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Publisher: Ted Valley
Title: Flint Comix & Entertainment
Page Count: 24
Genre: Fantasy, Horror-suspense, Humor, Non-fiction, Science Fiction, Superhero
Era: Modern
Cover Price: 0.00 FREE
Cover Date: October 2011
Country: United States
Lio continues his usual weird life, annoying the neighbors, Eva Rose, and his father, being annoyed by his pets and a giant pigeon, and Flintstones Vitamins have a strange effect on him.; Though cadaver sniffing dogs fail to find the zombies, Lucky does, so the Sheriff takes him on as his new cadaver dog.; Lots of talking animals, history and literature gone wrong, the Tin Man gets a pot belly, Inexplicable Sports Mascots, and how to tell if someone is lying.; While Rich is having his identity crisis he must battle The Warthog, who injures Rich badly.; A space traveler is infected with an alien parasite and takes leave at Mega-City. Judge Dredd becomes infected while battling the parasites and has 60 hours to save the city and himself.; Whimsey accidentally creates some bad coffee and Wilma ends up under its spell.; King Barin has managed to make one of Ming's old research facilities operational, but Ming has already used it to launch a conquest of Earth.; Pope is asked to endorse a mayoral candidate...by a rival candidate. We meet Zeke and the other characters of Living Large, a bunch of overweight drunks.; Arduffle answers readers questions including Facebook, watching your weight and more.; Baujahr and Jeff enter a land of dinosaurs.; Wimpy gets a deal on a burger, and he gets a cold.; Sir P.B. uses his phone's flashlight app to try the old 'scary light under the chin' bit.; Tips on golfing.; The Inspector spoils a birthday party for Mama with a wisecrack.; The dog is carrying his wife's purchases at the mall.; Gerald is not ready for the end of summer.; Something just ate the mint off the pillow.; Sim perfects the 'candy cane carrot'.; Harold loses everything but his good luck charm.; While at the beach, Pauline makes a joke at Yusuf's expense.