March 4th, 2021

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This week we see SILK swing back up in value, we see the 1st appearance of THE FALCON get some love, and we track a big sale for a Pre-Code Sci-Fi comic. Don’t forget you can always swing by CovrPrice to check out our Movers and Shakers lists for a sneak peek at our newsletter picks! Enjoy!



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As noted last week, THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER recently posted an article about “Ta-Nehisi Coates to Write New Superman Movie for Warner Bros.” The article notes that “According to sources, the project is being set up as a Black Superman story.” This news circulated to every comic book news source, specifically citing Calvin Ellis as the most likely candidate. Calvin’s first cameo appearance in FINAL CRISIS #7 and full appearance in ACTION COMICS #9 have gone nuts for all covers. However, this 1:200 sold this week for a MASSIVE $2K for a CGC 9.8. It’s pretty amazing how an ignored variant for 9 years can instantly turn into one of the most valuable modern variants in one week… with NO confirmed news. 

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No one has had as many hills and valleys as SILK. Her market values have gone up and down SO many times. She’s had content rumors, then confirmations, then no news… and now to casting rumors of actress Adeline Rudolph taking the role of SILK. With all that said, sales are back up! A CGC 9.8 sold this week for $700, up from the $550 average that these were getting in January.  

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SHAKER: AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #316 (Marvel, 1989)

This first full cover of Venom, and his third appearance, find Amazing Spider-Man #316 making some serious headway in sales lately. CGC 9.8 Direct Editions are now hitting $1300, and high-grade raw copies are regularly surpassing the $200 mark. Two weeks ago, CGC 9.8s were selling for only $700! And it is not just about the cover (which features a triumphant Venom kneeling over the broken and beaten body of Spider-Man), the content features a disturbing and violent encounter with Black Cat, making this Amazing Spider-Man issue one of the edgiest Venom stories to date and solidifying Venom as a truly vile and brutal villain (until they turned him into an anti-hero in Maximum Carnage and his solo series). Coupled with some outstanding art by creator Todd McFarlane, this comic is starting to catch up in value with some of the more expensive Venom-related issues. Could this also be due to the long-awaited movie release of Venom: Let There Be Carnage? Could be, but little is known about the movie beyond Woody Harrelson playing Carnage, and Tom Hardy back as Venom. Time will tell, but ASM #316 shows no sign of slowing down!

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Leading into FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLDIER, both covers of this first full appearance of THE WINTER SOLDIER are finally taking off. While Sebastian Stan’s Winter Soldier has been in the MCU for 7 years now, his key issues have struggled to gain aftermarket traction. Until recently, 9.8’s of this issue lingered around $200. However, all it took was WANDAVISION to give validity and spec fervor to Disney + MCU shows. While the MCU films have always provided significant market movement… the speculation and market reaction around each episode is a whole new beast. This excitement has already spilled over into FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLDIER. This Captain America cover hit $765 for a 9.8 this week while the Winter Soldier cover hit $800! This is a hint of things to come. 

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Speaking of FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLDIER, even this first appearance of THE FALCON/SAM WILSON is getting some overdue attention. A CGC 8.5 sold this week for $1751, beating out the previous high of $750 in the same grade. 

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In just a few weeks, this SOMETHING IS KILLING CHILDREN 1:100 homage jumped from $525 in a 9.8 to its new high sale of $1127. The recent content option has definitely helped give a lift to this series… though it didn’t need much of a push. SIKTC heat already had kindling under it. 

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This is one tough book to find. With a gorgeous cover by the legendary Frank Frazetta, many point to covers like this on why Frazetta played a heavy role in blazing a path of inspiration for franchises like BUCK ROGERS and STAR WARS.  This week, this cover sold for a new high of $2975 for a raw VG copy. 

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Horror titles have had strong sales recently across all ages of comics, and this week we have an entrant from the Bronze Age with Giant-Size Chillers #1 from 1974. This book sports the first appearance of Lilith (Dracula’s daughter) and saw a CGC 9.6 sell for $1200 this week. This is a huge jump considering a copy in the same grade sold for only $725 a week ago and the prior high sale was $799.99 back in November of 2020. With Marvel ramping up the talk about expanding into a darker horror genre, key issues such as this are getting more in demand for collectors and speculators alike. It is a square-bound book, which can be more difficult to find in high grades. However, there are 90 copies currently on the CGC census with a grade of 9.6 or higher. So keep your eyes open and you may still come across a nice copy of this key Bronze Age comic (and maybe start playing close attention is Marvel Horror books).

