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Publisher: DC
Title: Batman
Page Count: 68
Genre: Humor, Superhero, Western-frontier
Era: Golden
Cover Price: 0.10 USD
Cover Date: April 1940
Country: United States
Batman faces a new criminal who succeeds in killing famous men and stealing their prized possessions, leaving them all with "a smile" on their face!; Batman and Robin take a trip aboard an exclusive yacht in order to prevent the theft of the Travers necklace at the hands of the Cat!; The Joker escapes from prison to continue his rampage of death and to steal the famed Cleopatra necklace and Fire Ruby.; The Batman faces an arch criminal who has invented a serum to create a race of giant monsters, and nearly becomes one of them himself!; Bruce Wayne's parents are murdered by a cheap crook, and young Bruce vows to avenge their deaths by warring on all criminals.; Having bought the Bar Q Ranch, Major Bigsbe decides to celebrate by shootin' off his pistols...and lands in jail!; Uncle Zep takes Ginger to the soda shop for a soda, but ends up drinking way too many himself!