November 18th, 2021

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This week’s Comic Report covers all eras of comic collecting and feature books across many different publishers. We introduce you to an amazing new comic cover artist, S. Red Amparo, aka Red Amparo, and highlight recent high sales for Tank Girl, Power Rangers, Mortal Kombat, Solomon Grundy, All-Flash #1, Thunderbolts, and more! We quick dive into Whitman variants, and Mark Jeweler inserts. We also feature an exciting sale of an NFL Spider-Man giveaway from 1996 and break down Disney+ Day. A lot to cover, so here we go!

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Every day CovrPrice’s Daily Shaker List calls out comics with the highest sales value sold that day. Throughout the week we pull the more interesting ones and elaborate on them here. Check out our sweet Shaker List here.


SHAKER: ALL-FLASH #1 | DC | 1941

When it comes to Flash books, the first iteration (Jason “Jay” Peter Garrick) of the character tends to be undervalued compared to the first appearance of Barry Allen in the costly Showcase #4. This first issue of All-Flash is pretty key as it features the first Flash solo story ever and his origin retold. This week, a raw sale hit a new high of $3,395 for a 2.0 copy. Granted, while this isn’t cheap, it’s still relatively low for such a key book.

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This classic golden age cover has become highly sought after Dave Steven’s homage for Eclipse’s 1986 AIRBOY #5 issue increased in popularity and price, shining a light on this original cover. Airboy first debuted in the 1942 Vol. 1 Air Fighter #2 issue, and the series ran across multiple publishers up until the ’80s. One key character of this series was Valkyrie (and her girl squadron, the Airmaidens), trained by the Nazis until Valkyrie had a change of heart and turned against them after witnessing their cruelty. Saving Airboy, she became his ally and a recurring supporting character. This week, a 0.5 graded copy hit a new high of $500 and has sold as high as $2,350 for a CGC 6.0.

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Here’s an amazing Jack Kirby and Joe Sinnott Silver Surfer cover hitting our Shakers list. A graded 7.5 sold for $450 this week. Why, you ask? Well, look at that cover! Along with Fantastic Four #49, #50, #56, and Tales to Astonish #93, this is one of the most collectible early Silver Surfer cover appearances. And this one gets the iconic subtitle: “Where Soars the Silver Surfer!” The story develops the Surfer’s experimental and occasionally misguided ethics — he tries to unite humanity by giving them a common enemy, so he attacks all the continents on Earth, becoming that threat. It takes the Watcher intervening and the Fantastic Four to stop him. By the way, this is also a pretty cool Watcher cover. Interestingly, this comic includes the first reference to the One Above All as an all-powerful being whose “only weapon is love,” retconned by Al Ewing in Ultimates 2 #100. Hmm, maybe it’s not all about the cover.

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It’s hard not to talk about the THUNDERBOLTS these days as they’re one of the top speculated teams to appear in the MCU, alongside the Young Avengers, Dark Avengers, and the X-Men. Many were hoping to confirm one of these teams’ inclusions during the recent Disney+ Day (see below in OPTIONED/RUMORED). Yet, no news came. That didn’t stop the THUNDERBOLTS first appearance newsstand from hitting a substantial new high sale of $2,100 for a CGC 9.8. Pretty impressive for a book driven purely on speculation.

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Video game comics are gaining interest as even hard-to-find spin-offs, like this series, increase in value. Featuring early interior art by Greg Horn, this features the origin of Kitana and Mileena. It typically sells for $30 to $50 raw, yet it sold for a new high of $340 last week for a CGC 9.8. Don’t pass these over when you’re digging through those convention $1 boxes.

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As fans of PHANTOM STARKILLER, this limited to 250 copies exclusive by Santi Read Amparo (aka S. Red Amparo or Red Amparo) was only available at the Artgerm booth during the Dallas Fan Expo (except for 50 copies which were available on Artgerms site). This Phantom variant has a brother book with COUNT DRACO KNUCKLEDUSTER #1, also by S. Red Amparo, and was only available at Megacon (also limited to 250 copies and still available HERE). S. Red Amparo is a digital illustrator from the Philippines and trained under Stanley “Artgerm” Lau. Seeing how these are her first covers and how amazing they are, S. Red Amparo is an artist to keep a close eye on! There aren’t many sales out there except for just the one this week of $125 raw… but we absolutely love this cover.

