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Publisher: Marvel
Title: Tales of Suspense
Page Count: 36
Genre: Science Fiction
Era: Silver
Cover Price: 0.10 USD
Cover Date: May 1959
Country: United States
A scientist travels back in time to ancient Egypt and loses his memory after a paradoxical encounter with himself, or at least that's the story an Egyptian man dreamed after hitting his head.; Space explorers fall under the mental sway of a sentient plant that they collect. After destroying the ship to save Earth, they say the crash was accidental, since they wouldn’t be believed.; Alien invaders panic Earth with powerful distintegrating weapons, but when the president of Earth confronts them he is immune to their rays because of his own faith.; A man who hates robots refuses to have a robot pilot his flight to the moon, and insists on a human pilot. The flight gets in trouble and the pilot, really a humanoid robot, saves his life.; Two fugitives hide in an old house, disguising themselves as ghosts to frighten away children. They themselves flee the house because of ghostly noises made by fifth-dimensional beings.