December 9th, 2021

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Collectors LOVE Spider-Man #1 McFarlane homage covers. Early glimpses of this cover had fans instantly wanting a copy. However, when it launched with this 1:250 Gold Foil, this issue became the book to have. While pre-sales were hitting over $300, the FMV is currently $260. This is almost right at ratio. However, since this shares the same image with three other covers, it remains to be seen if it’ll retain that value.

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Captain Atom #83 features the first appearance and introduction of Ted Kord (the second Blue Beetle). The principal story in this comic features Captain Atom fighting off some thugs, getting a tear in his costume (thus, inadvertently revealing his radioactive glowing self), and saving the world from a reactor meltdown. However, the real excitement about this comic is the backup story – Steve Ditko and Gary Friedrich’s re-imagining of the Blue Beetle. The introductory tale finds the Blue Beetle fighting and capturing a gang of bank robbers. Not much is revealed in this issue regarding the Blue Beetle’s powers, but it does include his flying beetle (which is pretty cool). This new Blue Beetle was featured in a few subsequent issues before graduating to his own solo comic published in 1977. Captain Atom #83 has always been a popular comic book, but we saw some high-grade raw sales this past week, including one for $250 and another for $300. A low-grade raw hit $115, with a CGC 4.5 selling for a record $225. If you want to purchase this comic, know that Modern Comics reprinted issues #83-86 in 1977. The original 1960’s issues from Charlton (including #83) feature a yellow circle logo vs. a blue and white circle logo with the words “Modern Comics” for the reissued titles.

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Most people are likely familiar with Captain America, but Britain too has a champion – Captain Britain. Created by the legendary Chris Claremont and Herb Trimpe in 1976, Brian Braddock (AKA Captain Britain) first appeared in the British periodical – Captain Britain #1. Captain Britain received his powers from the noted wizard Merlin and Merlin’s daughter Roma through The Amulet of Right. Braddock later gave the Amulet to his twin sister – Betsy Braddock – of Psylocke fame – which took the Captain Britain title. The original series was printed in magazine format on newsprint style paper – which seems to respond well to pressing – as evidenced by the 100+ CGC 9.8 copies on the census (more than any other single grade – an oddity for a 45-year-old book). There’s been considerable interest in this book in 2021 despite no solid announcements about the character appearing in the MCU. Whether it’s the recent Henry Cavill interview where he expressed interest in playing a renewed version of the character, potential Blade/Black Knight/MI13/Captain Britain speculation, or something else, a CGC 9.8 copy just hit an all-time high of more than $5,100. This is despite the book never before cracking even $3,500!

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Thanks to her recent inclusion into the MCU via Disney +’s HAWKEYE, Echo is one of the hottest characters in the aftermarket. Her creator David Mack is one of the industry’s best artists and has a considerable following. His various variants have always had significant market heat. However, with this recent exposure through Echo, several have seen nice bumps in value. The DAREDEVIL: END OF DAYS variant has been fairly pricey, around an FMV of $100 raw. Yet, this week’s new raw high sale of $239.47 makes this a book to keep on your radar. We recently chatted with Mack at L.A. Comic-Con and were excited to see the original art for this cover at a reasonable $4K. So, that could be a fantastic addition to your collection for you original art fans.

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SHAKER: EERIE #1 | AVON | 1951

The woman in the red dress always seems to be getting herself into trouble in these pre-code horror comics, and she’s done it again in this issue. Things aren’t looking so good for her. But don’t worry, she does get saved in the story. However, the woman in the back doesn’t seem so lucky. With only 50 universal graded copies on the census, this isn’t a book that comes up for sale very often, but this week we had a CGC 5.5 hit a new record in grade of $2,040, beating out the prior record of $1,599 from April of this year by 28% and almost beating the all-time high sale of $2,301 for a CGC 7.5 from 2018. This title has a bunch of great pre-code horror covers in the run, and they won’t all break the bank like this one. So if you’re interested in getting into pre-code horror, go check out all the covers on COVRPRICE and start hunting!

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If you wondered what all those Bad Idea “first customer” gold buttons would lead to, well, here it is. Those who turned in all five buttons received this unique “Hero Trade: A Brief Case” issue, which was limited to 50 copies. However, per the corresponding note, these were also provided to the following criteria: “Did you include a letter that made us laugh? You’re in the 50! Send us a novelty check that made us grin? You’re in the 50! Bribe us by enclosing a gift to our boss with your sticker? We were forced to include you in the 50! So here’s to you, the overachievers. Life finally paid off.” One lucky winner sold the second copy to hit eBay at $500 raw (the first one sold for $400 on 11/24/21). So, this seemed like a fun treasure hunt that had a significant payoff. It was an exciting experiment that directly favored the die-hard fans, as it should be.