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Remember the days when everyone would receive an exclusive Spider-Man variant comic book as you enter a stadium to see a professional NFL game? No? Well, it happened in 1996 at a Kansas City Chiefs game. The Chief’s wide-receiver Andre Rison was a huge Spidey fan. After a touchdown, Andre would mimic the character by pretending to shoot webs from his hands and was effectively given the nickname “Spider-Man” by ESPN personality Chris Berman (though it didn’t stick as he’s now mostly referred to as “Bad Moon”). The connection created a Spidey craze as there were many Chiefs merchandise with Spider-Man on it, specifically with Andre’s jersey number. Marvel recognized this fanfare and celebrated it by producing this exclusive comic that included a congratulatory letter written by Stan Lee to Andre. It’s a fantastic book featuring an original wraparound cover featuring Spider-Man’s mask. This week, at $99 raw, was the first sale we’ve ever seen for it. 

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While the rare MIGHTY MORPHIN’ POWER RANGERS: FRUIT OF THE LOOM PREMIUM #1 holds the honor of being the first appearance of the POWER RANGERS in comics, this Antarctic Press Fanzine gets the honor of 2nd appearance and is far easier to find (well, not too easy… just easier). While the Fruit of the Loom book hit a high raw sale of $1,913 back in March 2021, this week’s sale of $2,300 for a CGC 9.0 for Sentai marks an all-time high for the book and is officially giving FRUIT OF THE LOOM some tough competition.

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SHAKER: SHOWCASE #55 | DC | 1965

The first appearance of Solomon Grundy in All-American Comics #61 is a scarce and expensive book. An excellent alternative for most collectors is his first Silver Age appearance in Showcase #55. This striking purple cover features Grundy battling it out with Dr. Fate and Hourman, and while it is traditionally an affordable alternative, the record sale this week for a CGC 9.4 was not. This week we saw the prior record from 2018 of $2,250 get smashed (like Dr. Fate on this cover) with a sale of $5,040! This isn’t anywhere near the record $26,400 of a CGC 9.8 from September 2020 but is still a very impressive sale with a jump of almost 124% at $2,800. Solomon Grundy may be the primary reason collectors buy this book, but Dr. Fate is slated to appear in the upcoming Black Adam movie, so keep an eye out for those keys featuring him because you never know what characters might take off next.

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What else do you want in a classic golden age cover? Other than Captain America getting in on the action, this one has it all. You’ve got an Alex Schomburg World War 2 cover with Sub-Mariner kicking ass and taking names of both the Japanese and Nazi forces. There’s also a story done by a little-known writer named Stan Lee, which probably counts for something. This week, Sub-Mariner #2 had a record sale in grade for a CGC 3.0 of $4,080. This is not a book that sells very often, and the last sale was in 2009 for just $828. But regardless, this was a strong sale, just a couple thousand dollars shy of the overall record of $6,600 set by a CGC 6.5 in November of 2020. Keep an eye on these World War 2 Alex Schomburg comics because the demand for them seems to be stronger than ever, with new records set weekly.

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Back in June 2021, rumors circulated that Spider-Man India would appear in SPIDER-MAN INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE 2. While this remains unconfirmed, this former $1 book/ $55 9.8 shot up like a rocket to a high sale of $999.95 for a CGC 9.8. Usually, that’s a red flag. However, the market value has only moderately dropped to a 9.8 FMV of $683, with a high sale of $725 this week. So, while that one sale was crazy… it turns out it wasn’t that crazy with such a minor drop-off. A confirmation should help it re-reach that high sale. 

