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Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment
Title: Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time Book 2: The Great Hunt
Page Count: 32
Genre: Science Fiction
Era: Modern
Cover Price: 4.99
Cover Date: April 2024
UPC: 72513033602606031
Country: United States
This ongoing adaptation of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series from writer RIK HOSKIN and artist MARCIO ABREU reveals to readers the historic events of The Great Hunt and follows the young hero Rand al'Thor and his compatriots as they search for the Horn of Valere! In Chapter Six, Rand al'Thor faces the Amyrlin Seat in her chambers in Fal Dara as two other Aes Sedai advisors announce that he is the Dragon Reborn. Amyrlin warns him that he must learn to control his channeling, or the Power will drive him mad. Concluding the first story arc, Rand learns that he will have to face the Shadow and try to bring forth Light again in the world, uniting mankind in a last battle against the Dark One! ALL COVERS CARDSTOCK