February 23rd, 2021

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This week we see a new high-sale for the 1st appearance of Solomon Grundy, we find a sale for the 1st appearance of Donald Duck in comics, we talk through the Micronauts connection to Knull, and call out all the new comic content news that came out this week. Enjoy!



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The last we heard anything about this WB film was that it was on indefinite hold. So, despite no updated news, this key 1st appearance of Akira in comics hit a new high of $947.75 for a CGC 9.8. After several on-again/off-again announcements, the big question is if this film will ever get made.

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While Marvel gets the brunt of attention these days, it’s still worth pointing out key DC titles that continue to increase. For example, this first silver age appearance of Solomon Grundy, which sold $7,105.99 in a CGC 3.0, the highest for that grade.

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While it’s been a while since we’ve had an update on the MADAME WEB film, her first appearance is still climbing, hitting a new high this week of $1,199.99 for a CGC 9.8. Will we see her in Spider-Man #3? With a heavy plot centered around the multiverse… chances are high. 

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Now here’s a book we don’t see often…. Heck, it’s one we’ve never seen on our site. This is the first Walt Disney Donald Duck comic. A CGC 2.5 sold this week $2,025. 

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Gwenpool was a humorous response to the market’s immediate love for Spider-Gwen… and actually turned into a fan-favorite character on her own. While it’s not the highest sale ever, this week’s 9.8 CGC sale of $817.01 is pretty close to the previous high sale of $876 in Oct. 2020. She seems to be just getting started. 

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Incredible Hulk #340 had its biggest ever sale this week at $1,200 for a CGC 9.8 – barely eking out a couple of other recent sales. BUT, we are now seeing sustained sales prices in this range. We’ve seen this before where books struggle to break the $1,000 price barrier and then when it finally breaks it really breaks…. Boom!

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One of the few comic book films we had in the ’90s was Jim Carey’s THE MASK (which also introduced the world to Cameron Diaz). While THE MASK’s first appearance (as “MASQUE”) was in Dark Horse Presents #10, the Mask (or “Big Head” as he’s called in this) that we know and love came from this ultra-violent mini-series. This first issue, especially in high grade, is hard to come by. There are only 25 copies on the CGC census and only 4 are in 9.8. Well, one of those 9.8’s recently came to market and sold for a new high of $600. Not to mention a high-grade raw that also sold this week for $125. So, maybe don’t pass this one over when digging. 

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The King in Black event has been a wild ride, starting early in issue #1 when (Spoiler Alert) Sentry gets unceremoniously ripped in half by Knull. Once upon a time (like a few months ago), it was a big deal when someone got Venomized or Carnagized. However, that now happens to major characters at every turn in this King in Black event! Even with all the mayhem, who could have expected that Micronauts comics would be spiking based on a King in Black story twist? Well, that’s what we are seeing this week with multiple record-setting sales of Micronauts #8 (first Captain Universe) (shout out to ULTRA MAXIMUS for calling this a while ago). In King in Black #4, the Enigma Force, channeled through Silver Surfer Black into a Captain Universe Eddie Brock, concentrates into a power that seems set up to end Knull’s reign of terror on Earth. Remember back to the dying golden warrior that Gorr discovers lying alongside the retconned Knull in Thor God of Thunder #6; it seems that this is a manifestation of that being, a “God of Light” to counter Knull’s darkness.

Now, for the numbers: Leaked images leading up to the release of King in Black #4 inspired some record-high sales of Micronauts #8 — CGC 9.8s sold for $350, $400, and $500 on the days approaching release. Then, after the comic came out, a massive $625 sale closed for a CGC 9.8!  Granted, it’s a hard book to find in that grade with only 196 9.8s on the CGC Census. For comparison, a VF Raw copy sold at the same time for $65.

Collectors are clearly placing a lot of emphasis on the Captain Universe appearance, but it’s worth noting that the Enigma Force first appears embodied in a being called the Time Traveler in Micronauts #1 and makes its first full appearance in Micronauts #11. In that comic, the Enigma Force explains that Captain Universe was “merely a courageous Earth-man to whom we lent a tiny portion of our vast power, that he might save his planet.” Also, we are not done with the King in Black story yet, and if there’s one thing we’ve learned from this run so far, it’s to expect the unexpected! 

