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Publisher: Marvel
Title: Astonishing Tales
Page Count: 52
Genre: Jungle, Superhero
Era: Bronze
Cover Price: 0.25 USD
Cover Date: October 1971
Country: United States
While flying to see Ka-Zar in the Savage Land Barbara Morris and Paul Allen crash, with Paul being saved by Ka-Zar and Barbara being rescued by the British of New Britannia. Ka-Zar and Paul don't know that Barbara has been saved so they venture into the Lost Lake to save her.; While Damian Link is trying to stop a robbery he and his twin brother Joshua Link are somehow linked together by experimental rays. Later when his gang tries to kill him Joshua is able to summon Damian to help him. While helping Joshua Damian finds himself with new powers when Joshua's energy enters his body.; Doctor Doom fights a creature of Satan's choice for the soul of his mother.