January 31st, 2020

Guess what CovrPrice family… we’ve officially been doing our weekly newsletters for over a year now! (wow, time flies!)

Each month we gather between 280,000 and 310,000 aftermarket comic sales from a variety of marketplaces, giving us a pretty good picture of what’s trending, what’s tumbling, and what to keep an eye on. This puts us (and now you) in a unique position to study and learn from these trends across time. As many of you know, the comic market can fluctuate greatly. We see CovrPrice as your resource to become even better collectors. So, moving forward we’ll dedicate the last newsletter of each month to key, year-long trends that we hope will help you navigate those murky waters. 

Remember these are our team’s observations and should be viewed as guidelines, not undisputed facts, to inform your collecting. Of course, you can always use CovrPrice to do a little analysis of your own! (That’s why we built it)




BATMAN #608 Jim Lee RRP Variant (2002)Find on eBay / Find on MCS

1 YEAR OVERVIEW: This RRP (Retailer Roundtable Program) variant was considered the King of modern variants for at least a solid 13 years. That is until the Amazing Spider-Man #667 (2011) Dell’Otto variant pushed it out. A year ago, a copy of this Lee variant sold a CGC 9.8 for $4K. Prices have both gone up & down. Four more 9.8’s sold in 2019: $4,999.99 (2/22), $3,800 (3/7), $4,750 (6/25) & $3,399 (7/27). While that’s a drop of $1,500, it still shows that it will always fluctuate. 

WHAT DID WE LEARN?: Like other variants on this list, various circumstances can always bring a price drop to a crazy expensive and rare book like this. Smart collectors pay attention to these dips and jump on under-priced copies. So while this does bring down the overall market value, it will most likely go back up.




1 YEAR OVERVIEW: There were a LOT of covers for this issue. After the success of Hughes’ CAPTAIN MARVEL #1 (2015) variant, fans were expecting lightning to strike twice. It seemed like it had a shot when the Hughes 1:25 and virgin 1:100 were selling at ratio (meaning, if it’s a 1:25, it sells for $25 and the 1:100 selling for $100). The 1:25 now sells for $15 and the 1:100 for $50. Even the 2015 Hughes variant has come down quite a bit. 

WHAT DID WE LEARN?: The main complaint with many store variants are how many tend to create a simple color & virgin version of the same image. This is not a new thing, though it’s happening very heavily lately. These different versions tend to cannibalize each other and drag each other down. This was very much the case for this cover.




1 YEAR OVERVIEW: This Green Arrow book was the surprise hot book of the week at the beginning of January 2019. Raw sales were hitting $15, $19.95, and $22.62 which gave this book some heat. However, flooding (where sellers buy and all flip them at the same time to jump on hot prices) hit hard and fast and dragged this down. It’s now available for less than the cover price.  

WHAT DID WE LEARN?: Chasing the HOT new book can be volatile. Always expect that others are thinking the same as you. If you find it for cover and expect to get double or triple cover, prepare to hold on to that book for a long time. There are always exceptions. For example, new (small print) #1’s from a popular writer or artist can definitely do well in the short and long-term. However, hot “open order” B variants almost always go down in just a few days.



GREEN LANTERN #1 (2018) –  LCSD Foil VariantFind on eBay / Find on MCS

1 YEAR OVERVIEW: Now, Local Comic Shop Day takes place in November. Yet, a year ago this limited to 500 copies LCSD variant hit with a raw sale of $132.50, making it the all-time height… which it remains today. It was heating up slowly from November to January and then greatly slowed down. Sales bounced around from $75 to $100 for months until it settled to around $55 this month. 

WHAT DID WE LEARN?: A hard to find and shiny cover made this variant pretty desirable… until it wasn’t. Being a so-so cover with nothing notable inside helped have a hand in its fall. When assessing a variant with no key connection, ask yourself, do you love this cover? If you do, then others will most likely feel the same and it should do well over time. Be wary of buying a book just because it’s “hot”.



