Whereas the C2E2 Gunderson virgin is selling for $100 and the Kincaid virgin hasn’t seen a sale yet (outside of sets). (Find on eBay) (Find on MCS)

Saturday, 3/23/19

TUMBLER: UMBRELLA ACADEMY: APOCALYPSE SUITE #1 RETAILER INCENTIVE (Dark Horse, 2007) A few newsletters ago, we discussed the best times to buy, sell and hold onto content. There are specific times that tend to work best for each of those intentions. However, Umbrella really broke those rules and went WAY UP after release. This is very rare. For weeks after release, these books were seeing the highest sales they have ever seen. (Not including big characters like Spider-Man/ Batman, etc.) The only other pieces of content to do this was the Walking Dead and Rick & Morty. Both those series saw significant bumps right before each new season. However, investment in content-driven books can be volatile. Unfortunately, after hitting $755 for a raw copy of this variant on 3/17, the value saw a steep decline, down to the current sales of $381 & $318. This is still higher than before it launched, yet it was quite a big drop. With a second season in the works, this could easily bounce back up. Will this break the norm and rebound with a new season? Or, is the height behind us? (Find on eBay)

NEWS / HOT / MOVER / SHAKER: TASKMASTER Rumors have surfaced of TASKMASTER being the main villain for the (in development) Black Widow film. This has caused a surge in value increases for Taskmaster’s first appearance in Avengers #196. Raws have seen an uptick in sales, but values remain mostly consistent with previous sales. However, this did have it’s highest CGC 9.8 sale ever at $1,009. One notable mention on these rumors is that the interest is focusing on the ULTIMATE version of Taskmaster. As we mention in our TOP 10, Ultimate Taskmaster’s first appearance is in our #26 entry of ULTIMATE COMICS SPIDER-MAN #26. Sales hit as high as $93, yet has settled to $39.99. With those slowing sales, it seems collectors might be refocusing on the original iteration. (Find on eBay) (Find on MCS)

Sunday, 3/24/19

SHAKER: IMMORTAL HULK #2 ZAFFINO 1:25 VARIANT (MARVEL, 2018) Immortal Hulk is exactly that… Immortally on this list. He doesn’t show any sign of slowing down right now. Sales are crazy for almost every issue of the run. This issue, featuring the first appearance of Dr. Frye, appears to be the most valuable. Of course, this means even higher value for this 1:25 variant. It had its highest sale yet at $811 for a CGC 9.8. Like with Red Goblin, Cosmic Ghost Rider and Weapon H, fatigue does seem to eventually set in. The difference of this run is that fans are LOVING everything about it… the covers, the story, the art and the deep ties to Hulk’s history. It’s been one year since Immortal Hulk first appeared in AVENGERS #684, and that’s JUST now picking up steam. Regardless, we’re going to hear a LOT more about Immortal Hulk and every upcoming story development. It’s actually pretty fun. (Find on eBay)

SHAKER: VENOM/ DEADPOOL: WHAT IF? #1 (Marvel, 2011) Before Skottie Young focused on his “Baby” variants, he provided the comic book world with this awesome cover. With both Skottie Young AND Venom fans chasing this down, it’s been expensive for a while now. However, it’s only getting hotter after having it’s highest raw sale ever at $290. Just a few weeks ago, a CGC 9.8 sold for $325. This WHAT IF? book is actually a reprinted collection of 4 connected short stories in the back of: What If? Dark Reign (2011) #1, What If? Iron Man: Demon in an Armor (2011) #1, What If? Spider-Man (2011) #1, What If? Wolverine: Father (2011) #1. Stores typically don’t buy many reprinted collections, so this book never made it to many shelves. We don’t see this one coming down anytime soon. (Find on eBay) (Find on MCS)

