January 31st, 2021

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This week we see a new high for the first appearance (preview story) of the New Teen Titans, we track market movement from the success of WandaVision, and call out some content news for The Electric Black, Sandman, and more. Enjoy!



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This first full appearance of Carnage had a huge new high sale of $1,395 for a CGC 9.8. This big sale highlights high market anticipation for VENOM 2: LET THERE BE CARNAGE. Now, this first has long been undervalued. However, when 9.8’s hit $500, then $750, and now over $1K… this has exceeded market expectations. The big question is whether this is a good long play. And the answer is… yes. Keep in mind that Carnage’s first appearance is only 4 years after Venom’s. Their rise in popularity has walked hand in hand. Yet, Venom (as an Anti-hero) moved out of being a villain rather quickly, letting Carnage fill that gap. In fact, this very story that teamed Venom and Spidey up together and made him see us in a new light… which helped him move into multiple solo series and one of Marvel’s favorite cover stars. It’s clear that Marvel plans to continue to develop Carnage… with or without content.

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Uhh, wow! This key first Batman Beyond reached a new high last week with a CGC 9.8 sale of $2,599! It wasn’t too long ago when we were shocked by $500 9.8 sales. Content rumors have been circulating and unconfirmed for years now. However, that sure hasn’t slowed sales at all.

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DC really pulled out all the stops for this comic which hit stores in the dead of summer, 1980. They must have really wanted to get kids down at the drugstore to buy it because this thing is packed with stories! The main Superman/Green Lantern story features a creature named N’Gom (a first appearance) who seems to kill Hal Jordan and take over the Green Lantern’s body to destroy Superman with a giant block of kryptonite. A bonus story “Whatever Happened to Sargon the Sorcerer” reveals that Sargon is in fact the very robber he’s been looking for all along! But in 2021 what makes this book worth every penny of its 50-cent cover price (plus a few Benjamins more) is the 16-page preview story of the New Teen Titans featuring the first appearance of the New Teen Titans: Changeling, Cyborg, Kid Flash, Dick Grayson as Robin, Raven, Starfire and Wonder Girl. DC Comics Presents #26 had its highest sales ever this week in both a Direct edition at $900 and a Newsstand edition for $998.88, for CGC 9.8s. Go Teen Titans!

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EOSV #2 has been fluctuating in price for 9.8s, ranging from $800 to $1K. This week, a 9.8 sold for a new high of $1,199.99. Spider-Gwen is one of the few modern characters that are smart investments. Like Miles, we have yet to find the market height… even though prices are so high. These STILL have room to grow.

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We mentioned this book a few weeks ago and how this VERY hard to find AMALGAM COMICS EXCLUSIVE sold for a massive $550 raw. If you recall, this cover by Elizabeth Torque features Riri having coffee with AMALGAM COMICS & COFFEE (Philadelphia) owner, Ariell Johnson. This week we saw another rare copy come to market, selling for $700 raw this time! Wow.

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We’ve got another golden age robot cover for you this week, but this time it’s going all the way back to 1939 with only the second time a robot ever appeared on the cover of a comic. This (nearly) groundbreaking cover is the beautiful, futuristic, and action-packed Lou Fine cover that graces Mystery Men Comics #2. It came just 3 weeks after Bozo the Robot graced the cover of Smash Comics #1 (taking the title of the first robot cover in comics). Mystery Men Comics #2 is extremely rare with only 23 unrestored copies on the CGC census so it’s no wonder golden age collectors gave their best effort to grab this book when it came up for sale this week, with a CGC 2.5 copy selling for $2,880. Unfortunately, this book sells so rarely that there is no prior sales data at this grade to compare with, but if you’re ever interested in getting the best copy of this book there is, an incredible CGC 9.6 white pages copy does exist on the census and it sold for $38,500 back in 2017. Given how the popularity and demand for these books have increased since then, it would likely command a much higher price if it happened to come to market today.

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Typically, Rick and Morty books jump with new seasons and the fall in-between seasons. Well, 2020 apparently reset all rules where this is no longer the case. This fan-driven book hit a new high with a CGC 9.8 sale for $1,450.