SPAWN #185 B&W Whilce Portacio Variant (2008) Find on eBay / Find on MCS

1 YEAR OVERVIEW: Last January was really the beginning of a slew of Spawn variant price jumps. This variant saw its highest sale ever when a CGC 9.6 sold for $3,800. By July of 2019, raw copies were also hitting that amount. 

WHAT DID WE LEARN?: Spawn is one of the hottest characters in comics… in terms of back market sales. We’ve never seen one character have SO many books make constant huge leaps in price. Is this nostalgia driving this or potential future content? Maybe it’s both? Either way, we often can’t even ignore Spawn for one newsletter (and we try).



SPIDER-GWEN (Vol. 2) #16 – Dave Johnson Variant (2017) Find on eBay / Find on MCS

1 YEAR OVERVIEW: This time last year we saw two CGC 9.8 sales of $500 and $519, which were (and remain) the highest graded prices yet. INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE hinted at the potential of a Miles/ Gwen relationship. Could this be a plot point for the sequel? While this book has dropped in value, this could be a great book to buy during the lull as we wait for more news.  

WHAT DID WE LEARN?: January 2019 was prime INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE momentum. So, it’s no surprise this saw its height then. Typically collectors forget about the hot variant of the month and move on. However, key characters centered around a key moment will always do well long-term.



HARLEY QUINN #57 Tedesco VariantFind on eBay / Find on MCS

1 YEAR OVERVIEW: It’s hard to believe that this book came out a year ago. Raw sales were hitting $20+ the day before release and had collectors scrambling to secure a copy before they got swooped up as it hit a high of $54 raw. As noted in our YEAR-END REVIEW this was the best selling back-market variant of 2019. Since then it has dropped a bit to $15 but is still decent for a book that flooded the market and survived. 

WHAT DID WE LEARN?: “Flavors of the weeks” almost always drop in value. This was no exception. Gauge the rarity and determine if you can wait a few months for the price to level out to where you want. You can now buy a CGC 9.8 of this for $35 which is $20 less than that raw sale height.



VENOM: LETHAL PROTECTOR #1 Black Error Edition (1993) Find on eBay / Find on MCS

1 YEAR OVERVIEW: This time last year we captured a NM+ RAW sale of this for $999.99. The market value has gone up over the past year to now $1,250. We LOVE error books. They’re oddities, fun accidents and can often be a somewhat one-of-a-kind (dependent on the flaws). This “oops” happened when the red foil ran out at the end of production, creating just this black overlay (you can see the red from the original standard cover underneath). 9.8’s have varied in value depending on the site where it’s sold. For example, Heritage Auctions sold a copy for a massive $9,600 while eBay tends to move them for (roughly) $3,500.  

WHAT DID WE LEARN?: There’s a constant debate about variants and how many feel that there are more copies somewhere “sitting in a warehouse” just waiting to be found. However, with error books… they are what they are. Mistakes. They’re mostly eliminated by the printer, though copies do make it out. These are going to see continuous increases as they get absorbed into collections.



WEB WARRIORS #2 – Dell’Otto Variant (2015)Find on eBay / Find on MCS

1 YEAR OVERVIEW: This variant saw two 9.8’s sell for $299 and another for $325. With the success of SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE and 3 of its stars (NOIR, GWEN & HAM) drawn by the amazing Gabriele Dell’Otto, we were not surprised that this variant was seeing movement. Raw values have not changed in a year. It’s been a steady $50 for a while now.  9.8’s are available at the same prices above, though not one has sold since last January. 

WHAT DID WE LEARN?: Non-key books with a great cover can retain value well. However, when connected to content, graded copies can fluctuate greatly and see significant dips while raw copies stay steady. Basically, collectors don’t want to pay a premium for a book if no one else is.




X-23 #1 Dell’Otto 1:25 Variant (2010) Find on eBay / Find on MCS

1 YEAR OVERVIEW: This absolutely gorgeous Dell’Otto cover sold a CGC 9.8 for $1,955 last January 2019. This variant is the crown jewel for X-23 fans. Yes, this was selling for more than her first appearance in NYX #3. We remember when this was an obtainable $100 book. Well, over the past year raw sales hit $1,238… and then tumbled to around $600! Why? Well, the market points to virgin and Mexican re-prints that have watered down the interest in the initial cover. Why buy the original when you can get the same art for a massive fraction of the cost? Don’t worry, this is a variant that will always fluctuate. It’ll go back up. 

