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Publisher: Antarctic Press
Title: Exciting Comics
Page Count: 40
Genre: Superhero
Era: Modern
Cover Price: 4.99
Cover Date: July 2024
UPC: 61072105010104511
Country: United States
MONTHLY THIS SUMMER! 'Demon Hunter Raven' (Nicholas Mueller): Adam's world is flipped upside-down after he's recruited by the church's paramilitary group, the Order. Training under his mentor, The Crusader, to learn how a true Demon Hunter operates, Adam must prove he can handle this responsibility. 'Fatgirl, Pt. 3' (John Rhodes, Joseph Olesco): Fatgirl and Adrenalynn have been captured by the Coalition Forces! They must escape and fight to save Paradise City! 'Supermodel Girl' (Rod Espinosa): Our super-stunning heroine fights a fire demon intent on burning the whole city down.