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We’ve all been there. Digging through “them long boxes” and you hit an early Marvel Star Wars comic. Yes! It’s even one of those rare Whitman diamond editions you’ve heard people talking about. You pull it out of the box and put it in your pile – happy because you know you’ve found gold. You get home and start examining your haul – pulling out that Star Wars #3 Whitman. 2nd full appearance of Obi-Wan – nice! But wait – there’s a bit of miswrap, and what’s that on the back? REPRINT!!! Damn it!! I mean, the book looks beautiful, but it’s a freaking reprint. Just before you throw it in the trash in disgust, you pull up CovrPrice to check it out. $2-3 dollars, right, even for a nice copy? NOPE! $780 for a CGC 9.8 – an all-time high from just this week?! Another CGC 9.8 that hit $390 back in May?? $150 for a CGC 9.0 that sold as recently as October? What’s going on here? Over the 1-2 years, we’ve seen a solid uptick in interest in reprints. These 1977 series Star Wars reprints are just late to the party. Perhaps it’s the long-running stigma attached to them because everyone wanted the regular covers and price variants and the reprints just littered long boxes for years. Whatever it is, some savvy folks realized that most of the reprints are in trash condition, and as such, finding nice copies is tough. While there are over 1200 universal copies of Star Wars #3 (regular cover) on the CGC census, there are only 150 of the reprint with a mere 35 in 9.8 condition. Yes, it’s a reprint, but scarcity (be it perceived or actual as we don’t know how many nice reprint copies there are out there) drives price, and that’s been the case with this Star Wars #3 reprint since about May of this year. So next time you’re out digging, you may want to pay closer attention to the condition of those Star Wars reprints you usually pass over. If they look nice, you might want to take them home! Happy hunting, and may the force be with you.

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Mark Brooks is easily one of the best working comic artists in the industry. His polished, highly detailed work is distinct and just plain gorgeous. Many of our favorite covers are Brooks covers, and this one is one of them. When this homage of Uncanny X-men #245 first appeared in 2017, it was a clear winner and moved up in price quite quickly. Last week, it hit a high raw sale of $295.

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Don’t underestimate the attraction of a great Silver Surfer battle cover. Like the incredibly popular Silver Surfer #4 and Fantastic Four #56, Tales to Astonish #93 features the first fight between the Surfer and an A-list superhero, in this case, the Hulk. This comic contains two stories: one about Sub Mariner taking on a radioactive creature called “It” and another by Stan Lee in which Hulk tries to get the Surfer to take him into space. Silver Surfer (exiled to Earth by Galactus) can’t comply, so Hulk flies into a rage and steals his surfboard. It would have been awesome to see Hulk riding the Silver Surfer’s board in space, but unfortunately, that doesn’t happen, and Hulk can’t control the board. He careens around, crashing into things until Surfer shoots him off it. This cover image by Marie Severin and Frank Giacoia is almost straight out of the comic, capturing the moment just before Hulk gets ahold of the board. A 7.0 and a 7.5 both sold for $565 this week. It was close, but not quite the high sales in those grades, and a 9.0 sold for $836

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Back in 2019, it was announced that Margot Robbie’s production company, LuckyChap Entertainment, picked up the rights for a TANK GIRL. In November 2020, an update noted that this project was on hold due to Covid. Robbie has been on record stating that she was a massive fan of the comics. So, there’s still a chance with this eventually getting to production. Either way, this first issue for her first series hit a new high sale this week of $1,149.95 for a CGC 9.8.

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It’s said that these Alex Ross Marvel 75th Anniversary incentives are some of the rarest variants Marvel has ever produced. This specific cover is a rare 1:300, which was pretty much impossible for stores to qualify for back in 2014. However, that’s not what’s driving this book to hit a new high sale of $600 for a CGC 9.8 this week. This issue features the first appearance of Female Thor (later revealed to be Jane Foster). While ALL of the other covers (except for the blank) feature her on the cover, this and the color version do not. However, it IS a fantastic cover by the great Alex Ross. Add in the 1:300 rarity… then, you can see why it’s currently the market frontrunner for this issue.

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Archie collectors have some of the stranger market trends. You have the long-running history of Archie & Friends with old/hard-to-find classic covers and appearances. Then you also have multiple covers with sexual innuendos. And then there’s the “Veronica & Betty in a Bikini” trend. It’s an actual thing. Many modern Betty & Veronica covers sell for $30 to $50… usually with them in a swimsuit. Yet this trend is also very selective. For example, for non-variant covers, VERONICA #23 sold for a new high of $375 for a 9.8. Another one is VERONICA #28, which sells for $100 raw and a high sale of $673 for a 9.8. Many collectors consider these covers as modern-day “Good Girl” art that we mostly saw back in the golden age. Many collectors pass over Archie books. However, there’s a lot of valuable books in these runs. Don’t pass them over when you’re out digging.

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We recently covered the standard cover for this issue. As noted, War of the Realms: New Agents of Atlas #2 features the first appearance (in story) of Sword Master, after he appeared on the cover of #1. As rumors of a New Agents of Atlas MCU appearance began percolating, collectors snapped up this book. This heat continued as he appeared alongside established characters such as Iron Man and Shang Chi. Most recently, there’s some speculation that he could take up the mantle of SORCERER SUPREME. Either way, this variant is super hot with this week’s substantial-high sale of $1,500 for a 9.8.