WHAT DID WE LEARN?: Rare and highly desired variants for popular/key characters like this have excellent retention with or without content. Reprints can create short-term market damage. Monitoring these new versions is key in order to know when the best time to sell and buy. Now’s a great time to buy.



CHAMBER OF CHILLS #19 (1953)Find on eBay / Find on MCS

1 YEAR OVERVIEW: One of the kings of PCH (Pre-Code Horror) hit last January 2019 with a raw sale of $3,500 raw. In November 2019, another raw sale hit for $4K. An absolutely terrible copy with a detached cover sold this past December for $349.99. This book is (and will always be) hot. This cover is deeply tied to the band THE MISFITS, who used this cover as the image for one of their albums (specifically the single DIE, DIE MY DARLING). 

WHAT DID WE LEARN?: Key PCH books are only increasing. This is a fantastic investment book.



FLASH #137 (1963) Find on eBay / Find on MCS

1 YEAR OVERVIEW: Last year, FLASH #137 sold a high-grade RAW copy for $900, which was a 333.33% increase in value. Fluke sale or market correction? Well, another high grade raw sold in July 2019 for $990. This is the first silver age appearance of Vandal Savage and the JSA (arguably considered the 2nd appearance, CGC notes it as the first). High grade raw sells for a hefty premium for most key pre-modern books. 

WHAT DID WE LEARN?: High-grade raw copies can demand huge amounts, especially when the buyer thinks they can grade it and increase the value. We’ve never seen a sale over a 9.0, but if the buyer thinks they can get a 9.4 or higher, then this could be a big win.




HOUSE OF SECRETS #92 (1971) Find on eBay / Find on MCS

1 YEAR OVERVIEW: HOS #92 is one of today’s most coveted comics. With or without content, this Bernie Wrightson cover is at the top of most collector’s want lists. Last year, the now-defunct SWAMP THING show was due to be released in just a few months. With that anticipation, the market value saw continuous increases. We even mentioned this book twice last January. Most notably, mid-grade raw copies were seeing significant jumps. While it would make sense that the market dropped after the show was abruptly canceled, it actually stayed pretty strong. With new Justice League Dark rumors, this could even see some nice price jumps. 

WHAT DID WE LEARN?: Key books don’t always rely on content. Sure, GOOD content can give a book a nice boost but a truly KEY book can do just fine without it. These are the best investment books of all.



STARTLING TERROR TALES #11Find on eBay / Find on MCS

1 YEAR OVERVIEW: Ask any PCH (pre-code horror) collector what their favorite books are, this gorgeous L.B. Cole cover will most likely be on their list. Last year a CGC 4.0 sold for an incredible $3K. A month later, a 3.5 sale beat that at $3,578.16. However, in December a 5.5 went for a tad less at $3,457. 

WHAT DID WE LEARN?: Selling expensive rare books can be tough. Finding the right buyer can take time. So many factors come into play when a book like this sees a drop in sales. We still stand by our recommendation that key PCH books like these are fantastic investment books.



WEREWOLF BY NIGHT #32 Find on eBay / Find on MCS

1 YEAR OVERVIEW: What a difference a year makes. It’s been about 5 years since this was considered an affordable book. However, last year, this book saw it’s highest raw sale at $1,983 for a NM copy. Moon Knight is a character that has organically skyrocketed in popularity among collectors over the years. THEN July 2019 hit and Marvel announced a Moon Knight Disney+ show at San Diego Comic-Con… and copies were selling left & right with mid-grade copies selling for double or more of what they were in June 2019. This is a good example of a Classic Key seeing new heights driven by content announcements. 

WHAT DID WE LEARN?: MCU speculation is a HUGE deal these days. Any little tidbit shared (or hinted at) becomes a feeding frenzy for collectors. We learned that if a character is beloved by fans and increases in price organically (like Moon Knight), we need to pay close attention and even invest in those characters. Remember, Marvel executives are massive Marvel fans, and it shows in their films (and hopefully TV shows). If we’re thinking about it, then they are too. (Darkhawk, we’re looking at you).