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Maxwell Newton is notorious in the history of comics. His short 18-month stint as a publisher in Australia from 1975 to 1976 made a significant impression on Australian comic readers and the industry. In 1975, Newton was a newspaper publisher and needed more work to keep his printers busy. He stealthily convinced Marvel to reprint and distribute key Marvel titles across Australia. These reprints were printed in black and white yet had more pages by combining stories. Various issues had fewer advertisements and even provided extras like pull-out posters, iron-on transfers, and swap cards. They were also significantly cheaper than their U.S. counterparts. It’s important to remember that this is how the kids of Australia were first introduced to Marvel characters. Newton pumped out 180 different comic magazines in his short stint as a publisher. His life of excess (including but not limited to alcoholism, suicide attempts, and a brief stint as a pimp) and keeping all profits from Marvel led him to eventually flee Australia and abandon his fascinating run as a comic publisher. This copy of Iron Man #1 is one of those issues, introducing Tony Stark almost eight years after his U.S. debut. The guts of the issue feature “My Friend, My Foe… The Freak!” initially published in Iron Man #3, July 1968, and “From the Void of Space Comes… The Super Skrull!”, initially published in Captain Marvel #2. It also included a poster of The Incredible Hulk. It’s rare for any Newton copy to show up in the aftermarket, yet one did this week and sold for a new raw high of $598.87. Check out the e-book “Newton Comics – The Amazing Rise & Spectacular Fall” by Daniel Best for the incredible full story.

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If you recall, Kirkman put everything into his mid-run on Invincible which included a shocking Invincible War and battle with Conquest. This issue was created to give readers a bit of a breather between that big storyline and the even bigger upcoming VILTRUMITE WAR that started in INVINCIBLE #71. This issue also put David back into his original costume. At the time, being a one-shot, it flew under the radar for most publishers and fans. A 1:50 was a rather challenging incentive for retailers to meet; hence its exceptional rarity. This is a book that does not come up for sale often. We’ve only seen three copies in the past three years, including one raw sale of $1,213 in April 2021, one currently listed CGC 9.0 with the seller looking for $1K, and this week’s new high sale of $1,802 for a CGC 9.8.

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Spider-Man on the moon? Out of this world! Adam Warlock comes to the rescue, saving Spidey from his oxygen-depleted rocket ship by transporting him to the oxygen-rich blue area of the moon. While there, they battle the Stranger, who seeks to steal Warlock’s Soul Gem. With the help of another moon-dwelling being (the Gardener), they defeat the Stranger, and Warlock returns Spider-Man to earth. Warlock-related comic books have, of course, heated up these past weeks with the big announcement that actor Will Poulter will play Adam Warlock in the third Guardians of the Galaxy movie. It seems sales for this key Spidey/Warlock issue have benefited from some of that hype. It also doesn’t hurt that the Dave Cockrum cover art to Marvel Team-Up #55 features a fabulous depiction of both Spider-Man and Warlock in space! We saw a CGC 9.4 sell for $165, a 9.6 hit $260, and numerous higher-grade raw copies have recently sold in the $50 range this past week.

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There’s some speculation that Clint Barton’s wife, Laura Barton (played by actress Linda Cardellini), may be Mockingbird (Bobbi Morse in the comics). This theory is centered around Laura and Clint’s close relationship and open discussions around his missions, and even her assistance in several cases. While this remains to be seen, fans are pretty excited about it and helped push her first appearance to a new high sale of $600 for a CGC 9.8.

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We’ve highlighted Mark Jewelers editions before. The short version is that these were Jewelry order form inserts provided to Military bases through the mid-’70s to the early ’80s. They’ve recently risen significantly in value, especially for key issues like this first appearance of Deadpool. This week, a 9.8 copy sold for a massive $4,551, which more than doubled the last sale of $2,162 last year in September 2020.

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Books like this consistently fly under the radar of most collectors. It’s easier these days to spot a Matt Baker cover and recognize that it’s worth grabbing. However, these photo covers can tend to be hit or miss. Though these are the perfect books to provide a fantastic stealth buy, it features no notation of the gold inside. This issue features a short story, “Too Late For Love,” drawn by legendary artist Frank Frazetta. It’s been noted that Frazetta modeled the lead character “Lila” after Bettie Page, making this an unofficial (since she’s not named) first appearance of Bettie Page in comics. This week, a CGC 8.0 sold for a new high sale of $1,200. As Frazetta collectors become more aware of this issue, expect prices to increase. 

