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Publisher: EC
Title: Weird Science
Page Count: 36
Genre: Science Fiction
Era: Golden
Cover Price: 0.10 USD
Cover Date: September 1953
Country: United States
Deeply hurt that his wife was in love with another man, George decides to do something that was considered illegal: he paid $10,000 to re-enact his life with a stringless marionette version of Katherine, then murder her as an act of revenge. A cathatic murder....the violent unviolence.....the death without death.....the murdering without murder. Or so he thought.....; Years before, Forbes had crashed onto an unknown planet and awaited rescue. Several years after the crash, he ran into a beautiful, mute girl, and they developed a relationship. One day, a rescue crew appeared and when they tell Forbes that she doesn't really exist, he goes crazy and kills the rescue team.......and Velda magically re-appears!