BATTLE ANGEL ALITA #1 (1992)  – Find on eBay / Find on MCS

1 YEAR OVERVIEW: In January 2019, BATTLE ANGEL ALITA #1 was getting large spikes in prices all thanks to positive reactions to trailers that were hitting all month. What was once a $1 bin book was suddenly a solid $100+ raw book (hitting as high as $180 a month after it’s release) and had its highest sale ever for a CGC 9.0 at $225 (not a single grade higher ever came to market). Raw copies have recently sold for $36 in mid-grade condition, though NM copies can still hit $100 or more. Not a bad holdover for a film that did just okay in the box office. 

WHAT DID WE LEARN?: The question we hear all the time is “when should I sell?”, and our answer this year is WAY different then it would have been last January. The answer is “it depends”. We’ve noticed that film content can drop quickly. A film relies heavily on an amazing opening weekend to be considered a success. Even if it is, it can take many years to ever see a sequel. With that said, for Alita, upon release would have been the time to sell. TV/Streamer content is a lot more consistent and steady. Hearing everyone talk about a series and then receive word that a second is on the way builds a lot of confidence in your investment. The MCU and DCU each have their own set of rules separate from this that are fairly complicated. So yeah, it all depends.



BATMAN BEYOND #1 (1999)Find on eBay / Find on MCS

1 YEAR OVERVIEW: This book was JUST starting to shakeup last year. There was both a rumor of an animated project (from images claimed to be leaked from WB) and also the speculation that Robert Pattinson could actually be playing Terry McGinnis, aka Batman Beyond. This book moved fast and hard upon these rumors and one sold last January for a height of $380 for a CGC 9.8. However, despite both those rumors getting crushed, this book continued to climb with it’s highest sale of $550 for a 9.8 in December 2019 and another $525 just yesterday, 2/4/20. Raw copies now sell for $100+! There are two other variants, a FREE Version Variant with a blank box at the bottom left and a SIX FLAGS variant that has the Six Flags logo at the bottom left. The FREE and The Six Flags version both sell for about $25. 

WHAT DID WE LEARN?: Popular characters, like Batman Beyond, were overdue for a market correction. Last year’s rumors simply helped ignite the flame and point out how hard this book can be to find in high condition. It’s VERY rare for a book to skyrocket and then increase even more after confirmation of no new content. Rumors and speculation continue to swirl, which is probably what helps keep this book on the upward trend.



EDGE OF SPIDER-VERSE #2 – Land 1:25 Variant (2014)Find on eBay / Find on MCS

1 YEAR OVERVIEW: EOSV #2 Greg Land Variant had a CGC 9.8 sale for $2,300. While this is not the highest ever (which was on 8/25/18 @ $3,400), it seemed to be trending up after the release of INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE. As of today, 9.8’s are selling for $2K. Raw copies have taken a significant tumble down to $685 for NM- copies (and $372 for a low grade). Like Miles, Spider-Gwen isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. We have no doubt that we’re in a lull. 

WHAT DID WE LEARN?: Even the hottest & most expensive variants have dips in value. Spider-Gwen is a mainstay character who has tons of long-term potential. If you’ve been looking for a copy, now’s a great time to buy.



GOTHAM CITY SIRENS #1 – J.G. Jones 1:25 Variant (2009) Find on eBay / Find on MCS

1 YEAR OVERVIEW: In January 2019, a CGC 9.8 sold for $800. This was the second-highest sale ever since its last highest sale ever back in November 2018 for $815. This variant has always been difficult to find and has definitely gone up in value over the past 5 years. When GOTHAM CITY SIRENS was announced, this book (both the standard cover and variant) had huge spikes. Even though this film was shelved to focus on BIRDS OF PREY instead, it still continued to increase. However, that high point remains to be the high point as CGC 9.8’s fell to a modest $700. 

