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Publisher: DC
Title: Showcase
Page Count: 36
Genre: Humor, Science Fiction
Era: Silver
Cover Price: 0.10 USD
Cover Date: July 1959
Country: United States
(Chapter 1.) Rip has an ancient tablet locating Atlantis, but the last line is obliterated. They journey to Alexandria in 331 BC, because Alexander the Great owned the tablet. Rip and Bonnie will be executed as spies, but the "great metal bird" (Time Sphere) awes Alexander. The oncoming Persian army is huge, and Alexander would retreat. Rip jumps in a chariot and panics the elephants with a gasoline-soaked scarf. The war is won. Rip's crew find the tablet refers to a missing map!; Alexander points the crew to the island of Aeaea, where the tablet came from. They journey. They journey there in 700 BC. Rip and Jeff fall into a pit trap. Circe and her "centaurs" warn them off. But Bonnie and Corky find the "centaurs" wear horse frames covered with skins. Circe is a pretend sorceress to protect her people. Cretan warships arrive. Rip's crew build a dragon lifted by the Time Sphere that breathes acetylene fire, and frighten away the Cretans. Circe points out a carved map and the year Atlantis sank. Bonnie is jealous of Circe's gratitude toward Rip.; The Time Sphere arrives in Atlantis in 14,000 BC, but it's a futuristic space city! Orange aliens shoot ray guns, but the crew is saved by R'Dell's force field. Before the planet Jexjara exploded, the alien race split up to find a "New Jexjara". A colony came here, and would move on, but the dictator D'Zar won't allow it - and an earthquake is imminent. Rip shoots a giant earth globe to block the door. The aliens board ships to fly to New Jexjara. Rip's crew saved an alien race and witnessed the destruction of Atlantis - with more great spectacles to come!; Peter Puptent's worry about monsters gets a jolt from his partner's shadow puppets.; Doctor Rocket's new "clairvoyance machine" predicts his wife will burn the dinner roast.