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Publisher: Vortex
Title: Those Annoying Post Bros.
Page Count: 28
Genre: Adventure, Humor
Era: Copper
Cover Price: 2.00 USD; 2.35 CAD
Cover Date: January 1990
Country: Canada
As the now-heroic Post Bros. enjoy a nice swim with their groupies in a lake of nitrous oxide, Mightiest Ron becomes bored and looks around for osme crime. Finding Fire-Finger Freddy, another hero, bringing down a gang of egg-stealers, he kills them all, then Freddy when he objects. Later, as Russ tells Ron to cool it, the call comes in for Mightiest Ron to stop a monster on a nearby planet. Flying there, he kills it by going in through its eye and destroying its brain. After the battle, Ron is greeted by throngs of adoring fans, one who offers up her baby to Ron to kiss. Always taking it a step too far, Ron bites the head off of the infant. Dismayed by the turn of events, C-3 sets a trap, announcing that the Blue Wumfs have returned. Satisfied that the trap, set on his home world, will finally end the Post Bros. tyranny, he is greeted with news that the entire spiral arm of the galaxy containing his home world has been destroyed by Ron. As the scene turns to a horror movee, we see Russ and Savage Henry as we have been viewing a video of the whole episode.; A clown and Henry are sitting on a couch as the clown complains that the comic is in French and makes no sense.