WHAT DID WE LEARN?: Key characters, a popular artist and a hard to find variant is sometimes enough to hold it’s value. While content news drove up the price initially, it brought this book into the awareness of new collectors creating more demand amongst low supply.



THE HUNTRESS #1 (1989) Find on eBay / Find on MCS

1 YEAR OVERVIEW: At about this time last year, the teaser trailer for Birds of Prey hit that showed quick shots of Huntress (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), Black Canary (Jurnee Smollett-Bell), Cassandra Cain (Ella Jay Basco), Renee Montoya (Rosie Perez), Black Mask (Ewan McGregor without the mask), Mr. Zsasz (Chris Messina) and of course more substantial shots of Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie). While all of these characters were previously announced (and their books went up), this trailer specifically helped HUNTRESS #1 get some movement from a $6 book to a $30 book. Though it then began fluctuating, and one year later, is now lower than before it heated up at it’s current $6!  

WHAT DID WE LEARN?: We’ve seen similar trends with past films like SUICIDE SQUAD and the various appearances on DC’s CW lineup. If it’s not a solo project, the best time to sell is immediately upon their appearance announcement. Market retention is absolutely terrible for supporting characters.



ULTIMATE FALLOUT #4 (2011)Find on eBay / Find on MCS

FANTASTIC FOUR #52 (1966)Find on eBay / Find on MCS


1 YEAR OVERVIEW: SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE & BLACK PANTHER won a ton of awards last year. BP won awards like the Academy Award for Best Original Music Score, Best Production Design, Best Costume. SPIDER-VERSE took home a Golden Globe AND an Oscar for Best Animated Feature. Think about that again, SPIDER-MAN + Oscar. If you wonder why Spider-Man books are dominating the resale market, this is why.  

WHAT DID WE LEARN?: Comic book content is getting taken seriously (despite what Scorcese says). Amazing content with critical fanfare can do fantastic things for a book. As we’ve noted before, Spider-Gwen and Miles Morales are household names and first-appearances that now sell for a premium. As we’ve seen from the MCU, Umbrella Academy, The Witcher, The Boys… great content matters. It’s a GREAT time to be a comic book fan.



REBORN #1 (2016) Find on eBay / Find on MCS

1 YEAR OVERVIEW: Last year, Netflix announced that REBORN, starring Sandra Bullock, would be the first of Mark Millar’s books to be developed for the streamer. With this news, various covers began trending. Cover H by Todd McFarlane saw the most love and jumped from $20 to $80 and the standard cover moved the most amount of copies and jumped from $3 to $14. There hasn’t been any new news since January 2019 and raw copies have fallen down to $11 and the McFarlane down to $30. Seeing the previous trends of THE WITCHER, THE BOYS & UMBRELLA ACADEMY, now’s a great time to buy! Netflix tends to just suddenly put content out without a lot of build-up. When this does release, these books will go back up. 

WHAT DID WE LEARN?: Despite the new trends of collectors buying up books AFTER it’s released, we all still tend to rush out and buy the “first issue or appearance” immediately. FOMO (Fear of missing out) can be a strong motivator. However, it’s important to remember that it takes time (often A LOT of time) to make these films/TV shows. You have plenty of time to buy a copy. Like for Reborn, you can find plenty of great deals out there now. 



SPIDER-MAN 2099 #1 Find on eBay / Find on MCS

1 YEAR OVERVIEW: Remember all the times you passed over copies of this in the $1, 50 cents, or quarter bin? We sure do. Last year, thanks to a fantastic 2099 appearance at the end of INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE, a NM+ copy sold for $40 (and a crazy MINT RAW copy sold in auction for $202.50.. for the standard cover!). Sales came back down to earth and are even re-trending this week at $10. He’s been confirmed to play a big role in the sequel, so expect this (and the harder to find covers) to see more movement over the next year. 

WHAT DID WE LEARN?: ALL variations of Spider-Man are worth grabbing as you come across them in $1 and back-issue bins. Spider-Man is one of the most steady investment characters in the comic book market.