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We’re still in the midst of Star Wars mania where fans, collectors, and speculators clamor for those previously overlooked cameos and 1st appearances. It’s amazing this one flew under the radar for so long as it houses a comic cameo of one of the most beloved Star Wars characters of all time – Yoda. While his in-story appearance is limited to one panel on the last page, there’s also a cool behind-the-scenes look at other versions of the character you should definitely check out – if only for the comedic value (aka. stoned Yoda & demonic Yoda). Keep in mind, Star Wars #41 is still just a reprint of Marvel Super Special #16 which came out on May 20, 1980 – a full 3 months before the August 26, 1980 release date for issue #41. Regardless, a bunch of fans expressed their love for Yoda’s in-comic cameo by engaging in a 38 bid slugfest which resulted in an all-time high sale of $921 for a CGC 9.8 direct edition copy – a price almost double the last all-time high set back in December 2020. This is also notably higher than the last highest newsstand CGC 9.8 sale of $599.99 also back in December 2020. So check out your favorite LCS and online stashes because if you find a solid copy “happy will you be, rich will it make you!” 

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Back in 2014, this was THE variant everyone wanted. It quickly rose in popularity and price. It’s arguably one of Adam Hughes’ best and most iconic covers. Sales dipped a bit in 2019, with CGC 9.8’s selling for as low as $810. However, interest has sparked again with a 9.8 reaching $1,269, which is the highest it’s been in over 2 years.

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Many don’t realize that 2011’s ULTIMATE COMICS SPIDER-MAN ISSUE #1 – SARA PICHELLI (1:15) has a brother… this VERY hard to find 1:50 Peter Parker variant. In 3 years, we’ve only seen one come to market. That one sale sold for $300 raw this week. These two covers truly look fantastic next to each other.

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Speaking of Miles, like Batman Beyond & Gwen this week… Miles ALSO hit a new height for his first appearance. A CGC 9.8 sold for $1,449.99, which is over $1,100 more than where 9.8’s were this time last year.

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This book is an odd one that keeps coming back up. Remember when there was a rumor that the next phase of the MCU was going to feature this Ultimate X-Men ULTIMATUM series? That rumor was squashed in a matter of days when it was revealed to be a misunderstanding of a post related to a villainous task force appearing in FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLDIER. However, this variant rose to a high sale of $999 for a CGC 9.8 due to that misunderstanding. Now, more than 8 months later, it just sold for $799.99 for a CGC 9.8. Is this still the persistent incorrect rumor, or did it shine a spotlight on a fantastic Magneto cover? Regardless, it’s amazing how any type of information can leverage sales.

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WANDAVISION is a hit and, after episode 4, everyone seems to be on board now. This series really seems to be directly pulling for various key comic storylines. With that comes speculation that Viv Vision may even appear in some form. If it doesn’t, the overall Mayberry feel of WANDVISION feels similar to this popular Vision series. Either way, this first issue and the various variants have jumped in price. This includes the 1:25 Sook variant which had a new high sale of $920 for a CGC 9.8.

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When Image launched, this series was a must-have. However, it was often decades later that we realized there were actually variants for these launch titles. Back in 1992, if you didn’t see them in the store… there was no internet to look books up and have the awareness we have now (I know… how did we survive?). Now, with Nostalgia in full effect, these rarer and hard to find variants are being sought out. Collectors want the first Youngblood, Maxx, Pitt, etc. However, with massive print runs, if they’re going to buy one then they’re getting the hardest copy to find. Enter this GOLD version that sold last week for a new high of $649.99 for a CGC 9.8.

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SHAKER:  X-MEN #12 (MARVEL, 1965)

With the re-acquisition of the X-Men by Disney/Marvel for future use in the MCU, X-Men keys have been on quite a run over the last year. X-Men #12 introduced the Juggernaut, who has become one of the most popular villains in the X-Men universe. He has an amazing first appearance cover with a bright red background and incredible Jack Kirby artwork that shows just how powerful and imposing of a foe he is. A CGC 9.2 white pages copy of this book crushed prior records this week with a sale of $6,900. This book is extremely scarce in this grade with only 34 copies existing on the CGC census at a 9.2 and only 44 graded higher (out of over 2,000) so we don’t come across sales very often. The last recorded sale here at CovrPrice came in all the way back in December of 2016 at $1,306, with a high sale of $2,199 occurring earlier that year. So this recent high is showing how strong (no pun intended) these early X-Men keys are, and that you should keep your eyes on them with any future news out of the MCU.

