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Publisher: Fox
Title: Blue Beetle
Page Count: 68
Genre: Adventure, Children, Fantasy, Humor, Superhero
Era: Golden
Cover Price: 0.10 USD
Cover Date: October 1941
Country: United States
The Crofte Trust Bank is passing counterfeit $1 bills.; A gang of zombies tries to rob a jewelry store.; Carnival pickpockets steal rich people's address cards for future use.; Dr. Horth uses dead bodies to dictate new wills leaving their estates to him.; Mad scientist Brock transfers Castle's brain into a gorilla's body, which then murders Brock and goes after Brock's niece, Elsa.; Jake Baxter builds a super plane but no one will believe him so he becomes the Blackbird.; Davy lives in a shack. The Grogans torment him day and night, until one day he learns he can make wishes come true.