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Now, most spec/rumor-based books lose value rather quickly when folks stop talking about them. However, Marvel spec books are exempt from this rule. As seen above with Madame Web, once rumors start… they just keep going. With rumors of Beta Ray Bill appearing in GUARDIANS VOL. 3, Beta’s first appearance in this issue hit some new highs this week. A Newsstand sale sold a CGC 9.8 for $980. There was also a grouping of 9.8 sales for both newsstand and DIRECT EDITIONS, with a direct also selling for a new high of $850.

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We’re going way back to 1941, the Golden Age of comics, for More Fun Comics #74. Again, while DC may not appear on our Shakers list as often as Marvel does, when the second appearance of one of the biggest characters in the DC universe comes up for sale, it’s bound to make a splash on our list (see what we did there). More Fun Comics #74 is the second appearance of Aquaman, and while he doesn’t appear on the cover (similar to his first appearance in More Fun Comics #73), it does sport this incredible action sequence with golden age staple Doctor Fate. This week we saw a CGC 4.5 copy of this book sell for a record in this grade of $3,840, and to be honest, this still feels like a steal for such an early appearance of one of the cornerstones of the Justice League. If you’re looking to pick up a more affordable key issue for Aquaman, we recommend checking out his first silver age appearance in Showcase #30. In addition to a similarly graded 4.5 only running about $450, this issue also has Aquaman front and center battling some sea creatures and saving the world.

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Did you watch the RED BAND TRAILER for the upcoming Mortal Kombat film? It’s awesome and hit us right in the feels. Yes, this ultraviolet film hits that sweet nostalgia spot. While STREET FIGHTER TURBO was pretty much perfect, MORTAL KOMBAT came along and took things up a major notch. This first appearance of MORTAL KOMBAT was already a highly sought-after book. However, this trailer helped move a raw copy for a new high of $380 this week. A slew of other key MK books also hit new highs, like MORTAL KOMBAT #0 (MALIBU, 1994) which sold for $149.95. If you’re looking for a great cover to pick up, check out the 1:10 Logo variant for MORTAL KOMBAT X #1 (DC, 2015). We’re big fans of simple logo variants and we love this one. It pairs really well with the pricey MORTAL KOMBAT II Collector’s Edition. (MORTAL KOMBAT will premiere on HBO Max and in theaters simultaneously on Friday, April 16.)

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SHAKER: SPAWN #174 (IMAGE, 2008)

Recently, SPAWN creator Todd McFarlane announced four new Spawn ongoing series focusing on GUNSLINGER SPAWN, MEDIEVAL SPAWN, REDEEMER SPAWN, and SHE-SPAWN. Now, if you thought GUNSLINGER SPAWN’s first appearance in this issue was expensive before at $500 earlier this year… then hold on to your wide-brimmed hats. This news pushed a CGC 9.8 to a high sale of $910, with raw copies selling for $400!! Keep in mind that this time last year, 9.8’s were selling for around $200.  

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While Gunslinger Spawn was the top mover out of the news with a direct connection, this news spread like wildfire to a TON of various Spawn books. Take this rare unsigned 2019 Diamond Retailer Summit variant, which sold for a new high sale of $2,225 raw this week. Keep in mind that MOST were signed by Todd McFarlane at the event… so finding unsigned copies is tough. 

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This book features the first appearance of Rey, Finn, General Hux, Captain Phasma, and Kylo Ren. Even before Mando, this variant was slowly moving up in value. 1:300 is a tough ratio to hit for any book, let alone a Star Wars book in 2016. Due to this, copies are fairly scarce now. Star Wars Mania has helped give this variant a little more oomph with a new high sale of $1,500 for a CGC 9.8. 

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It’s pretty clear now that YOUNG AVENGERS #1 is a key MCU Phase 4 book. Packed with first appearances, this first issue took a crazy turn this week with a CGC 9.8 new high sale of $714! There were also several $600 sales for a 9.8. Raw copies are well over $200, with a high sale of $277 this week. Wow. 

