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Publisher: Antarctic Press
Title: Gold Digger
Page Count: 32
Genre: Adventure
Era: Modern
Cover Price: 3.01
Cover Date: November 2023
UPC: 61072107010930111
Country: United States
FINAL ISSUE LIMITED RUN: 1500 COPIES! SPECIAL FOIL COVER AND PRICE! This issue is an epilogue focusing on 'Where are they now?' for many of Gold Digger's most popular characters. For years after the defeat of the Umbra and the salvation of the omniverse, Professor Charlotte has searched the sentient milieu of cosmic continuums for a sign, any sign, of the Time-War's lost snack food: peanuts. In her search, she has uncovered the existence of an omniscient observer. A watcher of realms. A magic owl who is fascinated with the myriad threads of possible universes and probable timelines! If she can only get Mr. Owl to focus, she can gain a clue to the location of her lost snack!