1 YEAR OVERVIEW: THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY trailer launched this time last year and it got people pretty excited enough to make all the cheap copies disappear. The standard copy barely moved the month of January and hovered around $20 to $40. This rare (limited to 1000 variant) could be bought for under $200. It wasn’t until the show was released on 2/14/19 when the value for this title and it’s various covers exploded. By February, the standard cover hit a raw height of $275!! The variant hit $880 with 9.8’s selling for $1,200. One year later, values may have dropped 60%, but that’s still WAY up before the Netflix show launched. Season 2 is rumored for this year. Now is a great time to buy. 

WHAT DID WE LEARN?: UMBRELLA changed the game. BIG time. Going all the way back to X-Men #1, the market ONLY heated up before a film’s release and then immediately died the day it hit theatres (more or less). In a tidal wave of content announcements these days, UMBRELLA started a new trend where fed-up collectors holding stacks of “once optioned” books now wait to see if the content is any good before buying. Once content hits and it works… boom! These sourcebooks are seeing massive spikes in just a couple weeks (as seen above). With the various streaming companies, there tends to be more of a guarantee that a 2nd season isn’t far behind, which plays a big role if how much of an investment these books might be. Thanks to this, we now can wait right up until release, read reviews and see if it’s worth our investment to jump in before the rest of the market does.



Y: THE LAST MAN #1 (2002)Find on eBay / Find on MCS

1 YEAR OVERVIEW: Last year, Y:TLM #1 had its biggest sale yet for a CGC 9.8 @ $850. This was driven by excitement and anticipation for the new FX series based on this book of the same name.  Despite some “it’s off and on again” news, it hit an even bigger amount in March for $1,250. With no news since, 9.8’s have fallen to $650, with one recent sale at $850. Raw copies have fallen from $400 to $150. Just recently, on 2/6/20, it was just announced that the FX series lost their leading man, Berry Keoghan, who was set to play the series main character, Yorick Brown. (see article) This book really needs a trailer to reignite the flame. We’ll watch to see what this recent set-back does to the market.

WHAT DID WE LEARN?: Lack of news following an internal creative rift can really mess with a book’s market value. Seeing how much investment Legendary Pictures is putting on Brian K. Vaughn, we’re confident that this WILL happen at some point. Like several other books, this is a great time to buy during the lull. When (or if) a trailer hits, this will see some pretty big leaps.



NEW AVENGERS #11 (2006) Find on eBay / Find on MCS

NEW AVENGERS #27 (2007) Find on eBay / Find on MCS


1 YEAR OVERVIEW: Photos leaked in 2018 from the ENDGAME set that showed Hawkeye in his Ronin costume. However, when the trailer hit in January 2019 showing Ronin in action… These two books trended hard. NA #11 was the first appearance of Ronin (Echo was in the suit) and #27 marks the first appearance of Clint Barton in the Ronin suit. They have both dropped significantly. NA #27 can be purchased for $5 and #11 for $10.  

WHAT DID WE LEARN: MCU content is unique. Almost any new character, small or large role, see immediate increases that last up until the film’s release. Short-term character appearances (Ultron, Mandarin, Quicksilver, Klaw, etc) tend to fall rapidly upon release. The Ronin costume was pretty exciting, however, fans bought into it for a few months and then lost interest. There’s also a strange trend where there is core character fatigue. Iron Man’s highest sale goes back all the way to 2013. Granted, the buy-in for this book is immensely high and collectors tend to not sell a book like this. On a smaller level, Guardians of the Galaxy (1st appearance of the modern MCU team) was a $100+ raw book before and for a while after GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL.1. It’s easy to say, the various GUARDIANS are some of the most popular characters in the MCU, yet this book now sells for $30 raw and $78 to $125 in a 9.8. Even these characters’ first appearances have decreased over the years. It’s a strange trend that’s hard to understand. We learned that Marvel spec, small or large, can be very fickle.



BATMAN DAMNED #1 (2018) Find on eBay / Find on MCS

BATMAN DAMNED owned the end of 2018 and most of January 2019. This book was a weekly beast and was easily 2018’s best selling secondary market seller. By the end of January 2019, we saw it fall off the weekly TOP 10 list for the first time in 4 months. (By the way, raw copies STILL sell really well at $40.)

