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Publisher: IDW
Title: G.I. Joe Season 2
Page Count: 32
Genre: War
Era: Modern
Cover Price: 3.99 USD
Cover Date: December 2012
UPC: 82771400243002011
Country: United States
Cobra and the Soft Master attack the Arashikage. Scarlett leads the Joes in joining the fight as they are shot down. Helix fights off ninjas. Snake Eyes comes to her rescue as Tomo and Storm Shadow attack him. He spares Tomo and Storm Shadow escapes. He rejoins the Joes with an injured Helix. Tomo and the Soft Master face-off. Serpentor is angry about the loses he's sustained. Scarlett sits at Snake Eyes' bedside while Doc and Mainframe look on, and Storm Shadow lays in wait.