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Everyone who has heard of Moon Knight has probably heard of Werewolf by Night #32 (1st appearance of Moon Knight),  Marvel Spotlight #28 (1st solo Moon Knight story), and perhaps Moon Knight #1 (1st self-titled Moon Knight series). There is, however, an important Moon Knight book that slots right in there between MS #28 and MK #1, Marvel Preview #21. Perhaps this book is often overlooked because it’s in that odd size Marvel Preview series format that’s more magazine than comic. Whatever the reason, it’s a good book to watch for multiple reasons. First, it was released early in 1980 – months before MK #1 – and sets Moon Knight up nicely for his first self-titled series by going over his previous appearances and origin story. Second, this book just hit an all-time high of $1124.99 for a CGC 9.8 copy. We’ve only recorded 3 sales in this grade and it’s no surprise. A meager 10 exist on the CGC Census out of just 131 total graded universal copies. Moreover, before this recent sale, we haven’t seen a publicly recorded CGC 9.8 sale for over a year! Third, there’s a large price gap between CGC 9.6 copies and the coveted CGC 9.8 copy. The last CGC 9.6 copy sold in December 2020 for a meager $211.30, but that’s probably because the listing sold at auction and was poorly labeled – giving no indication it was a graded copy. Previous sales were closer to $450, but with the book being off most collector’s radars, it might be possible to snag a 9.4-9.6 copy on the cheap like our lucky CGC 9.6 buyer did in December. However, all bets are off as we get more Moon Knight on-screen news. On a final note, a word of caution. Low starting price auctions are great because you will likely sell the thing you’re trying to sell – but they often lead to lower sales prices than generally hoped. So if you’re going to sell by auction, make sure to label your item appropriately to give it the best chance of a solid selling price. If you want to maximize your return and can wait, a BIN or BIN/OBO sale is best for optimal return on investment.

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This highly sought-after Sienkiewicz just sold a CGC 9.8 for $2,495. That’s it. It just keeps going. 

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On the heels of a great MORTAL KOMBAT trailer, excitement for the new films has caused multiple MORTAL KOMBAT issues to trend, including this MORTAL KOMBAT 4 limited edition cover. It’s selling for $142 raw… which is following the heat of 1994’s MORTAL KOMBAT II comic, which is a $175 raw book. There were no comics for MORTAL KOMBAT 3 or MORTAL KOMBAT TRILOGY. 

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This book has got it all, a giant robot, lasers, a good girl art “headlights” cover, and even the origin and first appearance of Crom the Barbarian, what else could you ask for in a pre-code sci-fi comic? According to the latest sale for Out of this World #1, apparently nothing. This week we saw the sale of a CGC 7.5 graded copy of this book, and with only 40 copies currently on the CGC census and just 6 graded higher, this book does not come up for sale very often in this condition. Golden Age collectors took notice and propelled it to a closing price of $2,160, easily eclipsing the prior high sale in this grade of $356.50 that took place all the way back in 2004. The highest sale on record is a CGC 8.5 for $5,078.75 in 2014, but there is one elusive 9.0 copy that we’ve never seen sell on the public market.

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This Scarlet Witch #2 is from the lesser-known 1994 four-issue mini-series of the same name. For a comic that was selling regularly for only $4 in late February, it’s now making some serious rolling red waves with high raw sales currently topping $65! It’s easy to point to the Uber-successful Disney + “WandaVision” as a key reason why this comic is spiking. The comic features the first cameo appearance of Lore – a Nexus being that jumps from one dimension to another who needs to feed on other Nexus Guardians. As fate would have it, Wanda (as the Scarlet Witch) is this dimension’s Nexus Guardian. Agatha Harkness also appears, behaving as a mentor to Wanda who might just need her help as Lore may be trying to find her next host in the Scarlet Witch. Interestingly, (WandaVision Episode 8 spoiler alert) right before the newly empowered Scarlet Witch turns Agatha back into the nosey neighbor, Agatha warns, “You have no idea what you have unleashed. You’re gonna need me…” Sounds like a solid Easter egg moment! Could Lore be coming to the MCU? Perhaps feeding into the forthcoming Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness motion picture? Will Agatha be of help? Will this be enough to further boost sales of this comic? Time will tell, but this comic has a lot of other great things going for it beyond future MCU/WandaVision speculation including a pivotal storyline, quintessential 90’s art by John Higgins, and some key series characters. And while you’re at it, consider issues #1, #3, and #4 from this series which are all still extremely affordable.

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(DARK HORSE, 2014)

While this book formerly held the key notation of the “first Darksaber”, it was usurped by the 2010 STAR WARS: TALES FROM THE CLONE WARS). With that said, it’s still a book that collectors are seeking out (especially for those collectors who see the CLONE WARS book as a graphic novel). This SDCC variant is VERY hard to track down and sold this week for $750 for a CGC 9.8. 

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While this issue has no key first appearances, it is packed full of Nostalgia. Sharing art from the cartridge & box cover of SUPER MARIO #3, this is just one cover that takes you right back to the early days of gaming. Many point to this specific game as the… well… game changer. The graphics and gameplay were on a whole new level than everything that came before it. It truly set the benchmark for all future games. (plus who didn’t like soaring around with the raccoon tail?)  So, when a CGC 9.8 sale happened last week for $845… it actually makes perfect sense. Check out current listings that are asking for almost double that price. 