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Per Deadline, “‘Constantine’ Reboot In The Works At HBO Max From J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot With Guy Bolton Set As Writer”. Here we go again! Get your SWAMP THING #25 (first cameo), SAGA OF THE SWAMP THING #37 (first full) ready!

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As noted by the Hollywood Reporter, “James Tynion Comic ‘Department of Truth’ Picked Up by Elisabeth Murdoch, Stacey Snider’s Sister (Exclusive)” This lit a huge fire under all the various covers… and spilling over into the already scorching hot SOMETHING IS KILLING THE CHILDREN from BOOM!. 

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As reported by Deadline, “‘Ms. Marvel’ Adds Laurel Marsden As Zoe Zimmer”,  whose first appearance is in this first solo series for Kamala Khan. 

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Peach Momoko’s early Marvel 1:25 variants: a look at recent trends in high sales.

Marvel Rising #1

Age of X-Man: Apocalypse and the X-Tracts #2

Silver Surfer Black #4

Ghost Spider #2

Fallen Angels #2

Peach Momoko is one of the most popular cover artists of the past couple of years. The rapid rise in success combined with her uncommon style of comic book art which mixes watercolor, colored pencil, and ink, have made her a polarizing figure for some in the hobby. Whether you dig, resent, or remain indifferent to the artwork, Momoko covers attract buyers and often command high aftermarket prices. Like other leading artists and writers before, she debuted in Heavy Metal Magazine before catching on in the broader American comic scene (edit: she actually first debuted in Girls and Corpses Volume 8 Spring 2014. Thank you to CP member Jonah Frech). In 2019 she was contracted to make a series of variant covers for Marvel that were released as 1:25 ratio variants. These include covers for Marvel Rising #1, Age of X-Man: Apocalypse and the X-Tracts #2, Silver Surfer Black #4, Ghost Spider #2, and Fallen Angels #2. These covers stood out on the shelves due to the vibrant pastel mixed-media color and line work. They were simple and non-realistic but still conveyed a feeling of strength and complexity in the characters. The “selfie” Ghost-Spider, the angular horror of Knull, the expressive eyes on Marvel Rising, and the crouched running X-23 all became recognizable elements in Momoko’s style going forward.

Looking at just the high sales trends for these five books from 2019, “Peach fever” seems to have peaked in the summer of 2020 and softened considerably here in 2021. For example, we saw multiple sales of the Ghost Spider #2 variant top $1,000 and raw copies hit $500 in the summer of 2020, compared to today’s $795 sale and $405 raw sale. Silver Surfer Black #4 today sells for a high of $400 for a CGC 9.8 while in the summer of 2020 that grade hit a high of $600. The Marvel Rising #1 variant has stayed constant with a high of $425 in the summer of 2020 and a sale this week of $425 as well. Fallen Angels #2 is the most inconsistent, selling for a high of $200 for a CGC 9.8 in July of 2020, while in February of 2021 a 9.8 sold for just $54.

Even as we observe this waning in aftermarket sales, Momoko’s career is hitting a new stride now. She has signed an exclusive contract as one of Marvel’s “Stormbreaker” artists, including her solo debut as a writer/artist for Demon Days: X-Men forthcoming. Are we seeing the end of the Momoko craze? Or is this the calm before the storm?




This isn’t a new book to the shaker’s list by any means, but X-Men #1, with its numerous first appearances, seems to be hitting new highs almost daily. This week we saw a CGC 1.5 sell for $7,800. That’s right folks, $7,800 for a 1.5. This is double the prior high of $3,900 from November of last year, and almost four times the price it was commanding back in 2019. Even in low grades, this major silver age key is starting to get out of reach for most collectors which has had a ripple effect on countless other key X-Men issues as well. For example, Giant-Size X-Men #1 has been achieving comparable sales increases and doesn’t seem to be slowing down. We haven’t officially seen any of the X-Men in the MCU yet, outside of (SPOILER) the Fox version of Quicksilver appearing in WandaVision a few weeks ago. But there seems to be no limit at this time to where this book might go once Cyclops, Professor X, or Magneto show their faces on that big (or maybe small) screen.

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