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Publisher: American Mythology Productions
Title: Valentine Bluffs Massacre
Page Count: 32
Genre: Horror-suspense, Mature
Era: Modern
Cover Price: 4.99
Cover Date: June 2024
UPC: 85609100685400321
Country: United States
This summer - blood is in the air! And on the floor! And on the ceiling! With the movie's wrap party just around the corner, tensions are heating up around Valentine Bluffs - and the body count is rising! The legend of miner turned serial killer Harry Warden lives on in this small town, where memories and scars run as deep as the abandoned mines below them. Can TJ and Sarah guess who the man behind the respirator is in time? Or is there another Valentine's Day massacre on the horizon? With more suspects than you can shake a pick-axe at, the true killer could be anywhere! Sleep tight and hold onto your heart - the bloodshed is just getting ready to start!