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SCOUT COMICS, via a press release, announced that “THE ELECTRIC BLACK is now in development as an adult cartoon TV series. MAKE GOOD CONTENT, STARBURNS INDUSTRIES and SCOUT COMICS are attached to produce”. This news helped push the first print to $20, the 1:10 to $35 and the Jet Pack variant to $50. This title was hot enough this week to land in both the #1 and #4 spot on our Top 10.

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SANDMAN #1 saw significant market movement this week, thanks to a slew of casting announcements. COMIC BOOK RESOURCES laid out the list, which includes: Tom Sturridge as Dream, Lord Of The Dreaming (SANDMAN #1), Gwendoline Christie as Lucifer (in a somewhat upset of LUCIFER star Tom Ellis getting passed over to reprise the role) (first appearance in SANDMAN #4… which is also moving up in price), Vivienne Acheampong as Lucien (first in SANDMAN #2), Boyd Holbrook as The Corinthian (first in SANDMAN #10), Charles Dance as Roderick Burgess (in SANDMAN #2) and Sanjeev Bhaskar and Asim Chaudhry as Cain And Abel (first appearance in DC SPECIAL #4 and first appearance in the SANDMAN series in SANDMAN #2). Other issues moving in price are SANDMAN #6 (due to Neil Gaiman’s tweet about this issue’s adaptation being shot) and SANDMAN #8 (first appearance of Death). Casting for Death hasn’t yet been announced, but that hasn’t stopped her first from jumping in price.

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Recent set leaks have shown Chris Hemsworth as Thor in an outfit (vest) similar to that of THUNDERSTRIKE. Now, in the MCU, Thor hasn’t really had an Earth alter ego. THUNDERSTRIKE’s origin is a little more detailed than we’ll go into here, but the alter ego of the character was Eric Masterson (not Donald Blake). Eric first appeared in Thor #391. Since Marvel did away with the alter egos, Eric’s role in this film is non-existent. So, collectors jumped straight to THOR #459, which is the first appearance of THUNDERSTRIKE. Keep in mind, this cinematic connection will most likely only be via the outfit. Another possible leak is possibly TOOTHGNASHER and TOOTHGRINDER, mystical goats of Thor that pull his chariot. Their first appearance is in THOR: ANNUAL #5

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DEADLINE reported this week that ‘Black Panther’ Helmer Ryan Coogler Stakes His Proximity Media Banner To 5-Year Exclusive Disney Television Deal; Wakanda Series In Works For Disney+. This news has spread like wildfire among speculators with MANY Wakanda related storylines and characters seeing increases in price. The possible return of Kilmonger is among these rumors.

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A few weeks ago, speculation began spreading everywhere that RED X’s identity may be Bao Pham aka CLOWNHUNTER, who first appeared in this issue. As this speculation spread, his 1:25 variant really started moving, landing on our TOP 10 this week as #9. Obviously, this can go two ways… but we’ll be watching to see what happens.

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The Marvel MCU machinery keeps driving comics to new heights and the WandaVision serial on Disney+ is no exception. WandaVision fan-favorite Monica Rambeau, a.k.a. Geraldine, played by Teyonah Parris in the show, first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #16. Written by Roger Stern and drawn by John Romita Jr., Rambeau becomes superpowered after being blasted by a weapon created by Roxxon Industries that produces extra-dimensional energy. She becomes Captain Marvel, then Photon, then Pulsar, then Spectrum in the comics. Even without apparent superpowers yet she is an awesome character in WandaVision. Yesterday we saw multiple record-breaking sales for this book. A raw copy sold for $385, a CGC 9.6 went for $500 and a CGC 9.8 copy sold for $950.

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