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Publisher: IDW
Title: Archie: The Best of Dan DeCarlo
Page Count: 148
Genre: Humor, Teen
Era: Modern
Cover Price: 24.99 USD
Cover Date: October 2012
UPC: 978161377481652499
ISBN: 978-1-61377-481-6
Country: United States
Melody is offended when a boy doesn't make a pass at her, until she realizes that he can't see her without his glasses. She strikes up a potential relationship with him, but some big thugs try to push the bespectacled weakling out of the way.; Josie and Albert go for a ride on a country road, right into a series of electronic traps set by Alex and Alexandra in their quest to get Josie and Albert for themselves.; After Josie has a fight with Albert, she and her friends decide to lead a rebellion against men. This leads to all the men in town being beaten up by women.; Josie, Melody and Pepper all take up the new fad of walking around barefoot, shocking the hidebound Albert. Finally Mr. Tuttle orders them to cease this kind of exposure, so they go back to the more modest fashion of wearing shoes with miniskirts.; Betty pleads with Veronica to occupy Archie while she gets the fender on Archie's jalopy fixed.; All the kids are into the latest fad: putting faces on their pants and shirts.; Betty and Veronica try to prove who is better for Archie by trying in their own unique ways to get him elected Class President.; Betty and Veronica can't straighten their posture after being caught in a very windy storm.; Archie helps Betty enter her cat in a cat show.; Betty's pastries are out-selling Veronica's at the Riverdale High charity bazaar. So Archie bribes Jughead to buy one and eat it.; Mr. Lodge demands that Veronica earn the money for her new formal gown.; Archie is scribbling the initials "AA" and "TW" on anything that doesn't move, so Betty and Veronica are determined to find out just who "TW" is.; Melody uses a surprising amount of wiles to secure an interview for the school paper with movie idol Tyrone McSwoon.; Meet Sabrina, a sexy teen witch who lives a typical teen-age life -- except that her job is to hex her fellow teens. She introduces us to the rules of witchery: witches can't cry, can't sink when they're in the water, and if they ever fall in love, they lose their powers.; Della the Head Witch gives Sabrina the assignment to hex Wanda DeMoola and break up her romance with Hal Flipp. What Della doesn't tell Sabrina is that Wanda is a witch, too, and the two girls use spells and potions against each other.; Veronica is angry at Archie and then at her father because he invites Archie to swim at the Lodge pool.; Veronica tries to trick Betty into believing that Betty's new bathing suit is out of style, but Mr. Lodge turns the tables on his daughter.; Josie and Melody need to get Pepper out of the way so they can plan what to do for her birthday. So Melody summons a flock of adoring boys who will do anything for her, and commands them to keep Pepper busy for the day.