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Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment
Title: The Green Hornet: Golden Age Re-Mastered
Page Count: 44
Genre: Superhero
Era: Modern
Cover Price: 3.99 USD
Cover Date: October 2010
UPC: 725130152985
Country: United States
Britt Reid learns of several large insurance companies being tricked into paying burglary insurance on fake robberies, so the Hornet and Kato decide to smash this racket.; The Hornet fights to end a vicious racket in which hundreds of unemployed men are milked dry of their money in exchange for fake jobs.; The Hornet discovers, after the kidnapping of Miss Case, a scheme to get the three major printing plants to conspire to keep the printing prices to the city high.; The Green Hornet vows to put an end to the mysterious mis-appropriation of funds of the Veterans Relief Board.; The Hornet must stop a gang of racketeers who are terrorizing fish peddlers in the city.; A series of apparently accidental deaths among poor souls living near the waterfront attracts the attention of the Hornet, who learns the truth behind a foul insurance racket.