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Publisher: Seven Seas Entertainment
Title: Amazing Agent Luna
Page Count: 196
Genre: Fantasy, Spy, Teen
Era: Modern
Cover Price: 10.99 USD; 12.50 CAD
Cover Date: September 2010
UPC: 9781934876893
ISBN: 978-193487689-3
Country: United States
Luna battles Jonah and The Knight Errant for possession of Jia. And everyone discovers a secret about Jia that even Jia didn't know.; Luna suspects that Jonah is trying to get to Tony Lin, a fugitive physicist, through his daughter. She also finds out that the Knight Errant wants Dr. Lin for his own reasons.; The Academy starts a new semester with some new students and new intrigue concerning what Countess Elyse Von Brucken and her son Jonah are plotting.; Count Von Brucken and Control clash over their arrangement. Jonah takes an interest in a new student and everyone wants to know why. And Principal Ohlinger tries to play matchmaker between Mark and Bowie.; Luna is jealous of how easily Jia fits in with her friends. Things begin to heat up between Jennifer and Andrew. And Luna is confronted by The Knight Errant.; Jia quickly becomes the center of a lot of unwanted attention. Anders tries to get close to Luna. And Oliver is not happy with his mother dating one of his teachers.