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Publisher: Marvel
Title: A Shadowline Saga: "Critical Mass"
Page Count: 68
Genre: Superhero
Era: Copper
Cover Price: 4.95 USD; 6.25 CAD
Cover Date: March 1990
UPC: 02488523051203
ISBN: 0-87135-604-X
Country: United States
With the help of Pan, Dirk Ravenscore is able to recruit the ancient shadow, Sabnak, to go after the Power Line kids in Hong Kong. However, the kids defeat Sabnak who leads then back to Ravenscore. Ravenscore exchanges his life for the information about the plans to start a nuclear holocaust in the USA on the part of Professor Henry Clerk; Back in Venezuela, Shreck defeats and captures Devlin. Doctor Zero is revealed to Devlin as being the "Draghignazzo".; Clerk sends Gramon to the arctic to find out who the mysterious woman was that rescued Doctor Zero from the ice floe.; Clerk seeks a meeting with MRCTS to ask them to distract Doctor Zero for him.