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Publisher: Marvel
Title: A Shadowline Saga: "Critical Mass"
Page Count: 68
Genre: Superhero
Era: Copper
Cover Price: 4.95 USD; 6.25 CAD
Cover Date: February 1990
UPC: 02488523051202
ISBN: 0-87135-603-1
Country: United States
Devlin, Nighthunter, and Patty Richardson seek out the monk, Barnabbas, in a village in Central America to find answers about the "Order of St. George" and the armor Devlin now dons.; Professor Clerk puts his plan to irradiate the earth into motion but he needs to eliminate top scientists around the world who would question his motives and possibly spoil his plans. Through his contacts with The Merchants, Clerk is able to use an agent he implanted years ago to eliminate the scientists while making it look like suicides. This action gets the attention of Doctor Zero who decides to investigate with the help of his friend, Gregor.; The maniacal Professor Clerk returns to his base of operations to plot his next move in his plan to irradiate the planet.; Sheila pines for her love, Doctor Zero.