May 12th, 2021

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This week we highlight some high selling “good-girl” art, we see some movement for J. Scott Campbell’s famous ASM #601, and we break down some rumored content news. Enjoy!

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As a recap to the previous times, we highlighted this book: Alf was a 100 episode American sitcom that ran from 1986 to 1990 (some of us at COVRPRICE may even go as far as to call it the greatest show ever). Alf (Alien Life Form) was the main character on the show, where he befriends a human family and lives with them. The Alf comic actually made it to 50 issues, running from 1988 through 1992. It’s no surprise that the cover of Alf #48 is controversial – with its implied “Alf on seal” action in an otherwise younger audience format. But the really fun part about it is how it pokes at the Comics Code Authority – just daring them to decline the book. Apparently, the CCA was asleep at the wheel when they let this one through – but we love it because of how the creators were able to pull off this triple entendre. This has always been a pricey book with solid copies going for hundreds of dollars, but post covid this has quickly increased in value. In fact, this week a CGC 9.8 sold for a massive $1,400. This destroyed the last highest sale of $830 for a 9.8 earlier this year.

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Those golden age tentacle covers always seem to go for a big premium, and this Matt Baker classic from 1949 is no different. This week we saw a CGC 5.5 copy of All Top Comics #16 sell for an incredible $3,360. There are no prior sales at this grade, but it eclipsed the last recorded sale of a slightly higher grade CGC 6.0 from August of 2020 that went for $2,665. This is a rare book with only 28 universal copies on the CGC census, and combine that with Rulah the Jungle Goddess battling an octopus with Matt Baker art and it’s no surprise we’re seeing these high prices whenever this book comes up for sale. This is arguably the most famous cover from the All Top Comics run, but issues 8 through 18 all feature incredible Jack Kamen and Matt Baker covers and art, so you can’t go wrong with any of them if you’re looking to add some good girl art comics to your collection.

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If anyone thought that the $1,225 sale of a 9.8 newsstand back in September of last year was a fluke, the comic community’s love for Spider-Man and high-grade newsstands has proven them wrong. This week we saw a new record of $1,260 that just barely beat out the prior high sale of $1,250 from April 17th. There are rumors that Spider-Man 2099 is coming and with this being one of the issues attributed to his first appearance, the demand for this book seems to still be strong. There were a lot of copies of this book printed, but with this being a thicker book and having an all-black cover, getting a 9.8 in a newsstand is still a challenging task. A 9.8 of the direct edition has even seen sales as high as $630 (with a recent sale of $501), so this book is getting pricey whether it’s newsstand or not.

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This book was a hot topic this week. Last week, one of J. Scott Campbell’s followers took it upon himself to “correct” (de-sexualize) Campbell’s take on Mary Jane in this fan-favorite cover. Neither Campbell nor his fans appreciated this. Campbell turned the table and corrected this user’s correction and shut him down. Campbell did hear the underlying request and did in fact take the time to update it to today’s standards and called it “The Fix” (original art). “The Fix” sold online for $14,700, of which all the proceeds went to the FRESH ARTISTS charity. However, this fervor also increased awareness and doubled the previous market value of Amazing Spider-Man #601, hitting a new high raw sale of $150 and an all-time new high of $399.99 for a CGC 9.8.

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As news continues to come out on the SILK Sony TV show, this book’s market price continues to increase. This week two CGC 9.8’s sold for new highs of $1,175 & $1,170.

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The standard copy of this book landed on our #11 Runner Up spot this week, thanks to this book’s mention on TALES FROM THE FLIPSIDE. The guys mentioned how this issue features several young Marvel characters like HAZMAT, METTLE, STRIKER, VEIL, and FINESSE. While there’s no rumor of them appearing anytime soon, they believe that (due to their young age) they could show up at some point during the MCU’s phase 4. This variant is done by the king of connecting covers, Marko Djurdjevic. Marko did six AMAZING connecting cover sets (of six issues each, ranging from 1:25 to 1:75 ratios) for Marvel in 2010. Several issues in all these various sets are incredibly pricey, like the ULTIMATE FALLOUT set of course features the first appearance of Miles Morales in issue #4. The X-23 #1 in the Wolverine/X-Men set is easily a $1K book. Several others sell for $50+. Basically, these are fantastic covers to pick up. However, you can now count this cover as a new addition to “the expensive” list as a raw copy sold last week for a hefty $227.50.