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This Jerome Opeña 1:50 has been a fan favorite since its release in 2014. This hard-to-find variant was released when retailers were not coming remotely close to ordering 50 copies of The Punisher, who spent 2009-2010 as Frankencastle and slowly worked back up to be the more serious title that fans wanted to see. It’s always been a relatively pricey variant, hovering around $200 raw and $300 to $400 in a 9.8. However, this week, this fabulous cover jumped to a new high of $550 for a CGC 9.8. This is arguably one of the best Punisher variants, and we expect to see this continue to increase.

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While this issue features the first appearance of one of Flash’s key villains, Captain Cold, the heat behind this issue comes from its 2nd appearance of the Silver Age Flash, Barry Allen. This week, a CGC 2.0 copy sold for a new high sale of $2K, doubling the last sale in the same grade back in 2019. Granted, this is just a sliver of the massive high sale a CGC 9.2 received back in June 2021 for $31,200!

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Let’s talk about upside-down kisses. The Spider-Man #12 Sara Pichelli upside-down first kiss of Miles Morales/Gwen Stacy reached a new high sale of $210 for a 9.8 this week. The cover is somewhat evocative of the iconic Peter Parker/Mary Jane kiss, but both characters are upside down here, presumably because she’s a spider-person too, so why not? Everyone knows the iconic image of Peter Parker Spider-Man hanging upside down by his web with his mask pulled up above his lips and Mary-Jane holding his head and kissing him. It’s one of the most famous images of one of the most beloved relationships in comics, but is it canon? The scene originated in the 2002 Spider-Man movie when Sam Raimi directed Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst to upside-down kiss in the rain. It’s been homaged many times since in comic art, as Pichelli does here for the next-Gen Spider heroes’ budding romance. It even appears directly in the 2009 Amazing Spider-Man #607, but of course, that is well after the Maguire/Dunce kiss. Speaking of budding romances, Peter Parker and Mary Jane’s first kiss takes place in Amazing Spider-Man #143 (1975), and although no one is upside-down, it’s still a great scene (“Now c’mere Tiger and kiss m—mmmm”). Felecia Hardy and Spider-man almost upside-down kiss in Spectacular Spider-man #87 (1984), but he turns himself upright at the last second. But in issue #94 of that run, the opening splash page of the comic features black-suit Spidey kissing Black Cat upside down under a water tower. That scene looks the most like the Pichelli cover of Spider-Man #12, which is interesting. Getting back to the original high sale, the Into the Spider-verse 2 trailer has some speculation that we might be seeing more Spidey upside-down kisses. To those interested in first kiss spec, check out the first cover appearance of the first kiss between Miles Morales and Gwen Stacy on the cover of Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #1, the Elizabeth Torque variant (in the bottom broken shard of glass) which somehow predates and samples this Spider-Man #12 Pichelli cover.

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Sales for Spider-based books seem to be increasing after the surprise Spider-Verse teaser this past weekend. Back in 2019, you could pick this 1:100 up for around $300 for a CGC 9.8. As seen by this week’s raw sale of $330, that’s no longer the case. Upon release, this fan commission turned variant wasn’t a challenging book to get for such a highly anticipated solo series for Spider-Gwen. However, it does seem to be drying up into collections.

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Let’s connect the last two entries with Spider-Gwen, Miles, and their (possible) budding on-screen romance. One eager collector watched the trailer and immediately forked over $1K on a CGC 9.8 copy of this variant. This is nearly double the price of the last 9.8 back on 11/23/21. It’s impressive how strong Spider-spec is when even the slight “I missed you too” line can cause a book to spike.

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Long before retailer exclusives, FCBD editions, and rare, obscure promotional comics came this Superman Christmas Adventure #1, considered one of the first Superman Promotional comic books to feature merchandise. This hard-to-find Superman issue had a blank box in which stores/companies could print or stamp their logo. These included Bailey’s Department Store, Molan’s Bakery, Smith and Bridgman Toyland, Skippy’s Peanut Butter, and finally, this Macy’s Store exclusive. Finding ANY of these is incredibly tough, and now’s the time of year when those few copies pop up. This Macy’s version sold a raw copy for $577.89 this week.

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This cover features ’50’s Pin-up/ Actress Cleo Moore. While she never found stardom, having played the blonde bombshell in numerous films, she did have a cult following that still exists today. Her covers are sought after and can be tough to find due to her relative obscurity. This scarce book had a new high sale this week of $1,599.95 for a CGC 7.5.