Monday, 3/25/19

HOT: ULTIMATE FALLOUT #4 Standard Cover (Marvel, 2011) Okay, we’ve chatted about this book A LOT lately. It’s constantly swinging around in our MOVERS, SHAKERS and HOT lists. It lands on the Top 10 every couple weeks and is just a non-stop seller. However, while we were looking over our sales data we noticed something significant in it’s grading trends. Typically, deciding to get a book graded takes a keen eye and experience to spot flaws in a comic and properly gauge a grade for it. For moderns, where buyers expect and want mostly 9.8s, the inability to catch these flaws could make or break your investment. Moderns don’t typically have “a safety net” where the 9.6 drop from a 9.8 is still valuable enough to be worth grading. Basically, grading doesn’t always make financial sense. You really have to do the math, factor in all costs and the possibility that you might not hit the grade you want. What’s interesting about THIS book is that it has a HUGE safety net. 9.8’s command a premium around $300+ and 9.6’s do take a tumble down to $160. However, the fall to a 9.4 or 9.2 is minor with both grades selling for $130. 9.0s and 8.5s both sell for around $100. It’s not until you get to 8.0’s where the raw value ($67) plus grading costs (typically $30 per book after shipping costs) is a wash in price. There are NOT many graded books like this that provide such a nice price cushion. Y: The Last Man #1 is the only other book we know that has this. So, if you’re nervous about submitting your maybe 9.2 or 9.4’s, go for it. Collectors and fans simply WANT this book. (Find on eBay) (Find on MCS)

SHAKER: LIFE OF CAPTAIN MARVEL #3 1:100 Quesada Virgin Variant (Marvel, 2018) Captain Marvel books are up across the board. Having such buzz off of her solo release film AND leading into AVENGERS: ENDGAME in just a month, has been fantastic for market value retention. This 1:100 has been creeping up slowly for the past couple months where it just hit its highest sale ever for a CGC 9.8 at $650. There’s always a big debate over if a virgin variant is “worth it” when the standard cover shares the same art. I guess this pretty much answers it. Yes, this one’s worth it. (Find on eBay)

HOT / NEWS: ASUNDA (NIOBE) SERIES Stranger Comics HBO development deal has OFFICIALLY been announced. HBO wants to develop this rich world developed by Sebastion Jones and turn it into their next big series. With any content, it takes a lot of time to do this. Can this become as big as GAME OF THRONES? Or does it become more niche and cater to a smaller audience? With HBO, they tend to do things right. They get a lot of attention, have a big viewership and garner/win multiple awards each year. We’re thinking that’ll do very well long term. Congrats to Stranger comics for essentially getting their entire comic world into development. This is no small feat and a huge accomplishment for independent publishers.

1 TO HUNT FOR: NOVA #1 Francesco Mattina 1:50 Variant (Marvel, 2016) MCU fans have been already looking forward into the next phase of Marvel films. At the tip of that iceberg is NOVA. The NOVA CORPS have already played a key role in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #1 and the first to be stripped of their Infinity Stone. With Kevin Feige’s mention of us seeing NOVA one day, it’s obviously a safe bet. Outside of first appearances, there is always an awesome variant that picks up steam. We feel it’ll be this one. It’s been selling raw around $50, with a most recent sale at $59.99. However, this 1:50 variant rarely surfaces. When they do, they sell fast. If you look on eBay, you’ll find that the only copies currently listed are for $200. We don’t recommend buying those. However, looking at those prices, sellers are also anticipating a large market correction. Check your comic shops and honey holes and then hold onto these. (Find on eBay)

1 TO HUNT: ISOLA #1 (Image, 2018) Like BLACKBIRD, which we mentioned last week, ISOLA is one of the most gorgeous books out right now. You may have noticed we use the art for issue #2 frequently across our site. Not only is Karl Kerschl’s art stunning, but writer Brenden Fletcher’s book was also one of the best-reviewed comics of 2018. The world is deep and rich and there’s a lot of substance to this series. After the initial buzz, the first several issues have come down in price. This includes several of the hard to find variants. Now is a great time to pick this first issue up. There’s a lot of potential with these series as it hits every check mark. FYI-  Issue #7 came out today as well. (Find on eBay)

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