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Publisher: Archie
Title: Jughead's Double Digest
Page Count: 164
Genre: Drama, Humor, Teen
Era: Modern
Cover Price: 3.99 USD
Cover Date: January 2012
Country: United States
Archie takes Jughead and Hot Dog to a ski resort where the girls are.; Jughead shows up Reggie's starring role in the school play.; Jughead drives the entire Riverdale High School faculty up the wall with his incessant drumming, until Mr. Weatherbee is forced to order an impromptu "Archies" concert so Jughead can get it out of his system.; Jughead hides directly behind Reggie all day in order to avoid paying Reggie back some money he owes him.; TV personality Judy Bright want's Jughead on her show to talk about healthy eating.; In the middle of winter Dilton hypnotizes Jughead to think he's on a beach.; Jughead wins the essay contest with an essay about avoiding dating dangers.; Archie and Jughead finish second in a snowmobile race.; Jughead would rather skate by himself than join a hockey game.; The Wilkins go to a movie. The Smythes are there too, and Mr. Wilkin and Mr. Smythe start feuding again, until both families are kicked out of the theatre. Upon which the two men bond over having a common enemy -- the theatre manager.; Archie and Jughead join an audience that Mr. Lodge is addressing to ensure that people laugh at his jokes.; Jughead and Archie are so cold they wear ski-masks to school where they are thing mistaken for criminals.; Archie and Jughead are hungry so they go to Betty's house because she's baking cakes for the school bake sale.; When Jughead gives a bad review in the school paper for a new fancy restaurant, Miss Grundy insists they go together so he try the food again.; Dilton is figuring out who can curl their tongue as part of a genetics survey. When Jughead finds he can't curl his tongue, he spends a whole school day practicing.; Jughead brings a boombox to school but Mr. Weatherbee disapproves.; Sampson won't let Samantha study at the new youth center when he finds it's full of loud, blaring music and teenage chatter, but she can't study in the deafening silence at home.; On doctor's orders, Jughead is on a strict diet, but spends the whole day begging for extra food at school.; Providing a public service -- in his eyes anyway -- Jughead releaves the girls of their Valentine's Day Chocolate boxes in order for them to keep their figures and their health up. The boys who gave the gifts are, as expected, less than pleased.; Mr. Lodge buys up all the restaurants on the same block with Pop Tate, and decides that Archie and Veronica should make Pop a small offer on his malt shop before he has to declare bankrupcy. Midge and Moose break up and each finds someone else. Tempers flare during a Riverdale High reunion at the malt shop over Mr. Lodge's business tactics. When things look bleak, Moose announces his true first name and that's he's running for mayor of Riverdale.; Jughead braves a blizzard to go get ice cream.; Jughead wishes he was born 1000 years ago.; Jughead collects recipes from his friends.; Jughead borrows a shovel from Archie.; Archie and Jughead are going snowmobiling in the mountains.; Since he has no money, Jughead will eat just ketchup.; Coach Kleats puts Jughead on the hockey team after a misunderstanding with Mr. Weatherbee.; Archie and Jughead have no customers for their snow shoveling business.; Jughead wants cake frosting but his mother has other ideas.; Jughead doesn't feel appreciated.; Jughead claims his father likes his long hair.