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This San Diego Comic-Con variant of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #95, Jennika’s first transformation into a Turtle and first cover appearance as a Turtle, was released in two 100-comic lots at the convention. Anticipation was so high for this limited cover that IDW held the prerelease online rather than in-person. They tweeted: “Due to safety concerns, we can’t have a stampede on Wed for people to get copies.” The secondary market went crazy and copies were selling on eBay the next day for $200-$300. This key Jennika collectible has been on a steady rise ever since and this week a CGC 9.8 copy sold for $1000 — Cowabunga! (Jennika doesn’t have a cool catchphrase yet) While Jennika wasn’t the first female Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle in the franchise (that distinction belongs to Venus de Milo), with two solo titled series and an ongoing role in the main title, she is definitely a core part of the team.  

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There’s been a lot of focus on TMNT Adventures #1 – the limited series from 1998. What’s not to love? 1st appearance of Krang and 1st appearances of Bebop and Rockstead as humans. Huge! But there’s also another TMNT Adventures series – you know, the one you are disappointed to see when you’re searching for TMNT Adventures #1 (the good one) and the cover image comes up of Shredder staring down at the turtles? You might not know this, but the series ran from 1989 to 1995 spanning 72 issues! 72 ISSUES!! While we don’t have any hard data as to the actual print run of TMNT #72, it must be relatively low as there are only 35 universal copies on the CGC census including 11 in CGC 9.8 condition. Per the census, there is a mythical Canadian price variant yet only one CGC slabbing has been documented (a 9.6). So while you’re digging in those long boxes, you might want to keep an eye out for TMNT Adventures #72 – a CGC 9.8 Newsstand copy did just hit an all-time high of $650.  While you’re at it, watch out for other books from the end of that series as there’s some margin available if you’re pulling from dollar bins (or even $5 boxes!). Alright dudes, time to head down to Antonio’s Pizza-Rama* and grab a slice! 

(*Antonio’s is the Turtle’s favorite pizza place… it’s a real Turtles reference… we weren’t just hungry for pizza… but now we kind for are.)

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Just checking in on RED X’s first appearance… and we were surprised to see that a copy sold for a huge $360 raw last week. It just keeps going… despite that FUTURE STATE’s RED X has a different person behind the mask.  

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SHAKER: X-MEN #141 (MARVEL 1981)

Classic cover. Classic storyline (great in written and cartoon forms, not so much in live-action). First appearance of Pyro and the New Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Now with a bigger price. A CGC 9.8 copy just hit an all-time high of $1499.99 – a 50% increase over the last high in this grade. With Disney’s acquisition of the X-Men rights and “Ralph” showing up in WandaVision, the writing is on the wall for the future of the X-Men on the big and small screens (despite that we didn’t get SUPER clear connections to our favorite mutants). That means higher and higher prices for X-Men keys. If you’re a big X-Men fan and you’ve been eyeing some important X-Men books, you may want to pull the trigger sooner rather than later as prices across the board are getting out of control.

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SHAKER: ZATANNA #16 (DC, 2011)

This cover, along with #11 & #15, is not only our favorite Zatanna covers but also our favorite Adam Hughes covers. These particular 3 covers are Adam at his “A” game. He did two additional covers for issues #13 & #14, but we like the others more. AND they have been LONG undervalued. However, the market seems to be finally moving on them. Issue #16 sold last week for $449.95 in a CGC 9.8. Check out #11, as that cover still sells “cheap” for $200 in a 9.8. 

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The K-Pop rock star turned cryo-kinetic superhero Luna Snow (a.k.a. Luna, a.k.a. Seol Hee) makes her first appearance in this issue of War of the Realms: New Agents of Atlas #1. Different variants of this comic keep appearing on our Shakers list, and this time we are talking about the 3rd Print Variant featuring Gang Hyuk Lim’s interior art of Luna Snow’s first appearance on the cover. A CGC 9.8 copy sold for $450 this week! That’s a 111% increase over its previous high sale last month. By the way, we are focusing on the Luna Snow variant today, but there is a lot going on in this comic which also includes the first appearance of Wave, Crescent, Io, and Aero (in US comics).

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Per The Hollywood Reporter, “Netflix Picks Up ‘Shadecraft’ From ‘Lucifer’ Showrunner Joe Henderson”. This news comes weeks before the first issue’s release at the end of this month. We’re big fans of Joe Henderson/ Lee Garbett’s SKYWARD. Seeing that we’re past FOC, this could end up doing well.

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Karate-chopping his way onto the SHAKER list this week is Master of Kung-Fu #115. But it’s all about the first appearance of Former MI6 agent turned deadly assassin, Death Dealer, who might make an appearance in the upcoming Shang-Chi movie. Although a somewhat confusing plotline, Gene Day’s inking more than makes up for it with our villain looking like a total badass and formidable opponent to our hero. Add this to an image of a prototype Death Dealer toy finding its way onto social media recently, surely helped sales spike this past week with multiple raw copies reaching the $60 mark! Compare this to just a week ago when equivalent raws were regularly selling for only $10. Something is up with this comic and we can’t wait to see if, and how it all plays out in the MCU (and maybe the toy store). Meanwhile, check your LCBS back issue bins for this one!

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Soooo, it was last week when we said “$3k doesn’t seem impossible” and here we are… less than a week later a CGC 9.8 sold for $3,155!!! Mind…. Blown. 

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