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Publisher: DC
Title: Showcase
Page Count: 36
Genre: Crime, Humor
Era: Silver
Cover Price: 0.10 USD
Cover Date: November 1956
Country: United States
A thief is stealing artifacts that recreate roles from famous movies such as "The Mad Maestro" and "Phantom of the City". Only Lt. Harry Fowler, once a Hollywood screenwriter, makes the connection to catch Leif Conrad, driven mad to recreate his roles and become "The Greatest Villain of All Time."; Agent Drew is obsessed with stopping The Human Eel's empire of crime. The Eel wears a special "shock suit" that jolts his enemies into submission. Even Drew suffered a shock, and now has a weak heart, so can't function at heights. He pursues the Eel atop the Eiffel Tower, the Pyramid of Egypt, but gasps for air so the Eel escapes. Finally, in Johannesburg, he disguises as Zorac, the Eel's criminal competitor. Donning an oxygen mask, he mounts a high bridge to confront the Eel and smashes the controls of his "shock suit".; Don Reed is a top fashion model. Until the FBI wants him to impersonate Alex Tate, the leader of a crime syndicate. Reed, a former counter-intelligence agent, secretly studies Tate to prepare for the role. The FBI snatches Tate, who laughs the "stooge" will get "the surprise of your life". At the gang HQ, the posing Reed learns Tate was due to undergo plastic surgery to change his face! Forced into the operating room, Reed wraps in bandages and breaks loose with knockout gas to capture the gang.; An old woman calls Casey to a "riot" of yelling - at a baseball game!; Warden Willis finds out why the convict asked his friends to mail him neckties.