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Blip #1 is not new to our newsletter but this all-time high price IS. This regular cover edition of the 1st appearance of Donkey Kong and Mario just hit $1,328 for a CGC 9.8 – up from $799 in March. This notable price bump really should be no surprise. With nostalgia-based Nintendo books like Nintendo Comics System Sneak Peak (that came out 7 years AFTER Blip #1) hitting around $2,500, why shouldn’t Mario’s first appearance in comics similarly rise? Moreover, there are only 72 total copies of Blip #1 on the CGC census with 14 in 9.8 condition. But some might be saying – Blip is a MAGAZINE, not a comic. While that might be true, Mario and Donkey Kong don’t just appear in some writeup about the Donkey Kong arcade game – there’s actually a full-blown illustrated comic story featuring both characters. Blip #1 is still commonly going for under $50 raw so even with this recent price rise at the high end, Blip #1 is the Rodney Dangerfield of Nintendo-related comics – “No Respect!”

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This issue features the first appearance of LADY BULLSEYE, who was a fantastic take on the Bullseye moniker. However, for the past 10+ years, the character was severely underused. However, she’s recently returned to the Marvel comic universe and fought Spider-Woman. While this does bring renewed interest in the character, many are speculating that she’s a great candidate to show up in the MCU at some point. Regardless, this VERY hard to find David Aja cover sold for a new high this week of $600 for a 9.8.

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As we noted in the past, foreign versions for key characters, like Spider-Man, are on the rise. However, El Sorprendente is a little special. Back in the 1970s, publisher La Prensa took it upon themselves to reprint Spider-Man stories in Spanish. However, at the point where Green Goblin kills Gwen Stacy, they made a decision to write their own stories starting with keeping Gwen Stacy alive. They printed 45 issues featuring original stories centered around Peter Parker/Spider-Man’s relationship with Gwen Stacy, including their marriage. These have never been reprinted and are quite collectible. We slowly add these as their rare sales pop up. This week, we saw the only sale we’ve ever seen for this issue at $950 raw.

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With SPAWN #1 hitting all new highs, it makes sense for his highly debated “first” appearances to all go up. For example, Spawn’s appearance in Malibu Sun #13 is considered to be his first cover appearance (with a nice splash page on the back). This week, a rare CGC 9.8 sold for a massive new high of $3,050. This is the first time in 2 years since we’ve seen a 9.8 come to market. The last time was in October 2019 when it sold for $749.99.

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In the entertainment industry, they say that ‘no press is bad press,’ and that might be the case here where, in spite of devastating cancelation news for the New Gods movie, we recorded an all-time high sale this week of Jack Kirby’s New Gods #1 for $3,000 for a CGC 9.8! This comes on the tail of news that Warner Brothers and DC have canceled the Ava DuVerney and Tom King movie adaptation of New Gods, perhaps (ironically) related to the portrayal of Darkseid in the Justice League Snyder Cut film. Whatever the reason behind the movie’s cancelation, this sale is a reminder that comics can be iconic works of American literature and art that have value independent of how they are adopted or not by other media, including films. #RespectTheComic

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This is a perfect example of how crazy the market is and the high value placed on both newsstands AND nostalgia. Now, if you were a collector in the ’90s then you clearly remember the 2099 line. Some were great, some were not so great. However, this version of the Punisher was a fun read and one of the surprises of the 2099 line. What’s odd is that both the direct edition and newsstand copies of this book are both seeing upwards trends. The direct edition saw a NM+ raw copy sell for $43 this week and the newsstand sold a CGC 9.8 for a new all-time high of $295. If you asked us if we’d ever see this book have ANY value, we would have said no… but here we are. Heck even RAVAGE #1 can sell for $50 in a 9.8.