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Mark Jeweler Variants are a four-page Jewelry advertisement from the company Mark Jeweler that was included in the centerfold of a comic from August 1972 to July 1986. These were primarily found at military bases so soldiers could send their significant others gifts while away from home. Roughly 692 titles across both DC and Marvel contained these inserts and were given the term “variant” to distinguish them from copies that don’t include the advertisement. An estimated 5% of a title’s print numbers had the inserts. This rarity makes them very collectible today. If you find one that is high grade, you’ll likely see high prices. That’s precisely what we see here with this first appearance of the Starjammers and its massive new high sale of $13,859 for a CGC 9.8. Just for comparison, the standard #107 highest sale ever was $7,351 for a CGC 9.8. That’s almost a double premium for that Mark Jewelers insert. These used to get 10% more over the standard cover… but that’s no longer the case. 

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While Disney+ Day on November 12th was a little lackluster for many, it still delivered a teaser for the highly anticipated MOON KNIGHT, SHE-HULK, and MS. MARVEL Disney+ shows. Many hoped that these teasers would reveal something new (specifically so fans could rush out and buy the first appearance for those new reveals). However, this wasn’t the case. The teasers did precisely what they were supposed to do, tease. For new projects, animated projects stole the show with X-Men ’97, Spider-Man: Freshman Year, and Marvel Zombies, all being developed into a new series. Pulling from Rotten Tomatoes (who laid out all the teasers and info very nicely in this article), here’s their breakdown:

  • Echo stars newcomer Alaqua Cox as Maya Lopez, who will first show up in Hawkeye.
  • Ironheart stars Dominique Thorne as Riri Williams and follows a genius inventor who builds the most advanced suit of armor since Iron Man.
  • Agatha: House of Harkness puts Kathryn Hahn front-and-center in her own series as her villainous character from WandaVision.
  • Secret Invasion brings Samuel L. Jackson‘s Nick Fury back for one more ride, opposite Ben Mendelsohn‘s Talos, who first met in Captain Marvel. The crossover event series will feature the syndicate of shape-shifting aliens known as Skrulls.
  • The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special will surely give plenty of nods to 1978’s Star Wars: Holiday Special because that’s just something writer/director James Gunn was born to do.
  • X-Men ‘97 is an animated Marvel series that explores new stories in the celebrated ’90s timeline of the original X-Men series.
  • What If…? is coming back with a second season. Following the introduction of the Guardians of the Multiverse and their mission to take Infinity Ultron down, The Watcher will return to meet new heroes and explore even more alternate realities in the MCU’s ever-expanding Multiverse.
  • Spider-Man: Freshman Year is another animated exploration of everyone’s favorite web-slinger. But this time around, viewers will follow Peter Parker as he slowly approaches his destiny to become Spider-Man with a storytelling style that celebrates the character’s comic book beginnings.
  • I Am Groot is a series of original shorts following Baby Groot as he grows up, stumbling through all the troublesome awkwardness of childhood along the way.
  • Marvel Zombies asks the question, “What if there were zombies in the MCU?” The animated series reimagines the Marvel Universe and introduces a new generation of heroes to battle the undead.

Again, check out the full article HERE





Collectors are always asking what’s the next expensive variant, and with such an unpredictable market, it’s hard to tell. However, this Deadpool 8-Bit “Mario Brothers” Hastings variant is a perfect candidate. This week a raw copy sold for $99.98. Now, this isn’t news. It’s been this price (more or less) for the past five years. However, with such a boom in the video game collector market for games and game-based comics, this is due for a jump. There’s a bunch of these 8-bit covers out there. Deadpool has a “Taco Time” 8-bit variant for issue #27. Valiant did a bunch in 2013 across all their titles and the super rare and pricey Ducktales #1 Nintendo homage (which was the first to start the trend). However, nothing is more classic (or hotter) than Mario Bros when it comes down to it. It’s one we’re watching.

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Can WEREWOLF BY NIGHT #32 get even higher? Yes, yes, it can. Last weekend we received a quick teaser trailer for the Disney+ series, which helped an NM raw copy hit a new all-time high raw sale of $5K. Granted, there was a sale of $4850 raw back in May 2021… but still. It’s impressive to see these books jump each time there’s just a smidge of news.

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