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Publisher: Hachette Book Group USA
Title: Bunny Drop
Page Count: 212
Genre: Adventure, Domestic
Era: Modern
Cover Price: 12.99 USB; 14.50 CAD
Cover Date: September 2010
UPC: 9780759531192
ISBN: 9780759531192
Country: United States
Daikichi has a tense meeting with Rin's birth mother, a confused and immature manga artist named Masako Yoshii; Daikichi gets a lead on the identity of Rin's birth mother. He also becomes concerned that he isn't doing enough to further her education.; Daikichi sounds Rin out on adopting her.; While researching Rin's immunization history, Daikichi discovers a letter written by his grandfather listing a cell phone number belonging to Rin's birth mother. Daikichi agonizes over whether to contact her.; While searching his grandfather's home, Daikichi finds a computer modem, but the computer it went to is missing. Gently questioning Rin, he discovers a woman named Masoko assisted his grandfather, and realizes that Masoko was the name on the childhood memories book that came with Rin's personal effects.; Daikichi has to travel the ominous road of enrolling Rin in Elementary school.