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Publisher: DC
Title: Action Comics
Page Count: 68
Genre: Adventure, Detective-mystery, Historical, Humor, Superhero
Era: Golden
Cover Price: 0.10 USD
Cover Date: May 1938
Country: United States
Clark Kent and Lois Lane are sent by editor Taylor to San Monte in South America to cover a war that is brewing. Besides saving Lois from being executed as a spy, Superman proves the war is being fomented by munitions manufacturers led by Emil Norvell.; Zatara investigates a murder on a reportedly haunted farm.; A storm crashes a yacht onto a rocky reef and Scoop Scanlon helps the coast guard rescue the passengers.; The One-Eyed Gorrah rules a legendary city that had been buried by a volcano. However, he had overthrown the “real” Gorrah and Tex Thompson and Bob Daley team up with the “real” Gorrah to retake his throne.; Disgraced police inspector Bob Donald disappears and his son Bobby is determined to find him.; Having escaped from jail, Chuck continues his quest to bring down the A-G gang who stole his father's property.; In a narrow mountain pass, Marco sends an avalanche onto the bandits threatening the Polo caravan. The few survivors are taken as hostage for save passage through this dangerous land.