WHAT DID WE LEARN: A shadowed penis sure can sell a book.



NAOMI #1 (2019) Find on eBay / Find on MCS

Noami #1 came out on January 23rd, 2019 and it did… nothing… absolutely nothing. It was a new book with a new character from Brian Michael Bendis and was highly discussed the week it was released. However, market-wise… it never moved up from cover price. That was until Bendis tweeted, in March 2019, that she would have connections to other key DC characters and would be a major player in the DC universe. Naomi fervor then took over, bringing this book to its raw height of $127 in April 2019 and a CGC 9.8 sale of $500. Bendis hinted and teased at her mysterious origins for months. Speculation was all over the place and fans focused on various details, like symbols that appeared in her eyes in one issue resembling the white lantern symbol. This of course, led many to believe she had ties to the White Lanterns (causing their first appearance to go up and land on our TOP 10 two weeks in a row!). Remember Action Comics #1002?  This was the variant cover where speculation pointed to little girl Superman was carrying as a young Naomi and harkened this variant as her first true appearance? This was smashed hard by Bendis (it’s not her), though it sold well for about a month and hit a high of $30 (it now sells for less then cover price). One year later, Naomi #1 raws trend between $20 to $30 and 9.8’s sell for $150. Despite this big drop, today’s prices are still pretty solid for a 1-year-old character.

WHAT DID WE LEARN: A lot. Naomi was a great case study, but definitely not the norm. The market’s initial reaction was your typical indifference. The collector assumes they have time to jump in if this new character took off. However, social media and speculation were key drivers to creating a loud dialogue around the fear of missing out. We were told how great this character was going to be, and we listened. The age-old “Buy low, sell high” is truly the lesson here. Set your buy-in limit and bow out when it gets out of control. If selling is your goal, timing it around the first to market 9.8 has been a height marker we’ve noticed.




This wasn’t the first DC Walmart exclusive, but it definitely was one of the first ones to send a flare out to the comic community that we should all be checking out our local Walmarts for these exclusives. It hit a high of $35 last year and has since settled to $10. But man, it sure did start a trend. 

WHAT DID WE LEARN: Walking into a Walmart could be worth your time. However, the majority of these have little to no market movement. And those that do sell well, typically fall months later. So, tread lightly if you’re stocking up on these. Watch the market, then check out Walmart when one is gaining heat… and sell immediately.



SUPERNATURAL THRILLERS #8 (1974) Find on eBay / Find on MCS

It’s completely normal and fun to pick apart comic book trailers the second they hit in order to find hints of key character appearances. This time last year, the SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME TRAILER was trending (leaked in Dec. 2018) and fans were speculating who the Earth, Fire and Water creatures were that Mysterio & Spider-Man were fighting. The debate centered between them either being the Elementals (who first appeared in this issue) or Molten Man & Hydro-Man. Well, the answer was the 3rd (and correct speculation) that these creatures were neither Elementals nor Spider-Man foes, they were actually all illusions created by Mysterio (though the film and Wikipedia do call them “Elementals”). A raw NM+ copy of SUPERNATURAL THRILLERS hit a height of $500 this time last year and now sells for $70/80. A mid-grade copy will sell for $24. What’s interesting is, even though this book plummeted, it’s still higher than it ever was pre-rumors.

WHAT DID WE LEARN: We talked about these various speculations a lot last year and warned about buying into them. With three debates out there, two groups of buyers were going to lose. These were risky buy-ins with plenty of potential to lose money. Speculation on trailers is definitely fun, but this was one we should have sat out.



WHITE WIDOW #1 (2019) Find on eBay / Find on MCS

This issue hit our TOP 10 three weeks in a row. It was incredibly hot last year with the standard cover hitting a high of $56. It now sells for $15. 

WHAT DID WE LEARN: There are always surprise hits that come out of nowhere. This began as a successful Kickstarter, which can be an excellent barometer for mainstream success when a publisher picks them up for distribution. Keep an eye on the popular Kickstarter campaigns… and buy into a few, you never know!


Written By: Matt DeVoe | [email protected]


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