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For several years, Marvel has recognized the aftermarket power that a rare variant can bring. Through these years, they’ve selectively chosen specific events to offer a rare exclusive that’s limited to an ultra-rare print run of 25 copies. It was up to the Marvel Executive that had them on hand to determine where and when to offer a copy. Sometimes they hand them to an above-and-beyond cosplayer, other times they’re handed out as a prize at a panel, and sometimes they choose a super-fan. One way or another, they’ve been created to reward fans who they feel deserve it. Regardless of how they’re given, to get one is a scarce gift. For example, this RB Silva Sketch cover for 2020’s Wolverine #1 was handed out by Marvel Executives Tom Brevoort, Jordan White, and C.B. Cebulski during C2E2 2021. One lucky retailer (Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley Comics And Collectibles) graded their copy, received a 9.8, and sold it last week for a massive $8,995. This same retailer also recently sold a rare CGC 9.6 copy of the Silver Surfer: Black #2 – Camuncoli – SDCC 2019 – Virgin – Sketch (Limited 25) at $5,995 a few weeks ago. These low print runs immediately make these some of the most desired variants in comics. With a few years behind, they’ll become the books of legend.

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FINALLY. Battle Chasers’ content has been teased for years now. However, Deadline recently reported that ‘Battle Chasers’ T.V. Series From ‘John Wick’ Creator Derek Kolstad Based On Comics In Works At Alcon Entertainment.” Derek Kolstad is a big name to add to this project. Hollywood is itching for his next project, so this has a high chance of making it through the development/production process. And we can’t wait. The prelude issue and its gold variant are seeing significant traction. However, the series stars seem to be the standard Chromium variant at a raw FMV of $96 and the cheeky Red Monika Another Universe variants (standard and gold), trending at $80 raw for the standard and $160 raw for the gold.

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Another win for the week! It was just announced, per ComicBook.com, that “The Mega Man Live-Action Movie Is Reportedly Coming to Netflix.” While this direct-to-streamer film leaves us with many questions (like will the budget be reduced, quality, etc.), it’s still exciting to see the Blue Bomber comic in live-action form. Aside from some Brazilian comics and Hitoshi Ariga’s original Japanese series collected by Udon in 2010, the first U.S. comic book was Dreamwave’s 2003 MEGA MAN series, with a fantastic chromium cover.

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The Hollywood Reporter recently noted that “(AMC) has handed out a series order for Anne Rice’s Lives of the Mayfair Witches, which joins Interview With the Vampire at AMC. The formal green light comes three months after AMC announced it was developing Mayfair as the next show in its Rice universe.” The first book in the Mayfair Witches series is THE WITCHING HOUR, which received this comic book adaptation, and it landed in our runner-up list at spot #12 with a high sale of $33 for a raw copy.

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Variety reports that “Colin Farrell to Reprise Penguin Role in ‘The Batman’ Spinoff Series for HBO Max. While Penguin’s first appearance is already out of our league, this series should be a fun one to see. 

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Variety also reported,”‘Shang-Chi’ Sequel in the Works With Director Destin Daniel Cretton Returning.” While we don’t know what this means for comic books, it solidifies Shang-Chi as a character Marvel is investing in.

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The SPIDER-MAN: ACROSS THE SPIDER-VERSE teaser has fans buzzing with excitement for new Spider-based characters AND a two-part epic film. With 2099 on fire and Spider-Man India hitting $100 raw, it’s time to look closer at other Spider-folk. While this film will likely include numerous easter eggs and likely cameo appearances of other Spider characters, we’re specifically watching Spider-Punk/Hobart Brown (whose first appearance is in this issue). We love the character and strongly feel that this is a book you need to focus on. Depending on the condition, Raws are currently reasonable at $20 to $40. However, the variants will be a little harder to find (hence pricier). Happy Hunting!

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Pre-Code Horror (PCH) comics (comics predating the formation of the Comics Code Authority in 1954) commonly grace the CovrPrice Shakers List because of high selling prices founded in an incredible mix of amazing stories, scary covers, taboo subject matter, and relative scarcity. A PCH comics grail, Chamber of Chills #19, features an iconic cover from Lee Elias (co-creator of the D.C. villain – Eclipso – recently featured on the C.W. show Stargirl). This cover has been reproduced in different formats, such as a comic variant cover and an album cover (i.e., the Misfits’ 1984 Die, Die My Darling). Interestingly, preliminary art for the cover was created by Richie Rich co-creator – Warren Kremer. He, in turn, passed the idea on to Elias to refine the concept and create the art for the cover. Over ten years ago, you could get a high-grade copy of Chamber of Chills #19 for under a grand, but those days are long gone. The highest professionally graded copy (CGC 9.6) sold for an all-time high of $102K on Heritage in mid-November this year, and a CGC 8.0 copy hit $24K around the same time. Those high prices have trickled down to even lower grades as a CGC 3.0 copy just sold for an all-time high in a grade of just over $9K! Collectors and speculators commonly rush to grade copies of highly prized books like this, so it’s a testament to the actual scarcity that there are only 105 total universal copies on the CGC census.

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