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This book was a surprise entry on our TOP 10 this week. Its recent market heat ties back to the guys at MODERN PLAYBOOK/TALES FROM THE FLIPSIDE on May 4th. This quirky “off the radar” title spotlights five short stories on romantic themes with a Roy Lichtenstein-esque pop-art cover featuring Kamala Khan and Robbie Reyes (AKA Ms. Marvel and Ghost Rider). This comic regularly sold for a mere $5 as far back as you looked. That is, until now! The second print was the one to get, as it was apparently only printed in the few hundreds of issues. But as those started to rise in value (and asking price on eBay), the first print copies also started to accumulate sales. To date, we have a record second print raw sale for $90, with numerous eBay listings currently topping $150 with one at over $400! The first prints have been closing the gap with numerous sales hitting the $50 mark. But buyer beware! The two covers have identical artwork. So double-check the numbering above the barcode (not to mention it says “Second Printing” in the top left corner on the cover) before committing. Or, just snag the first print! There are currently no CGC recorded sales.

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And like Punisher 2099, nostalgia is making collectors make surprising choices. SHADOWHAWK was a very popular early Image launch title. If issue #3 of this series wasn’t your first glow-in-the-dark cover, then you were doing something wrong (or maybe very right) in the ’90s. This cover takes us back, as it did for one buyer who plopped down $399.99 for a 9.8 of a rare newsstand edition. Seriously, any of these early image titles are worth grabbing if you see a high-grade newsstand.

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Jenny Frison’s artwork always brings out the complexity and depth of the character design. For example, this “Unlocked Retailer” variant beautifully captures the fearsome elegance of Erica Slaughter as she grips the bloody blade — makeup, hair, and nails perfectly neat. This was an open-order variant that retailers could preorder in any number if they increased their main cover numbers. Many retailers didn’t take advantage of that offer from Boom, and so the Frison variant had a lower print run than the main cover. Collectors and investors might be recognizing how special this cover is, particularly in comparison to Cover A. A 9.8 graded copy sold for $599.00 on May 7, which is about double what it was selling for just one month ago

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When Netflix officially dropped the trailer for the SWEET TOOTH show, produced by Robert Downey Jr., sales immediately started moving with a high sale of $545 for a CGC 9.8. This week, a 9.8 sale of $890 quickly beat that.

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There was a recent leak of THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER by a former disgruntled Marvel employee who worked on the film. We can’t confirm if it’s true or not, but it did lay out Gorr, The God Butcher’s role in the film. Without touching on any of those leaks, this book did see a boost in sales for the standard cover and moved a CGC 9.0 for $700. CGC 9.8’s are stagnant at $2,300. Many are watching these, waiting for one to sell.

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It’s May, time to admire the blooming flowers of spring and booming sales of Young Avengers #1 comics which are blossoming into piles of cash for some and good investments for others. This book features the first appearances of a bunch of emerging characters including Asgardian (Billy Kaplan who later becomes Wiccan), Hulkling, Iron Lad (Nathaniel Richards), Patriot (Eli Bradley), and Kate Bishop (the new Hawkeye). We’ve already seen Billy Kaplan in WandaVision and Eli Bradley in Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and Kate Bishop has been cast (with production well underway) for the upcoming Hawkeye Disney Plus miniseries. As we’ve noted multiple times (as has everyone else), this book is just loaded with potential. It reached multiple sales over $1,200 in May, including three new highs for graded 9.8s at $1,300, $1,350 and $1,500!

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Deadline is reporting that “Regina King To Direct ‘Bitter Root’ Adaptation Of Image Comics Series For Legendary”. Sales are WAY up across on 1st print covers. Check them out:

#1A: $330.80 for a CGC 9.8 and $150 raw

#1B Mignola: $60 raw, $300 (for a signed 9.8)

#1C Cowan: $50 raw, $268.64 for a 9.8

#1D Williams: $50 raw, $140 for a 9.8

#1 Virgin: $125 raw, $450 for a 9.8

#1 2nd Print: $120 raw (copies dried up and has since been re-listed VERY high)

#1 Akira MCS/EBAY: $285 raw, $449.99 for a 9.8

#1 Borderlands: $500 for a 9.8, $190 raw.

