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Publisher: DC
Title: Harley Quinn
Page Count: 40
Era: Modern
Cover Price: 4.99
Cover Date: September 2024
UPC: 76194137281504311
Country: United States
CAN HARLEY ICE OUT MR. FREEZE? OR WILL GOTHAM BE LEFT OUT IN THE COLD? Brrr! My buns are freezin' off! With the threat of Gotham City being buried under five hundred metric tons of ice, your ol' pal Harley Quinn (me!) has no choice but to face down against both the icecube lickingest bad dood to ever live, Mr. Freeze, and the devious Bat-family-hating Officer Pulaski! Can't a Clown Queen of Crime catch a break?! Alls I want to do is set things right before the citizens of Gotham are turned into icy-cles. Plus, I got one last dream to share with ya before these jabronis start pumping my brain with coffee 24/7 and it's A JUICY ONE! That's right, back by popular demand, MORE BEEFCAKE BARBARIAN QUEEN HARLEY by Alexis Quasarano and this time she's joined by da Fellspyre Chronicles' own Riccardo Federici!