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Publisher: Antarctic Press
Title: Exciting Comics
Page Count: 40
Genre: Superhero
Era: Modern
Cover Price: 4.99
Cover Date: December 2023
UPC: 61072105010104111
Country: United States
ACTION! ADVENTURE! CAT GIRL HEROINE! BOUNTY HUNTER HERO! 'Rhino-Boom:: Enter the Dojo' (Jacob Bear, Dan Feldmeier, Kelly P. Chandra): Rhino-Boom, an overconfident bounty hunter and hero for hire, finds himself outclassed when attempting to bring his latest bounty, the dangerous Dredge! 'Catnip' (Tom Hutchison, J.B. Neto): Catnip's sheer existence seems to be grounded in memories or deja vu more than reality. Why is her place as one of the so-called 'City Gods' so unsettling to her, and why does it feel as if there is a larger design at work in the shadows?