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Publisher: Broadsword
Title: Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose
Page Count: 32
Genre: Horror-suspense, Mature
Era: Modern
Cover Price: 21.99
Cover Date: August 2024
UPC: 80487923390912251
Country: United States
Raven Hex: The Swordmaiden. The first part of the story of what if Raven Hex decided to accept the title of the Swordmaiden from the Dark Goddess and how the world would be different with a Dark Path Witch wielding the enchanted sword! This Classic Cover is a Flashback to Tarot #2 cover B. To set them apart from our other variants, we're created This Studio Edition like giant trading cards! On the front is Jim's Betwitching art and on the back a little history of the cover. Signed by Jim, Bagged, Boarded and Includes a full color unsigned art print of a Skyclad Raven Hex!