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Looks like Netflix is betting big again on Dark Horse Comics! First, there was the successful series, Umbrella Academy, and now we have Blake Lively starring in, and producing the recently optioned comic, Lady Killer! In this planned movie adaptation, Lively will play “prim and proper” 1950’s housewife Josie Schuller, who, unbeknownst to her husband and kids, leads a secret life as a highly trained killer working for a local mafia organization. The comic itself was met with critical acclaim when first released in 2015, and won an Eisner Award for Best Limited Series in 2016. Although currently no director has been named for the film, Academy Award winner, Diablo Cody (Best Writing, Original Screenplay for “Juno”), has been hired to adapt the comic into a screenplay. With the Netflix optioned news, and with the big names tied to this project, it is no wonder we saw massive spikes in sales this past week! These included a record first print $125 raw sale, and two record first print $350 CGC 9.8 sales. Second prints were also hitting new records with a raw copy reaching a whopping $55 (pre-Netflix announcement these were available for $10 all day long), and a second print CGC 9.8 sold for a record $119 only to be beaten the SAME DAY with a $187 new record sale. We can’t wait to see how Netflix brings this violent and dark-humored comic book to life on the silver (TV) screen. In the meantime, consider adding this one to the collection!

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VARIETY is reporting that “Magic Order’ Series Back in Development at Netflix as Mark Millar Sets New Spy Show”. While a 9.8 did sell for $110 upon the news, the market is still reluctant to buy into this book.

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COMICBOOK.COM reported that “MODOK Writer Jordan Blum Says Marvel’s Hit-Monkey Looks Amazing”. This is the first bit of Hit Monkey news in quite a while, which helped raws sell for around $70 and a new all-time high sale of $290 for a CGC 9.6. The sketch variant is a little tough to find but is also selling well, with one high CGC 9.6 sale at $170.

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VARIETY reported that “‘Red Sonja’ Will Star ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp’ Actor Hannah John-Kamen”. Both her “first appearance” in CONAN #23 and “first full appearance” in CONAN #24 are seeing jumps in price. However, it’s worth noting that Conan #24 also marks her first cover appearance making this issue highly coveted. Brigitte Nielson was the first actress to play this titular sword-wielding heroine in film, but it is the recent announcement of Hannah John-Kamen (Ant-Man and the Wasp) taking up the Red Sonja mantle that has this comic heating up this week. The comic itself has Red Sonja rebuffing Conan’s advances, with the two still riding off on a quest for adventure together. Before last week, higher-grade raw copies for issue #24 could be purchased for under $150. This past week, however, we saw a record raw $550 sale! We also saw a record CGC 9.6 sale for $1,100. As with most comic book sale spikes, they tend to happen whenever big announcements are made surrounding them (especially cast announcements). Moving forward, there is still plenty of opportunities to purchase this comic at a reasonable price as the movie is not in production yet.

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ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY reported that “New Batwoman photo reveals Stephanie Brown’s debut in girls’ night episode (CW’s BATWOMAN). EW can confirm that the hour will also feature Cluemaster’s clever daughter, Stephanie Brown (played by Morgan Kohan, of When Hope Calls), who is primarily known as the Gotham vigilante Spoiler in the comics.” No major market movement right now.

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Despite the recent movement of Jonathan Kent’s first appearance as a baby in CONVERGENCE: SUPERMAN #2, many collectors don’t put a lot of faith in “as a baby” first appearances (ie. Baby Nathan Summers aka Cable in The Uncanny X-Men #201). This issue features the first appearance of Jonathan Kent (later Superboy) as a child. We see him age through Superman (Vol. 4) with a first in costume in SUPERMAN (Vol. 4) #2 and officially introduced as SUPERBOY in SUPERMAN (Vol. 4) #6. This variant hit an all-time high raw sale this week of $118. DC seems to be investing heavily in Jon Kent, which makes this a solid book to watch closely.

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If you ever wondered what can happen when the highest-graded copy of a golden age book comes up for sale and a bidding war breaks out, look no further than this mind-blowing sale of $7,200 for a CGC 9.4 copy of Donald Duck #27. This book from 1953 that featuring Donald, Huey, Dewey, and Louie had a prior high sale of just $149.96 for a CGC 8.5 in June of last year, with that being the next highest-graded copy on the census. This goes to show you how important it can be for a book to be on top of the CGC census and what kind of premium that can demand. There must have been some duck-crazed Disney fans bidding in this auction because that was one huge ducking sale.

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